Hair Loss During Pregnancy

Hair Loss During Pregnancy. Pregnancy is a time span in which many differences occur in the body. The levels of certain hormones rise, whereas others drop. The body has to make these changes in order to prepare for motherhood, and also to provide for the infant. As a result of these changes, women may observe some significant physical changes in their bodies. Stretchmarks, swelling, aches, are some of these. Apart from these already known effects, Hair Loss during Pregnancy can also occur. Most patients have the same level of hormones throughout their whole life. Once their body starts to change, these hormone levels naturally change. This can absolutely affect hair.

During pregnancy, some patients observe that they have more full, shiny, and voluminous hair. In contrast to this, others can have bad and lifeless hair. It depends on the body of the person whether or not the quality will decrease. The hair can become dull, lifeless, and thin. If patients have already thin and weak hair, this period may cause more problems for them. Since the hair follicles go into a resting state during pregnancy, it is easier for them to fall out. Pulling, brushing, and any other force on the hair can lead to hair loss. Normally, the amount of hair loss during pregnancy does not lead to balding. After birth, the hair loss continues for a while. Then, new hair starts to grow out of the follicles and the patient regains their natural hair.

However, since everyone’s body is different, the results after birth can vary. Also, the amount of stress during pregnancy can also lead to hair loss. In cases like this, hair loss may be more permanent. For patients who have not regained their natural hair quality after birth, hair transplant surgeries are the safest and easiest solution.


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How to regain lost hair?

Patients can get a hair transplant surgery once they stop breastfeeding. Hair transplants will provide very natural results that blend in with the rest of the hair. Hair transplant surgeries are very easy and safe for the patient. Even though there are different techniques, FUE is the favorite of most doctors and patients. Every year, many people all around the world decide to get hair transplant surgery. There are not any serious side effects and the results last a lifetime. If there is no other way of regaining the lost hair, hair transplant surgeries are the only way.

Before deciding to get hair transplant surgery, patients should their research to decide for the best doctor and hospital. The doctor should be experienced. Also, the patient should be able to share their insecurities and expectations with them. Trust between doctor and patient is very important for a healthy surgery process.

After deciding on the right doctor, an appointment will be arranged. During this appointment, the hair quality and skin will be examined closely. The doctor will decide on the right hair transplant technique according to the type of hair loss. Generally, FUE is used for less hair loss. In case of hair loss because of pregnancy, FUE is suitable. Hair loss caused by pregnancy generally causes balding in small sections.

Follicular Unit Extraction

The medical team will start the surgery by numbing the patient. Usually, local anesthesia is used. Patients who do not want to be awake during surgery can prefer general anesthesia. After that, the doctor and medical team will start working on the donor and recipient sites. During FUE, the recipient site will be shaved off. FUE can take a long time since every hair follicle is individually extracted and implanted. However, the wait is worth it. FUE provides very natural and beautiful results.

After surgery, the patient can go home right away. However, they are not allowed to drive themselves. Patients should call a friend or family member to keep them company for a few days. Doctors advise patients to take off a few days of work to rest at home. After a few days, they can go back to work, however, they should avoid heavy work and stress.

FUE Recovery Period

The recovery period of FUE is really short in contrast to other surgeries. Patients start to feel better after a few days. It is safe to say that in one week patients can go back to normal. The quick recovery period enables mothers to take care of their child without any pain. This is a very important matter for those who do not want to be away from their child for a long time.

In the recovery period, there are a few things the patient has to be aware of. First of all, they should follow all instructions of the doctor. Other than that, going out in direct sunlight should be absolutely avoided. Sunlight damages hair follicles, which can lead to unwanted results. Smoking, drinking, and taking blood-thinning medication must also be quit. The doctor will prescribe the necessary medication to decrease any possible discomfort in the scalp.

One thing many patients observe during the recovery period is shock loss. Shock loss is a natural occurrence and does not carry any possible dangers. It happens when the strings in the hair follicles fall out. But patients do not need to worry, because new hair strings will start to grow out of these follicles in a few weeks. After a few months, the new hair will start to even out with the rest of the hair. In approximately one year, there will not be any noticeable difference between the new and old hair.

More Information

Patients who suffer from hair loss during their pregnancy should contact a dermatologist. In some cases, the hair loss can be stopped with natural remedies. However, this is not always possible. Those who have not regained their hair in the next two years can look for permanent solutions. Our medical team is more than happy to assist you in this journey! Contact us for more information.

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