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Too many brands find products for hair loss cream against today’s most common problem. Dermatological anti-exfoliation creams, gel creams, ampoules, serums, solutions, sprays, ointments and masks are available. The effect of conditioner is not the same for everyone, and some consider it a waste of time. Experts for why effective methods of hair loss do not show full effect;

Closed hair pores reduce the absorption of cream,
The underlying disease has not been diagnosed,
Hair loss creams not suitable for dry hair,
Loss of skin health due to chemical treatment,
Unclean scalp applications,
Products that are not suitable for hair type,
It is like applying it to the hair instead of the scalp.

The biggest mistake when choosing a hair loss cream is to buy and use random products

Not all conditioners serve the same purpose, and not all hair types respond the same. For this reason, the method of application is as important as the choice of product in order to increase the effectiveness of the content.


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Anti Hair Loss Conditioner

Hair loss cream and dermatological prescription hair loss cream are not the same product. In dermatology, mostly drug tablets, serums and solutions are applied against hair loss, there are shampoo and cream applications depending on the cause of hair loss. Based on the diagnosis made by experts according to the cause of baldness, the disease is treated with antifungal cream, anti-inflammatory cream or bacterial products.

Dermatologists do not usually prescribe a single product for hair loss. They also try to compensate for losses with therapeutic, protective and supportive products. However, in some cases, preventive measures are taken with hair transplantation, PRP, hair mesotherapy and laser treatment, since topical hair loss cream or drugs do not act alone.

Common features of creams against hair loss

It treats by being absorbed by the scalp,
And it is effective only for the area used,
It may take a long time to take effect,
And it can be in many forms according to its purpose (anti-bacterial, antifungal, etc.)
It is applied only to the roots of the hair,
It can be chemical or herbal,
Sold by prescription.

Dermocosmetic hair loss creams sold in non-dermatological pharmacies or markets are generally supportive. These creams are intended to support and contribute to the functioning of hair cells if there is no specific disease cause. It is generally used with customer preference in hair thinning and thinning due to low metabolism and aging.

Best Hair Loss Cream

It is impossible to give a single name for the best hair loss cream for hair loss. Even in the treatment of hair loss applied to two people from the same family, the same improvement is not seen. Diagnosis, nutritional habits, missing vitamins and minerals, and gender are very important to get the best benefit from creams. Cases need to be evaluated by experts one by one for the most beneficial hair loss cream for everyone.

The PH value of the best hair loss cream would definitely be around 5 or 5.5. This value is the ideal acidic environment for the proliferation of hair cells. The PH value of the hair, which is deteriorated with the shampoo, serum and care oils used, ends with the drying of the scalp and shedding of the hair. In addition, hair dye is an element that affects the PH level of the hair. Hair loss cream balances the PH value of the hair, albeit for a short time.

Sometimes, vitamin and mineral deficiencies lie behind hair loss

If these deficiencies are eliminated, a suitable environment for the production of new hair cells is created, and thicker hair begins to grow instead of the existing thinned hair. This process effect can be detected in the 6-month cycles of the hair follicles. The best hair loss cream contains vitamins and minerals that are effective against hair loss. Although vitamins are most effective when taken orally, some vitamins, such as vitamin E, are extremely absorbent. In cases where the local effect of the vitamin is desired, not the whole body, it should be applied with topical creams.

Effective Cures for Hair Loss

Moisture, oil, vitamin, mineral and antioxidant cocktails can be prepared with some treatments other than or in addition to hair loss cream. The most effective way of doing this is hair mesotherapy by injection. Apart from this, homeopathy doctors or specialists, pharmacists, aestheticians, dermatologists can also prepare effective cures against hair loss. In order to benefit from these cures, which can be used in addition to or together with hair loss cream, there are also natural solutions that have been applied by herbalists for years, apart from classical cures. Among the signs of poor hair quality, apart from baldness

Hair thinning,
Color loss
loss of brightness,

In cases such as volume loss, using hair cures is more effective

In order to determine the real effect of these cures, which are competitors of hair loss cream, it would be good to have a blood test and get a diagnosis. It is common for these ingredients to be applied and used as a mask application. However, it has no effect on certain skin and skin diseases and is just a waste of time and money. Applying a hair cure after hair transplantation is supportive. Expertise in hair cures is extremely important. The quality and proportion of the content requires expertise and is tailored to the needs.

Vitamins A, B, E, D are frequently used in cures against hair loss, and selenium, zinc and magnesium are preferred as minerals. Of the natural oils, olive oil, lavender, jojoba, Shea, Coconut, Argan oil, Sesame Oil and almond oil and others are used.

Anti-Shedding Hair Care Cream

Everyone experiences some hair loss at some point in their life, and starts looking for a solution with a hair loss cream. Hair loss sometimes results in baldness as well as sometimes just a little vitamin loss. Anti-fall hair care cream is most effective for those who experience periodic hair loss. For example, periodical hair loss is seen in mothers who have a vitamin deficiency during pregnancy, childbirth, puerperium or breastfeeding. Other examples;

Men and women who experience hormone fluctuations

Situations where chemical dyes are used excessively,
Season transitions,
Extremely hot or cold weather
Intensive use of hair dryers, hair straighteners or curling irons,
A diet poor in vitamins and minerals
In cases such as heavy drug use for a long time, it is possible to get support by using anti-shedding hair care cream.

If the effect of hormone fluctuations, which is among these examples, lasts for more than 6 months, drug treatment is absolutely necessary and hair loss cream is not enough. In cases such as hair dyeing, perm permanent blow-drying techniques, which are included in chemical processes, the scalp can be permanently damaged. In such cases, the scalp type changes from normal or oily to permanently dry skin type. And in these cases, it is valuable to take additional cell regenerative measures and, most importantly, the advice of a specialist doctor. Since high heat also has the same effect, excessive use of hair styling tools causes hair loss and permanent damage.

Hair Loss Cream for Men

Since Turkish men have a genetic predisposition for hair loss, a dermatologist examination is required before using hair loss cream. If, as a result of the diagnosis, no blood value abnormality, hormone imbalance or a disease such as fungus is found, precautions are taken with effective creams against hair loss.

In addition to creams for hair loss in men, there are many quick solutions such as hair mesotherapy, PRP stem cell therapy, Laser, Hair transplantation. With these methods, which are more effective than hair loss creams,

Cell reproduction,
Slowing down baldness,
Stop hair loss,
It is possible to make up for vitamin deficiencies.

There are many drugs and applications in the treatment of hair loss in men, but the cure for each case is different. In male pattern hair loss, it is more effective to take hair care cures, hair transplantation and PRP as well as hormone drugs. In diseases such as ringworm, hair loss cream, solution and antibacterial products are preferred. Too much sun exposure kills hair cells, so hair creams alone will not be enough. Apart from this, hair loss cream can be used after the necessary treatments with pills or creams for stubborn fungal disease are completed.

Hair Loss Cream For Women

Hair loss cream is always more essential for women. Women experience conditions such as hair dyeing, blow-drying, long hair care, vitamin deficiency more often. For this reason, many hair treatments are important for them, apart from hair loss cream. Women experience general vitamin deficiency due to monthly menstrual periods, births, eating habits, and menopause. It is prone to hair loss as it applies more hair styling techniques.

Baldness in women is not very common, but hair thinning is extremely common

Especially in women who dress conservatively, hair thins and falls out due to not breathing and vitamin D deficiency. For this reason, women need more conditioner than men. As always, in order not to waste time, it is important to go through the skin and dermatologist control and have a blood test before purchasing the product.

Hair loss creams for women are only used as supportive in the treatment of female pattern or male pattern hair loss. In other words, there is no therapeutic feature in these diseases, and it would even be appropriate to get a doctor’s advice. Hair loss cream is insufficient in diseases caused by hormone deficiency, fungal and bacterial diseases.

In order to prevent hair problems in women, it is necessary to take a hair care routine with the right products, start cell renewal or strengthening applications, and general vitamin supplements. Apart from these, stress prepares the ground for hair loss in women and men. For women to collect their hair in the form of a ponytail for a long time causes the fronts to open and the blood circulation to be blocked. For this reason, very tight hair styling, heat and chemical use must be reduced.

Hair Transplantation for Hair Loss

Does it make more sense to start with cream or hair transplantation in hair loss? Hair loss cream is known to go unanswered in some cases. If the shedding has just started, it would be wise to apply hair restoration to stop it, the answer is only for the specialist. Even if you are at a very young age like 18, hair loss is a condition that should be taken seriously. If there are more losses than normal, it is necessary to get support without waiting too long.

Male pattern hair loss, such as androgenetic alopecia, occurs even after puberty. This disease is mainly related to the hormone testosterone and is seen in women as well as in men. It is experienced in men experiencing hormonal changes with the effect of aging or in hormonal changes that increase after puberty. Hair creams are of no use in such ailments. It is treated with hormone tablets taken orally. Therefore, if hair loss continues for 3 months, it is time to see a specialist doctor.

Today, creams are praised by using many effective vitamin names in advertisements. However, the purpose of the advertisement is to praise and to buy and apply hair loss cream without doing the necessary research is a waste of money and time. These products usually do not have any side effects. But they contain a small amount of chemical products and are not suitable for allergic bodies.

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