Hair Loss shampoo is a product that can vary according to different usage reasons and the way of shedding for everyone. It is important to determine the cause of your hair loss because the treatment or measure you will take will be accordingly.

Hair Loss

A healthy scalp has an average of 100,000 to 200,000 strands of hair, and daily washing and combing is normal, with an average of 100 to 150 strands of hair loss. New hair usually grows in place. It is important to look at the underlying cause of hair loss. Skin analysis and hair analysis can help determine your hair loss.

Hair loss is a problem related to many issues such as iron, hormonal problems, seasonal changes, nutritional problems, exposure to chemicals, stress, psychology. It should be investigated on and may require long-term treatment use. Your use of Hair Loss shampoo can help you in this process.


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Hair Loss Causes

Genetic factors

The genetic shedding known as androgenetic alopecia is actually a form that occurs on the tops and fronts of the real skin with openings. Because of hereditary development, progress is different for everyone.

Nutrition Habits

Hair follicles are living organs. Malnutrition can cause hair loss. Hair Loss shampoo can be useful in eliminating this type of hair loss.

Hormonal Problems

Conditions such as the improvement of menstrual irregularities and excessive weight gain may cause hair loss.

Some drugs used

Conditions such as thyroid disease, diabetes, controlled or reduced diabetes, pills and hormone supplements can cause hair loss.


It is normal for the mother to shed hair after giving birth. The formation of hair layers that are shed during childbirth does not change the scalp. Hair loss starts within four months after birth. At the end of 4 months, it causes hair loss for a while with the effect of hormones obtained after birth, it shows more hair loss than normal. This situation is natural. However, proper nutrition according to the growing need of vitamins and minerals can reduce this condition.

Chemical Treatment

Hair loss is seen with chemotherapy treatment. After this treatment, hair loss ends and hair grows back.


Stress is one of the most hair loss situations and psychological help can be good for the hair. Hair Loss shampoo may not be very effective if you are losing hair due to stress.

Hair Life

Growth period; This is the period when the hair is alive. It takes 2-7 years.
Catagen period; Your hair is the period of rest. And it takes several weeks.
telogen; It’s time for hair loss. It takes a few months.

Hair roots are also in different universes. Some parts of the hair may be in the anagen phase while others may be in the catagen and/or telogen phase. Every day 5-10% of hair follicles are telogen, that is, an average of 50-100 strands of hair fall per day. After this stage, it starts to fall apart and the hair starts to fall out for a few weeks.

If you have hair loss other than the problems caused by the hair problems above, this is normal. However, if you’re shedding more than 100 hairs a day, lasting longer than a month, and bothering you, a visit to a dermatologist may be necessary. You can use hair loss shampoo in this process.

Androgenetic Alopecia

Androgenetic alopecia, known in medical terms as “male pattern baldness”, is the most popular of the hair loss conditions and has hormonal causes. However, it changes the severity of androgenetic alopecia and hair stiffness very quickly. 80% of hair loss is male type. In male hair loss, the hair starts to open from the top or the front.

Female Alopecia

Nowadays, women suffer from hair loss problems. Hair loss in women can be caused by genetic reasons and a lack of hormones. Onsets may appear in patients with polycystic ovaries, high body temperature, and women with high androgen hormones. Hair loss shampoo is not very useful in genetic and disease-related hair loss.

What Vitamins Help Hair

Vitamin minerals such as B12, vitamin D, folic acid, biotin and zinc help with hair loss. A balanced and regular diet is good for your hair. It is important to nourish the hair follicles. Increased hair loss can end by consuming foods rich in folic acid, vitamins B12 and D, which are especially important for your hair. Nuts, almonds, eggs, green vegetables, legumes and lean meat are good for hair. And we recommend that you drink plenty of water as it is good for your hair.

Hair loss varies according to hair, genetics and hair type. The solution of user-oriented problems is applied by dermatologists.

Considering the loss of vitamins and minerals caused by nutrition, first of all, a diet rich in protein and vitamins is made. For thyroid or any other hair loss case, you should first follow this application method. Hair loss shampoo is a solution that works in these cases.

A diet rich in protein is important because of the nutrition and minerals. Even if the shedding indicates the thyroid gland or another disease, this choice is priority. In addition to this nutrition, you can help your hair as necessary by applying mesotherapy, PRP and stem cell therapy.

Hair Loss Treatments

Dermatologists deal with hair problems. They provide treatment options from hair loss problems to care and product use. They determine which product will be used for its intended purpose. What do our dermatologists say about hair loss?

To use hair loss materials, you need to find the problem in your hair. For each hair loss, first blood analysis and tests are done and hair loss complaints for various reasons are determined. Hair experts can also help you with this. Set up the most appropriate custom protocol for a one-on-one review. Call hair centers for more information and reservations. It is also important to use a hair loss shampoo recommended by your doctor.

Hair loss is a seasonal and stressful event, and there may be a very long-term shedding in hormonal conditions. The life of each hair passes without settling, growth and shedding. The growing season is the longest and the hair grows an average of 1 cm per month during this period. It is dangerous to shed hair at this stage. On average, 2-3 weeks after this stage, hair loss occurs. Hair comes to the stage of shedding and shedding occurs within 2-4 months. This combing cannot be lengthened or shortened by brushing or cleaning. At the end of this period, the hair falls out. New hair is produced from hair follicles to replace old hair.

Why You Lose Your Hair

This cycle will last a lifetime. Hair loss at any stage is not understood by the external environment. At any given time, 85% of the hair is in the growth phase and 1-2% is in the pause and 10-15% is shedding. In hair physiology, it is normal to lose up to “100” hairs per day. If there is too much hair loss than this, run your hands through your hair after you take a bath. If you find 3 to 5 pieces of hair in each pass, you may have too much hair loss. There are many reasons for hair loss. Them;

Skin disease
Not enought feeding
Vitamin and mineral intake
Hormonal problems
Certain medical disorders
Side effects of the drug
Postpartum hair loss
Cosmetic use
It can be stress and depression

The important thing here is to identify the cause and do it appropriately. Most of these problems are problems that require drug treatment that do not go away with hair loss shampoo.

Methods Used in Hair Loss Treatment

There is no single cause of hair loss and there is no single method for its treatment. Before genetic treatments, you need to change your diet. Except this;

Hair loss treatment with medication
Treatment of Hair loss with PRP
Hair loss treatment with mesotherapy
Regenera Activa Treatment
You can take hormone therapy.

Treatment of hair loss and growth of existing ones is designed by dermatologists who are experts in the FDA field. There are drugs for early-moderately light, weakened hair. The effect of the drug; It increases the hair more, reduces its thinness and prevents further hair loss.

Hair loss is very important for pharmaceutical companies. In some cases, the hair falls out and you cannot grow new hair. There are no medications or hair loss shampoos to help new hair grow at this stage.

Hair loss treatment with PRP

PRP treatment transforms the blood taken from the patient into a drug and passes this drug through the process. The specially prepared solution we use from this blood is carefully applied. This method helps new hair growth while the hair follicles are alive. It helps to thicken and strengthen hair follicles by reducing hair loss.

Hair mesotherapy

Hair Mesotherapy contains vitamins, supplements and minerals necessary for healthy hair growth and development. It uses directly on real skin using microneedles. It is applied with approximately 1 cm needles.

How to Prevent Hair Loss

Wrong eating habits

A diet that is not under the control of a doctor can upset the balance of your body. Instead of consuming carbohydrates, prefer to eat protein and get used to it.

Sleep Pattern

Sleep is a habit that triggers many diseases and has a general harmony. Make your sleep routine a habit.


A lot of hair loss goes through stress. You benefit from both hair loss and peace of mind while avoiding stress.

Vitamin Deficiency

Some vitamins and minerals are needed to nourish the entire skin. It contains foods rich in zinc, B12 and folic acid.

Tobacco and Alcohol

Tobacco and alcohol damage hair. Stay away from both.

Eating Habits

One should stop eating fast food, one should prefer advantageous fruits and nuts. You can have great hair when you combine it with a hair loss shampoo.

Hair care

Your hair products are styled according to the advice of a professional dermatologist, not design advice. Your dermatologist, not the stylist, can determine the type, size and shape of your hair.

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