Hair Loss In Men’s Beard

Hair Loss in Men’s Beard

Hair Loss In Men’s Beard There may be many different reasons for hair loss in men’s beard and/or moustache loss? Skin diseases, hormonal imbalances, laser epilation, burns, or accidents can be the cause of hair loss in an area or overall facial hair.

The main reason for sparse facial hair or loss in men is hereditary. Unfortunately, shed facial hair is not under our control. The distribution, frequency, quality, and texture of the beard or moustache are all inherited from our genes. If there is a rarity in your beard or moustache after adolescence, it is possible to solve it cosmetically with a beard or moustache transplantation.

Contrary to what is said about products sold or advertised online, there is no medical treatment for removing a new beard or moustache in these hairless areas. Beard and moustache transplantation is the only way to restore missing facial hair.


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Beard Shedding Stages

Apart from the above reasons, the beard loss you experience may only be a natural hair growth cycle. The beards on your face follow the anagen-catagen-telogen phase, just like hair loss. Due to this cycle, you may naturally lose a lot of beards. However, you will not lose these hair follicles forever. At the end of the cycle, your beards will grow back.

Does Testosterone Deficiency Cause Beard Loss?

Testosterone is among the responsible hormones that promote the growth of beard follicles. Healthy testosterone levels will promote hair growth throughout your body, including your facial hair. However, having a low testosterone level does not mean that you will always have a sparse beard or that your beard will never grow. It means that people with high testosterone levels will grow their beards faster than those with low levels.

What Should You Do If Your Beard Is Shedding?

If you are suffering from the loss of your business if you desire more bushy beard and whiskers, beard I’ve listed some solutions that could prevent the loss for you: the loss of the beard there are many treatment methods to improve the medical or natural. Some people are waiting for the spontaneous autoimmune attack and stop regrowth of the hair, others seek alternative methods. The first step in the treatment of alopecia barbae is early diagnosis. If you’ve noticed your beard elongation rare spots or stains, it may be the first step in getting an appointment with a dermatologist expert in the field.

Who Can Have Beard and Mustache Transplantation?

Beard and moustache transplantation is moved to basal levels of hormone accomplished since the 20s. This procedure is preferred for men who want to grow their sideburns or grow a two-day stubble, but whose moustache or beard is irregular or missing in this area.

Beard and moustache cultivation no part of the hairless part of the beard as non-beard applicable to all healthy men. It is also possible to transplant to scarred areas for various reasons. How Long Does Beard Transplant Take To Heal?

What is Beard Transplant?

Beard, known as the makeup of men and hair is very different indeed be called a weather coat and had a beard when he was at a certain level. Sometimes it shows an uneven distribution in the hair density, although more are among the possible situations. As such, we are unhappy with the appearance, not the beardlessness. Facial transplantation surgery is done to ensure that sparsely planted in the area of the regions where people still make the natural appearance is obtained because their hair follicles are used. However, it is not possible to say “natural appearance has been achieved, it is finished” by using its own roots. Therefore, there are many factors to consider.

Why Is Beard Transplantation Needed?

For men, the beard is an element that is of great importance and generally unhappy with its lack, which shows great differences in its presence. With the development of technology, beard transplantation has emerged and the hope of those who suffer from beardlessness has increased. The beard, which adds value to people aesthetically, may decrease over time depending on genetic, hormonal, or external factors, or it comes out directly less and scattered. With beard transplantation, beards can be restored to a normal appearance.

Why beard and/or moustache loss?

  • Beard transplantation can be performed if the beard has been shed due to drugs or creams and ointments to be used externally.
  • It can be used in case of beard deficiency.
  • It has the same infrastructure as hair transplantation and can be completed by considering it as a small operation with local anaesthesia rather than surgery, and then return to daily life can be achieved.
  • Successful results can be obtained in a short time by experienced experts.
  • In practice, things like prosthetics are not needed; The person’s own hair roots are used directly.
  • The probability of falling off the transplanted roots is very low.

How to Prevent Beard Loss?

  • The answers to the question of how to grow a beard can be listed as follows:
  • Using beard massage to revitalize hair follicles
  • To give importance to beard cleaning
  • Rubbing the beard area with organic beard oil
  • stimulating a healthy diet to choose for your beard to beard whose amplifier
  • A, C, and to increase the intake of vitamin E
  • Avoid aggressive beard care routine
  • To reduce stress, to encourage growth
  • Testosterone and DHT levels to get medical support suppliers.

Beard Loss Treatment

In most cases, doctors may recommend to patients for the drug minoxidil beard growth. Why beard and/or moustache loss? This drug is used by applying the patch without hair in the beard and moustache parts not only to help the regrowth but also prevents the loss of hair follicles. Fill In Bald Spots On Beard


While losing beard hair can be frustrating, it’s important to remember that hair loss in men’s beard can be part of the natural change in the hair root growth phase. Therefore the beard for men’s health is a very important lifestyle improvement. Finally, more lush and fed with the right habits and be able to have a healthy beard.