Hair loss during pregnancy is a condition that can be seen for every woman who wants to be a mother. You should know that hair loss is a condition that can be observed in women outside of pregnancy. Although this hair loss is generally seen due to hereditary factors and age, more shedding may occur during pregnancy due to the effect of pregnancy. Certain hormonal changes are observed in the body of pregnant women. Changes in hormones during pregnancy affect most organs of women.

At the same time, the change of hormones causes many physical effects such as tooth loss or hair loss in women. In order not to encounter hair fall during pregnancy, it is necessary to prevent this situation at the right time and in the most accurate way and to intervene accordingly. When there is no intervention against hair fall during pregnancy, these spills can reach too much or create permanent baldness.

Causes of hair loss during pregnancy

Observing hair loss during pregnancy is actually not a very surprising situation. Because the changes that occur in the body of women during pregnancy are so many that it is not surprising that the hair is lost. When women become pregnant, the estrogen levels in their bodies begin to increase. Certain changes are also observed in the hair follicles of women with increased estrogen levels.


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Hair fall during pregnancy most often occurs in the first months of pregnancy. In fact, the reason for this is that the nutrients the body needs can go to meet the needs of the baby to be born instead of the organs and hair in the body.

Hair fall during pregnancy occurs as a result of the mother’s inability to meet adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals. Within 6 months to 1 year after the birth, this hair loss decreases. The reason why the reductions are not observed immediately after pregnancy is that the vitamins and minerals of the women go to the milk they produce to feed the child during the breastfeeding period. Hair fall during pregnancy is a condition seen in almost 50% of women. At the same time, 50% of people who experience hair loss also grow new hair after pregnancy.

Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes are among the causes of hair loss during pregnancy. During pregnancy, many differences and changes are observed in the body. Especially the hormonal changes that affect the normal cycle of women are seen in the first three or four months of pregnancy. Changes observed in these first three to four months also affect hair loss. Since pregnancy is an extraordinary situation for every body, the body’s reaction also affects pregnancy.

Not enought feeding

Another reason for hair fall during pregnancy is insufficient nutritional intake. In order for people to continue their lives, they need to be taken more during pregnancy. But people who cannot do this can see the reaction of this with many effects in their bodies. It is observed that nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, protein and iron decrease especially during pregnancy. It is important for mothers to consume foods with high nutritional values, both for themselves and for the health of the baby.

However, inadequate nutritional intake is also observed as a result of causes such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea during pregnancy. As a result, hair loss occurs due to vitamin and mineral deficiency. Individuals who do not want to experience hair loss during pregnancy can be fed adequately and in a balanced way under the control of a doctor so that the body receives all the nutrients it needs during pregnancy.

Gynecological Diseases During Pregnancy

Hair fall during pregnancy can also be seen as a result of gynecological diseases experienced during this process. The increase in some hormones in the ovaries of women can cause Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, causing hair growth, acne and hair loss. This increasing hormone is the androgen hormone. In such cases, it may be necessary to consult a doctor and regulate hormones.

Hereditary Causes

Hair fall during pregnancy can also be due to hereditary reasons. If a mother has seen a lot of hair loss during pregnancy, it may be inevitable for her daughter to lose hair during pregnancy. Although it is difficult to prevent these hereditary causes, some treatments that can be given during this process can reduce hair loss.

Thyroid Disorders

One of the causes of hair fall during pregnancy is disorders in the thyroid hormone. In fact, thyroid hormone is one of the most influential causes of hair loss outside of pregnancy. If the thyroid hormone works less than normal in women, their hair may become sensitive, and as a result, hair loss may occur. This condition is called hypothyroidism and hypothyroidism causes the hair to become weak and then to fall out. Hair loss can be prevented with supplementary treatments to be applied under the control of a doctor.

Pregnancy Related Diseases

Hair fall during pregnancy can also occur as a result of some pregnancy-related diseases. For example, pregnant diabetes, which is popularly known as gestational diabetes, causes hair loss. Gestational diabetes, which should be treated under the control of a dietitian and doctor with a personalized healthy nutrition program, can prevent hair loss after a while. Pregnancy diabetes should be controlled not only for hair loss, but also to prevent the negative effects that can be observed in the woman’s body and for the health of the baby.

Negative Events During Pregnancy

Hair fall during pregnancy may also occur as a result of some negative events experienced during pregnancy. For example, miscarriage of pregnant women, abortion or baby loss can cause intense and extreme stress in women, which can affect hair loss.


Hair fall may occur due to stress as a result of the material and spiritual resources experienced by people during pregnancy. Stress should be avoided as much as possible, as it can have a negative effect on the regular functioning of stress hormones. Taking walks and doing relaxing activities are recommended activities during pregnancy to reduce stress. Pregnancy resulting in stillbirth abortion or miscarriage can also cause intense stress for women. As a result, hair loss cannot be resisted. One of the biggest causes of hair loss is stress.

Drugs Used

Using certain medications during pregnancy can cause hair loss. Blood pressure pills, depression pills, previously used birth control pills can cause hair loss. At the same time, stopping the use of some birth control pills can cause hair loss. Depression and blood pressure medications should be under the supervision of a doctor for a woman during pregnancy.

Hair Diseases

There may be some skin diseases that can be seen on the scalp during pregnancy. Such allergens can cause hair loss and decrease in volume. Individuals wondering what causes hair loss during pregnancy should read the above titles carefully.

How To Prevent Hair Loss During Pregnancy?

One of the biggest events that affect the body during pregnancy is hair loss. Hair loss during pregnancy is quite normal. The important thing during pregnancy is that the changing hormones prevent hair loss after a while. In other words, if hormone therapy is not performed and hair loss is not reduced, permanent baldness may occur.

Eating Healthy

The best treatments for hair fall are healthy and adequate nutrition. Feeding with foods rich in content is good for hair loss and also prevents other negative effects that can be seen during pregnancy. The food consumed during the day should be sufficient for both the mother and the baby. At the same time, foods that are rich in content should be consumed, not unhealthy foods. When foods rich in iron, zinc, vitamin C and vitamin E are consumed, hair loss can be prevented.

Hair care cures and cosmetic products

There are a few points that mothers who wonder how to prevent hair loss during pregnancy should pay attention to. All analyzes that may cause hair loss should be done, and then treatment should be started.

Meditation and relaxation programs

During pregnancy, women experience stress and anxiety disorders, and accordingly, hair loss is observed. In order to prevent stress, it is necessary to provide psychological relaxation with pregnancy yoga, meditation and relaxation programs that help to get away from bad thoughts that rest the soul and body. As a result of such programs, since women will stay away from anxiety and worry, there will be a noticeable decrease in hair loss. Light exercises that can be done during pregnancy also relieve stress and give women the chance to have a more comfortable pregnancy. Pilates yoga light walks are very good for women in this sense. At the same time, doing exercises outdoors, taking in oxygen, takes away the stress in the body.


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