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Hair Of Istanbul Prices Beauty is not eternal. And nor is hair. A lot of people lose their hair at some point in their lives. This can be a temporary loss caused by a temporary situation. However, that can also be an irreversible hair loss. Many people lose hair because of genetic reasons. If you are one of them, we have good news. By getting a hair transplant, you can look exactly how you wanted. No more baldness and no more low self-esteem. This article will answer everything that you may need to know before getting a hair transplant. For instance, what can you expect or how do prices change? To learn about the hair of Istanbul prices, continue reading. 

What is a hair transplant?

Hair transplant is a beauty-related procedure. It lets us cover any bald spot on your body by implanting hair follicles on there. Those hair follicles are taken from some part of your body. Hence, it leads to a natural look. You can get transplantation on any part of your body that you want. Or, you can cover a bald spot caused by a scar or by a burn mark. You can even implant facial hair if you cannot grow out a beard. And, you can do much more. Eyebrows and eyelashes are also popular choices among our clients. So, you can solve anything that makes you insecure, very easily. 

Different hair transplant methods

If you will have a hair transplant, you will know that there are different methods to do so. Currently, there are a few options. Depending on what sort of outcome you wish, one method can work the best for you. However, regardless, they all have the same result. You will have a head full of hair. 


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FUT is a method that many people have heard about. Unfortunately, it is considered outdated in Turkey. Because of its many downsides, not many people tend to get it. You will have a visible scar left on your scalp after it. As you may guess, not many people want that. It also has a longer recovery period. So, that can also affect someone’s personal life, not in the best way. 

FUE is the most preferred hair transplant method in our country. It is noninvasive and has the highest number of grafts. After it, you will not have any visible scars left. Plus, you will be able to return to work after just two days. So, your recovery will be very fast. 

  There is also DHI that you might have heard of. It has most of the pros that FUE offers as well. No scars, short recovery period. However, it costs a lot more. That is because of the amount of assistance that is needed during the procedure. It is a very new method. So, there is a marketing-hype around it for now. 

What should you expect after getting a hair transplant?

Before getting a hair transplant, you probably want to know what to expect. Depending on that, you can decide if it is worth getting one or not. As in anything, with hair transplants, you have ups and downs. 

The biggest down-side of hair transplants can be the recovery period. You will have a lot of limitations and you will experience discomfort. You will need to be very careful about how you treat your operated area as well. If you touch it, that can lead to infections. Luckily, depending on which method you go with, your recovery may last shortly. Another topic that can be a down-side is the waiting period. You will not see any results for a long time. Even initial results will take around a few months to see. That wait can be frustrating. Anybody would want to see their results sooner. However, in a year, you will see a huge change.

Hair transplants bring a lot of good together with them. The most important part would be that you will love your new look. You will feel confident and your self-love will increase a lot. Our main goal is to make sure that everybody is happy with themselves. If your baldness makes you insecure, you will no longer have that issue. Your new hair will look natural. And you will not need any sort of big after-care to keep it. You will just go back with your life. Does Testosterone Cause Hair Loss?

The price of hair transplants in Istanbul

You probably want to learn the exact price of hair transplantation. Unfortunately, there is no one exact price that we can say. The price can change because of many things. For instance, depending on where you get your hair transplants, you will pay differently. Some countries can be very expensive. On the other hand, some other countries offer hair transplants at a reasonable price. For example, Turkey. Many people chose to come and get their procedure done in Turkey. Here we offer good deals and excellent service. So, keep Istanbul in your mind. That is the best place to get a hair transplantation surgery.  

There are other things that also alter the price. Like, hair transplant methods. FUT costs less than FUE. And DHI costs more than both of the other ones. So, depending on which method you go with, you will pay differently. You can keep that in mind while deciding on with method to go with as well.  

Other things also can change the price. The size of the spot that you wish to implant with hair is a game-changer. Covering up a small spot will cost less than covering a bigger spot. The number of grafts that we need would also change the price a lot. As you can see, there is no one set price of hair transplants that we can give to you right now. However, we can answer you in more detail after hearing about what you exactly want. So, please contact us. We can answer all of your questions and give you guidance. Hair Of Istanbul Prices 

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