Hair loss research has been carried out around the world and various methods have been tried to be found. As a result of hair loss research, various methods such as hair transplantation, drug therapy and plasma were found. In addition to these, when hair loss research is conducted, there are alternative methods such as hair growing oils and nutrients. Although hair loss of both genders, regardless of male or female, these losses show more serious consequences in men.

With today’s technology, hair loss research gives a new result almost every day. When this is the case, studies are carried out so that baldness will not be a problem in the future and even bald people will not remain. In our country, various methods are applied to cope with baldness. Hair loss research is still continuing and it is aimed to find the most successful, most effective and definitive solutions. Although the current treatments for hair loss are quite successful, people are working every day to find much better ones.

When hair loss research is done, we see that there are various hair loss. When hair loss is due to different reasons, it is called by different names. There are hair loss types such as regional hair loss and male pattern hair loss. Hair loss research is generally carried out with the aim of preventing all hair type loss. When seeking treatment for hair loss, only one type of hair loss is not targeted.


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Why Hair Shedding

When hair loss research is conducted for the question of why hair is shed, it has been revealed that a wide variety of factors cause our hair to fall out. For example, problems such as nutrition and sleep disorders, nervousness, stress, vitamin deficiency can be counted. According to the results of the hair loss research, it is known that the person experiences hair loss due to reasons beyond his own control, since hair loss is due to genetic factors. This type of spills can be prevented with treatment.

In addition to hair loss such as seasonal changes, hormonal disorders, iron deficiency, if you cannot find out the reason for your hair loss, it is useful to go to the doctor. In some cases, hair loss can be a sign of serious diseases. However, there should not be a judgment that every hair loss will be a patient. In our daily life, every person’s hair experiences some shedding.

As a result of the hair loss research, the most common androgenetic hair loss, namely male pattern hair loss, is quite common. This hair loss is understood by the thinning of the hair in the crown area. While some have complete baldness in the crown area, others only become sparse. In both, there are visible differences between the hair on the nape and the sides and the hair on the crown. This type of hair loss, which is also seen in women, is usually caused by genetic factors.

Diseases Causing Hair Loss

When people think of diseases that cause hair loss, hair loss comes to mind directly. Among the temporary diseases, conditions such as vitamin deficiency, iron deficiency, B12 deficiency cause hair loss. When these conditions are detected, they are problems that can be prevented with medication or the consumption of certain foods. For this reason, it is necessary to take precautions, although not very serious. It is a health problem that leads to hair loss when hormonal disorders are not treated in people.

Hair loss research is carried out and the causes of hair loss and solutions for these reasons are produced. Genetic factors are the most common of hair loss. Generally, 50% or more of men experience this type of shedding. Some internal diseases cause hair loss. Hair loss can also occur when people have skin diseases. For these diseases, psoriasis, eczema, fungal-like diseases can be counted.

If people have hereditary diseases, it has been revealed that hair loss is experienced due to these diseases in the results of hair loss research. At the same time, the reason why people lose their hair also affects the use of drugs due to these diseases. Systemic diseases and drug use are the factors that cause hair loss in humans. These diseases can be the causes of your hair loss.

What Is Good For Hair Loss?

Hair loss research was conducted to answer the question of what is good for hair loss. As a result of these studies, answers have been found that hair loss can be prevented as long as some small details are paid attention to. In general, it is possible to achieve healthier and non-shedding hair with precautions such as taking care of vitamin intake and proper nutrition. In addition, if a stress-free and regular sleep life can be achieved, hair loss can be prevented.

The reasons for hair loss may be that the person does not care for his hair well or does not care at all. For this reason, you should first review the shampoos you use. Using warm or cold water while washing the hair can prevent hair loss as it will protect the health of the hair. Massaging the scalp for 10 minutes during the day accelerates blood circulation, stimulates the scalp, prevents hair loss, awakens the roots and helps new hair formation.

To prevent hair loss, you should not use heat on your hair. Devices such as straightening tongs or blow dryers cause hair loss by disrupting your hair structure. According to the results of hair loss research, the use of various oils in hair loss also prevents shedding. As a result of applying various oils such as argan oil, almond oil, olive oil, lavender oil by massaging your hair roots, you can reach healthier and shedding-resistant hair.

Hair Loss in Men

It is a known fact that hair loss in men is higher than in women. When hair loss research was conducted, it was found that hair loss in men was due to the hormone DHT. Since DHT hormone damages the hair roots, hair loss occurs in the person and baldness occurs over time. Hair loss caused by genetic factors can occur in men at later ages and can be a problem for people at younger ages.

Androgenetics, which is male pattern hair loss, is the biggest hair loss problem in men. In such a situation, thinning and baldness are experienced due to hair loss in the crown region of the people. Regional hair loss is also caused by hair loss in certain areas. Generally, ringworm is also a factor that causes hair loss in men.

It is possible to experience hair loss in men due to various reasons such as anemia, iron deficiency, vitamin deficiency. Various diseases also cause hair loss. Some spills are caused by the same reasons for men and women. Bad habits such as alcohol and smoking cause hair loss.

There are different alternatives for the treatment of hair loss in men, such as hair transplantation, PRP hair treatment, and the use of minoxidil. These methods are directly involved in the treatment of hair loss. These treatments, which are widely performed in our country, are preferred by men with a greater rate.

Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss in women is actually similar to hair loss in men. When hair loss research is done, it is done without separating men and women. Female pattern hair loss is more common than expected. This type of shedding, which is generally seen in 50% of people over the age of 40, can be seen in 25% of younger ages.

Although male pattern hair loss is also seen in women, it is a little more difficult to understand. Since this type of shedding seen in women is not as obvious as in men, it can be confused with other types of spills. For this reason, it should be thoroughly examined and investigated what the cause is.

Another reason for hair loss in women is menopause, which comes with the age factor. 8 out of 10 women entering menopause begin to lose their hair. Problems such as stress, eating disorders cause hair loss in women. It is possible for women to experience hair loss in the pre- and postpartum periods. The reason for this can be explained as changes in hormonal balance.

Hair loss treatments in women can be easier than in men. Because generally women use care products by taking care of their hair more than men. Hair transplantation, minoxidil or PRP hair treatment can also be applied to women. A lower dose of minoxidil is given to women when drug therapy is to be administered.

Hair Loss Treatment

Different alternatives for hair loss treatment are available today. Different alternatives such as hair loss research structures, hair transplantation, PRP hair treatment method, drug treatment have been presented to people. Although each method has its own benefits and harms, it has been proven by Hair loss research that all of them give positive results in hair loss.

When hair transplantation is preferred for hair loss treatment, this process will be permanent for people. In hair transplantation, which can be done with different methods, it is done by transplanting the hair taken from the hairy area of ​​the person to the bald area. As a result of this process, new hair is produced from the sparse hair area. This procedure, which provides very high success rates, is often preferred.

In the PRP hair treatment method, the work is performed by injecting the blood taken for the purpose of plasma into the scalp. The useful ones by separating the blood without being injected are injected into the sparse area on the scalp. Thus, efforts are made to accelerate blood circulation and to regrow hair from existing and living roots.

Help is taken from the active substance called minoxidil, which is used in drug treatment. This factor promotes hair growth. Minoxidil is included in serums, sprays and foams. In some cases, minoxidil can be given to the person in pill form.

Shampoo for Hair Loss

It is very common to use shampoo for hair loss. It is possible to find shampoos that can prevent hair loss in different brands at different price ranges. Care should be taken when using these shampoos. Because cheap shampoos that you will buy for affordable prices may contain heavy chemicals. In such a case, the shampoo you buy for hair loss can damage your hair.

When using shampoo for hair loss, you should be careful if you have had hair treatments such as hair transplant PRP method. It may be inconvenient to use these products without consulting your doctor. Your scalp may show an allergic reaction to a substance in its content. For this reason, it is recommended that you do not go by yourself and apply a product to your scalp.

Minoxidil is a substance that prevents hair loss and provides new hair growth. For this reason, if you buy a shampoo containing minoxidil, you will both prevent hair loss and stimulate the hair follicles to form new hair. However, you should know that the effects of this substance will disappear as soon as you stop using it.

It is possible to find various products as well as shampoos that prevent hair loss. Creams, lotions, care oils, serums are also products you can buy to remove the sparseness of your hair. If you want to get a more effective result, it is useful to choose more reliable products sold in pharmacies.

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