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Hair Loss and Hair Mesotherapy

Hair Loss and Hair Mesotherapy

Hair Loss and Hair Mesotherapy are very important to each other. With this method, it allows the components that nourish the hair follicles to settle easily in the hair. Hair loss can be treated with this method. It thickens thinned hair, stops hair loss, makes hair more vibrant and shiny. 

Too many women are not satisfied with their hair. Nowadays, our hair is heavily contaminated with the environment, especially air and water. Frequent stress and nervous tension arise and it bothers us not to get a good sleep. All this, of course, greatly affects natural beauty. Hair is one of the first areas affected by the changes in the body. 

Situations Where Hair Mesotherapy can be Recommended

Alopecia Areata,
Genetically male pattern hair loss,
Hair loss in women,
Hair loss caused by all other reasons


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What Are The Symptoms And Causes Of Hair Loss In Men?

Genetic hair loss
Oily, itchy scalp
Anxiety disorders

What Are The Symptoms And Causes Of Hair Loss In Women?

The most common type of hair loss in women is Androgenetic Alopecia. It is observed that the hair on the top of the person is reduced. Hair begins to decrease, thinning. It breaks easily.

Androgenetic Alopecia is seen in men; type of hair loss is seen more rarely.

Iron deficiency.

Also, hair loss may occur due to irregularities in thyroid hormones.

Shedding caused by hormonal irregularities caused by ovarian cysts. 

Hair loss occurs as a result of hormonal irregularities after birth. This is important.

Stress-induced hair loss.

Hair loss has become a common problem today. Hair loss age has declined until the age of adolescence. Experts recommend hair treatments for younger patients with hair loss problems. Hair mesotherapy can also be recommended to people who have hair loss problems and thinning hair. Mesotherapy Side Effects

Types of Hair Loss Where Mesotherapy can be Applied

Stress-induced hair loss,
Seasonal hair loss,
Metabolic hair loss,
Sudden hair loss after pregnancy.

The missing structures in mesotherapy are transferred directly to the hair follicle in small doses. There are no side effects in the long term in the applications. It is recommended that the person not wash, wet, or apply any medication for a short time after mesotherapy. Also, this condition includes recommended hair care treatments for home use.  Hair mesotherapy is a treatment that is applied session by session. Each session is completed in approximately 20 minutes. It takes 10 weeks as standard, 1 session per week. Also, afterward, 1 intermediate session per month can be recommended.

Hair Mesotherapy can be done in September-October and April-May

Hair Mesotherapy can be done once in September-October and April-May. These months are seasonal transition months. This situation is also important for people who will have hair transplantation or patients who are in the risky patient group. Hair mesotherapy treatment is a method used to minimize hair loss on the one hand and to increase the durability of existing hair on the other hand. 

For this reason, it can be applied to the scalp at certain intervals. It is made with a mesotherapy needle and drug mixtures containing vitamins, minerals, and oligo-elements. Sessions can be applied weekly. Hair loss is a problem that anyone, men or women, can suffer from. For this reason, every day medical solutions have been tried to be found for hair loss. Hair loss and mesotherapy are very important for this situation. 

The scalp is first prepared for mesotherapy. According to the properties of the hair, the above-mentioned mixtures are applied according to the amount of loss and wear. These mixtures; contain minoxidil, vitamins, minerals, and oligo-elements that increase blood circulation. Experts who will apply mesotherapy can add different drugs to the mixture according to the hair characteristics of the patient. 

What are the Features of Hair Mesotherapy?

Local/regional application
Direct transfer to target tissue
Small doses of drugs used

How Long Does Hair Mesotherapy Take?

Before applying hair mesotherapy, people’s hair structures are investigated and analyzed. Then, how much the hair is worn, how old the patient is, the rate of shedding, and the strand structure of the hair is checked. As a result of examining these factors, it is decided how many sessions are required. Its effect may vary depending on the cause of the spill. If there is a temporary hair loss problem, if the hair is shed due to reasons such as birth or anemia, there is no need to repeat the treatment. 

However, if the hair is shed due to genetic reasons and there is a permanent shedding problem, Hair Mesotherapy may need to be repeated. If it needs to be repeated, sessions are applied once a year. In addition, there may be hair loss problems for various reasons. Additional mesotherapy can be applied 2-3 times a year.

Do not do These After Mesotherapy

Small wounds remain at the end of the procedure. It will take some time for them to heal.

Do not wash your hair, especially with ingredients like balms and shampoos. You have to endure dirty hair for a while (3-4 days). Water and shampoos can negatively affect the result of the procedure and the healing process will be delayed.

Also, avoid exposure to sunlight for a while (2-3 days).

Don’t swim. You cannot take a shower or bath within the first 10 hours after mesotherapy. Injection areas should dry well.

Also, do not use the sauna or pool. Less than 7 days. This is good.

Forget about massaging the injection sites.

Do not use alcoholic beverages. Alcohol promotes vasodilation. Because this negatively affects the effectiveness of mesotherapy.

Should You Have Hair Mesotherapy?

It helps to cope with various problems. These are various problems associated with the condition of the hair and scalp. These problems can occur due to air pollution, poor diet, and weakness of the body. But when it comes to a particular disease, mesotherapy cannot change the situation. Because the field of this therapy is different.

Firstly, all this will happen without great pain. Secondly, you won’t have to deal with it yourself at home. For example, you will not have to go home and apply all kinds of post-treatment creams on your own. After each session, your doctor will do this for you. Most certainly, the possibility of improper application after the procedure is eliminated. Thirdly, special ingredients are prepared for each patient. Therefore, you are least likely to have an allergic reaction. You can also get a lot of efficiency from the treatment in this way. If you have enough money for this process, you should definitely do this. Because, as you know already, you will see many benefits thanks to this process.

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