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Hair loss due to stress is a condition that can be experienced. Psychological and physical factors generally affect hair health and hair loss. Since stress is also a psychological effect, it is among the causes of hair loss.

Hair loss due to stress has increased significantly, especially as a result of the covid-19 epidemic in the last 2 years. Since the Covid-19 virus increases stress in humans and the body, increases in hair loss are observed as a result of this situation. In addition, this state of stress affects people both physically and psychologically. As a result, symptoms such as anxiety, anxiety and depression occur in people.

What is stress?

Before looking at hair loss due to stress, it is necessary to know what stress is. Stress is the physiological response to an emergency situation in the body. Stress has become an integral part of people’s existence. It also allows the body to adapt to negative or positive events. However, too severe stress and its constant repetition cause the body to react inappropriately and excessively.


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Each person reacts differently to psychological consequences. Insomnia, anxiety, depression and anxiety that come with stress are just a few of these reactions. Stress can also have physical repercussions in the body. For example, hair loss is one of these reflections.

The link between stress and hair loss

Hair loss due to stress is often a reflection of mental and physical health. At the same time, it may be possible to lose hair when there is constant stress. If more than 200 hair loss occurs during the day and this loss occurs suddenly, this is a reactive hair loss. After a while, hair loss becomes more. As a result of hair loss due to stress, it increases in hair brush, hair comb, pillowcase and even shower expenses. The constant loss of hair indicates that there is stress in one’s life. These can be called hair loss due to stress. When looking at what causes hair loss, it is seen that stress has a great effect on hair loss.

Hair loss due to stress is not the only reaction of the body

It can cause many hormonal and chemical reactions in the body. In the stressed body, the brain transmits this stress information to the Pituitary gland, and then this stress message sends information to the adrenal glands. Here, more hormones are secreted. These secreted hormones are called adrenal androgens, cortisol and adrenaline. This increased androgen secretion causes the blood vessels in the scalp and hair follicles to recede. As a result, the hair becomes vulnerable and the hair strands become very thin. As a result of such thinning of the hair strands, breakage occurs and the hair falls out.

Hair loss due to stress can sometimes be seen genetically

If there are problems such as susceptibility to psychological problems, depression, anxiety, anxiety in the family history of the person, stress becomes inevitable with these people. The effect of genetic stress on the body can cause alopecia areata, which is an inflammatory disease in the body after a while.

Hair loss due to stress, namely alopecia areata disease, usually manifests itself as hair loss in the form of patches in certain areas of the scalp or in a large part of the hair. If this disease is detected immediately and treatment can be started on time, of course, it can be reversible.

The question of whether there is hair loss due to stress has been one of the most frequently asked questions recently. Yes, hair loss occurs due to stress. Although this situation does not occur as direct hair loss, it can also be seen as thinning of the hair ends, starting to break off, and then hair loss. It can be in diseases that the body sometimes perceives as stress. For example, very feverish infections, inflammations in the body, eating with very limited calories for weight loss, and losing weight quickly as a result of unavoidable causes can cause stress. As a result, hair loss may occur due to stress.

Combating stress-related hair loss

Hair loss due to stress usually occurs 2-3 months after stress. Such acute hair loss affects the body a lot. This condition may subside on its own after a few weeks or months. However, sometimes hair loss can be seen for much longer periods in untreated individuals.

Treatments for hair loss due to stress are usually personalized. In other words, there is no such thing as a single treatment that will be good for everyone’s hair loss. Individuals experiencing hair loss should follow their hair loss, apply to a dermatologist, tell the doctors about this time, and a treatment should be established as a result of the follow-up.

There are multiple methods of hair loss treatment due to stress. One of these methods is the microcirculation method. While microcirculation treatment aims to maintain the pH balance and oil balance of the scalp, it also ensures rapid hair growth. At the same time, this microcirculation treatment strengthens the hair by giving vitality to the hair. Increases and shines can be seen in the hair volume as seen in the lake.

Does stress-related hair fall out again?

Hair loss resulting from stress can sometimes self-regulate, even if the stress in the human body disappears. When such situations occur, the person should definitely get support from a specialist for hair loss treatment. If there is no need for hair to regrow with supplements, traditional treatments can also be applied at home.

How can hair loss as a result of stress be prevented?

If the question of how to prevent hair loss as a result of stress is concerned, we will reveal more stress and it may cause more hair loss. In such cases, the best thing to do is to completely eliminate the stressor. If a person cannot eliminate stressors on his own, he can seek help from a specialist or try to stay away from stress by developing methods of coping with stress. There are thousands of patients who have experienced hair loss as a result of stress due to the covid-19 pandemic we have been experiencing for the last 2 years. For example, integrating the coronavirus epidemic into our lives and accepting it can be one of the ways to avoid stress.

How to understand that hair is falling out due to stress?

Understanding the occurrence of hair loss due to stress is actually not very difficult.  It is normal to lose 150-200 strands of hair during the day, and new hair grows instead of the lost hair. Hair shedding from stress, on the other hand, does not grow back when it falls out. At the same time, hair loss in handfuls is a high probability of hair loss as a result of stress when sudden spills occur.

In fact, it is not difficult to understand whether the hair loss is due to stress or something else as a result of the emotional problems that the person has experienced recently. An individual who experiences hair loss after reasons such as problems in the family, problems in the work environment, school and exam stress, problems with the person he is in a relationship with, is very likely to have hair loss as a result of stress.

Treatment of hair loss caused by stress

When looking at the fact that an individual experiencing hair loss due to stress. Hair loss can be prevented as a result of very simple treatments that can be done against hair loss. Changing the diet of a person who has hair loss as a result of stress can prevent hair loss. In particular, the hair loss of an individual who does not take the vitamins and minerals. Necessary for the body and hair cannot be prevented, and more weakness, breakage and dullness may occur in their hair.

For this reason İndividuals who experience hair loss can prevent hair loss to some extent by consuming foods such as omega-3 fatty acids, protein-containing foods, fruits and vegetables with high vitamin C. Milk and dairy products that are rich in zinc. It is also supported to naturally take the most important keratin and biotin substance from food. In this case, it helps to grow new hair, such as preventing hair loss.

Using shampoo against hair loss both prevents hair loss and supports new hair growth instead of shedding. Especially shampoos produced for anti-stress can be good for spills caused by stress. At the same time. İt helps to regrow hair by using oils that are good for hair loss and can prevent hair loss.

Castor oil and olive oil are among the oils that are good for hair loss. The combination of oils such as coconut oil. Jojoba oil and the effect of these combinations on the hair are better. These oils, which are good for the hair, also thicken the hair strands and prevent breakage at the ends of the hair. For this reason, it can also prevent breakage that may occur from the ends of the hair.

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