Hair Multiplication And Follicle Banking

Hair Multiplication And Follicle Banking

Hair Multiplication And Follicle Banking Hair multiplication or most commonly knows hair cloning and follicle banking have been a long term wish and want for many people for years now. With an abundant number of researches being done nowadays and have been done in the past on the hair multiplication, it is even much closer to the reality than ever before. Seeing the way and how fast everything changes in our daily lives today, the advancement of this method is expected to come into our lives and take its place among hair transplant methods as early as 2027 which is only 6 years from now.

It will be surgical prodecure rather similar to other methods such as FUE and DHI yet when a more comprehensive approach is taken and a deeper look into the method given, one can see how it differs from anything else in the market presently. One thing that should be noted however is that, for this method to turn into something viable and applicable that offers positive and thus desired results in the long run, there is still substantial amount of work to do. As aforementioned, with today’s world where everything changes rapidly and advancements take place one after another everyday, hair multiplication won’t be a reality soon. 

How Is It Different From Other Methods?  

In hair transplant methods, regardless of the minimal differences that don’t need to taken into account since the basics and Fundamentals are the same, a hair graft (the number of grafts changes in accordance with the procedure and desired amount) is extracted from a donor area, zone at the back of the patient’s head for that area is usually deemed to have the most hair grafts and more than any other part in a patient’s body. Those extracted grafts are then planted into the desired area called the receptive zone in which a new growth of hair expected, desired. This application procedure applies to the most common methods with more or less the same principle although as aforementioned before there is slight varity among each method. 


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The Hair Multiplication

The hair multiplication though or as some people call hair cloning and the name gives itself away, works slightly different to the aforementioned, more commonly and presently used methods that have been in use and also rather efficient for many people fort he past decades. With the method, removal, extraction of hair grafts from a particular, denser area in the patient’s scalp starts the procedure and then as the name of the method implies, those extracted grafts are implanted in the balding areas or areas where the hair growth is less and thus the growth is desired to occur. The method, although is still in test and won’t be viable for some time, will allow the doctors create permanent hair in the scalp of the patient who undergoes the operation seeking a way to have hair. 

Advantages And Disadvantages 

Regardless of the fact that the method itself isn’t available to the public and the work is still in progress and which will most likely to be so for at least some more foreseeble future, there are some known advantages of the method although the disadvantages of it aren’t clear yet. First things first, there is a crystal clear advantage of being able to create infinite and unlimited number of hair with the method which directly means there will be no lacking of hair even for a person who doesn’t have the amount of hair needed to extract from in the back of his and therefore needing the hair to be extracted from some other part of his body. Judging from this, it would be fair and wise to say that the method will be replacing some of the most commonly  and currently used methods of today.

FUE Method Disadvantages

As for the disadvantages of the method although it may not be clearly fair to call them disadvantages for most aren’t known well yet and those which are known may not really be considered as disadvantages, there are two things to mention for the time being. Initially, it is still a matter of question how the newly and freshly planted hair will grow and what colour, shape and direction they will take in the patient’s scalp overall. What this implies is that, the result and total outcome of the applied method no matter how well it has been applied might not give the desired result in the end. For the time being, if and how it will delive the promise is still uncertain.

Second issue to mention is that, there is a chance of traditional and currently used FUE method being needed to be performed as well for augmenting the growth of hair in the patient’s scalp. This second issue though may not be needed for the whole hair multiplication procedure however as it will most likely be seen necessary for the visible areas such as the frontal airline to ensure a more natural look, appearance overall. How To Get Hair Implants?

What Are The Side Effects Of The Procedure?

As aforementioned in the previous paragraph despite the details being left out, there are some known side effects of the procedure just like any other method that is being used presently. Those possible side effects are bleeding after the procedure in the healing process, infection at the area where the operation was performed in, and lastly scarring which is rather common in almost every other method too.

Finally, there is a small risk of damage to the nerves and arteries though the cases are very minor and already similar to those that are found in liposuction cases. 


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What Is The Success Rate? 

Being the pioneers of the method in 2017, Italian scientists have claimed the success rate of the hair multiplication method is 29 percent as of now. The increase of hair growth in the operated area has been recorded as 23 after the last treatment of one patient. With that being said, the clinics or doctors who offer this method aren’t approved by the FDA so any kind of guarentee is just a promise, not a fact supported by science.