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Hair loss solutions for men are solutions that men can apply just as women do. The most common hair problems in men are hair loss, poor hair quality, oily scalp and poor hair growth. Perhaps the most frustrating of these problems is hair loss. It can go as far as baldness. Of course, not all hair loss problems that men frequently encounter are male pattern hair loss. If you are a gentleman who is worried about hair loss or realizes that the hairline is starting to disappear, the first step for a correct diagnosis should be to see a dermatologist.

First of all, you should ensure that the hair loss problem you are experiencing is not an indicator of a much more serious health problem. Before resorting to hair loss solutions for men, you need to know whether you are dealing with an autoimmune disease, a thyroid or a scalp problem. Yes, most hair loss seen in men is male pattern baldness, also known as androgenetic alopecia. And male pattern baldness is a sign of aging. As a result of research on hair loss in men, the statistics are quite clear. Almost forty percent of men in their thirties are battling the problem of hereditary hair loss.

This rate exceeds 50 percent by the time the man reaches 50 years of age

Most men face the problem of male pattern baldness. One of the biggest causes of hair loss in men is genes. However, medications taken, treatments, stress, diet and lifestyle, hormonal status, wrong hair care are also the cornerstones of the hair loss problem seen in men. Men’s hair may fall out suddenly or gradually. Hair loss solutions for men as well as the hair loss process depend entirely on the cause of the shedding. However, while some hair loss is experienced in the short term, some are permanent. In case of non-hereditary hair loss, certain and important measures can be taken.


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Best Product for Hair Loss Prevention

Once you decide to restore the health of your hair and get treatment, start the treatment with Rogaine (Minoxidil). Recommended by experts, this product is the first defense and is widely used. However, in this treatment, which is effective in hair loss, do not expect that the treatment will create great hair. Rogaine (Minoxidil) works wonders in slowing and preventing hair loss rather than growing hair. If used as recommended, recovery is seen after 6 months, at most 9 months. Using a 5-concentration formula, this foam or solution is applied by massaging the scalp up to 2 times a day.

However, there is a warning about this product, which is the first among hair loss solutions for men. In the first few weeks, some people may experience increased hair loss. But this spill was temporary. Rogaine (Minoxidil) treatment has proven to be extremely effective. Treatment can be continued safely. However, there should be no burning and itching on the scalp. Experts especially recommend the use of this foam as long as there is no burning and itching. The basis of topical treatments for men, this mousse can be applied along the hairline as well as on the crown of the head.

Best Product for Hair Growth

Another product used in the main hair loss treatment and recommended for hair loss solutions for men is Finasteride. Finasteride is an oral product. Branded products approved by the FDA are available by prescription only. But recently, it is possible to easily access this product. It can even be ordered online after a virtual consultation. Finasteride blocks an enzyme that converts the hormone DHT, which causes hair loss in men. Finasteride, unlike Minoxidil, allows hair regrowth.

This product, which is one of the indispensable hair loss solutions for men, has been proven to prevent more hair loss. The hair density of most men who see this treatment as a solution shows improvement over time. Taking one pill a day is sufficient for treatment. If you take finasteride together with Rogaine (Minoxidil), you will see the maximum effect. Although the first recommendation of experts is Rogaine (Minoxidil), the effect can be strengthened if Finasteride is also added to the treatment. Thus, while the hair grows more, hair loss disappears.

Best Product for Sensitive Scalps

Nanoxidil is a product similar to Rogaine (Minoxidil). It does not have any side effects on an irritated scalp. Experts say that this product is especially effective on patients who use Rogaine (Minoxidil) but whose scalp is irritated. Nanoxidil, which is among the hair loss solutions for men, is formulated with azelaic acid. Azelaic is excellent at blocking Retinol and DHT.

Although Nanoxidil is a very new product, it has proven to be extremely effective in the treatment of hair loss. Because it is much lighter in terms of molecular weight. Being light means that it penetrates the scalp more quickly and provides much better absorption. It is clinically proven to increase and accelerate hair density and hair growth.

Laser Comb

According to studies, this treatment, which is among the hair loss solutions for men, is apparently somewhat effective and safe. Because it is difficult to predict who will respond well to such a low level of light therapy. For this reason, experts are hesitant to approve this treatment. In laser comb treatment, red light is emitted to your scalp while combing your hair. This is a method that increases circulation to the follicles. While not as effective on its own, this solution makes Rogaine and Finasteride products more effective due to increased circulation.

However, the effects of laser combs depend on the user. The key in this solution is optimal exposure to light. For this, you need to comb your hair slowly and repeatedly as much as possible. Although it is included among the hair loss solutions for men, experts explain that they are not sure what the optimal wave size and power of the comb are. They add that while there are patient populations that respond to low levels of laser light, this is unpredictable. They also say that the risk of using the comb is low.

Laser Hat For Hair Loss Treatment

If you want a less user-dependent light treatment for your hair loss problem, you can use a laser cap that is expensive but has consistent success. If you use it continuously for four months, hair density increases by 25 percent. Just like the comb, the laser hat also increases blood circulation by emitting red light to the scalp. Again, just like the laser comb, it multiplies the effect of other products used.

Among the hair loss solutions for men, the red light also provides nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicle roots. Your follicle activity is optimized. The laser cap helps improve circulation by increasing nitric oxide production. It is necessary for blood vessels to improve circulation. Nitric oxide is produced by emitting orange light on the scalp. For a positive result, you need to use this cap for 10 minutes every day for 6 months.

Home Remedies for Hair Care for Men

Broken hair, hair loss, poor hair growth and oily scalp are common problems in men. Men can also pamper their hair with home remedies for hair health. Hair can be massaged with oils to nourish the hair. It is one of the great hair loss solutions for men. It can also reverse serious wear on your hair. Olive oil, almond oil and coconut oil are ideal solutions. It should be applied 2 times a week. Coconut milk is also a solution that nourishes and grows hair. It also helps to make your hair soft.

If you want shine in your hair and also want to strengthen your hair, an Aloevera gel massage to your scalp is ideal. Massage twice a week will prevent hair loss. Protein is the cornerstone of hair treatment. Apply protein therapy at least 3 times a week. You can whisk a raw egg and apply it to your wet hair. After soaking 3 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in water for 8 hours, applying it to the scalp by making a paste will prevent hair loss. Avocado cure, which is one of the hair loss solutions cures for men, is indispensable in thickening the hair strands.

If you have dandruff and oily scalp along with hair loss, try orange puree. Puree the orange. Make dough. Apply the paste to your hair once a week. Henna Leaves: If you want to get thicker hair naturally, apply henna paste (made by grinding henna leaves). Cover your hair with a shower cap for about three hours before rinsing. Flaxseed, lemon juice, jojoba oil, mayonnaise, Egg and mayonnaise, honey, yogurt and black pepper, vinegar and baking soda are among the proven domestic solutions.

Wigs, Hair Pieces And Surgery

In some cases, wigs, hairpieces and surgery are among the hair loss solutions for men. What are these situations? Hair loss is likely to be long-term or permanent. Sometimes men may resort to non-medical methods for the treatment of hair loss. Here, wigs and hairpieces are a great guide for them to hide hair loss. Wigs and hairpieces have made tremendous progress over the past few years. By the way, if hair loss, hair loss or baldness is caused by a medical problem, the cost of the wig is covered by the wig insurance company.

Hair loss solutions for men include surgery and therapy

If someone experiencing hair loss wants surgery, the most appropriate and beneficial surgery will be hair transplant surgery. Hair transplant surgery mostly works for those with male pattern baldness. Hair transplantation has been developing for decades. It offers permanent results to people with hair loss problems. Hair transplantation, that is, the application called transplantation, is applied by removing hair follicles that can resist DHT and placing them on the scalp. In the method called follicular unit extraction, hair follicles are extracted one by one from any part of the body. Sowing is provided to the hairless or thinned areas.

Therapies consisting of combinations of ointments, creams, drugs and shampoos are hair loss solutions and therapies for hair loss for men. Apart from these, laser treatments are also available. These are low light therapy or cold laser therapy. In this type of therapy, photons are irradiated to the scalp.

And the circulation in the scalp increases. In other words, the photons stimulate the circulation in the scalp and allow hair growth. In order to achieve a good result from clinical laser treatments, it should be applied several times a week at the beginner level. At the moment, it cannot be said that laser treatment prevents hair loss in a very effective way in the long term. We do not have enough information on this subject. Although a few promising results have emerged, the data obtained are inconsistent.


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