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Hair Plantation Is Good Or Bad

Hair Plantation Is Good Or Bad

Today we will examine the answer to the question of Hair Plantation Is Good Or Bad with you. It is human nature to worry. It is normal to worry especially before an aesthetic operation such as a hair transplant. However, satisfaction after a successful hair transplant operation is sometimes far from expectations. If you intend to have a hair transplant operation, you should educate yourself about the procedure first. You should learn about the potential problems you can face. It is also helpful not to learn how to prevent them. Failed hair transplantation or poor hair transplantation reasons are examined in our article. 

Why do some hair transplant operations fail?

We analyzed unsuccessful hair transplant operations for you. And we listed the reasons for the unsuccessful operations. Hair Plantation Is Good Or Bad we will understand here. 

Causes of Unsuccessful Hair Transplantation?


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1. Doctor’s Lack of Experience

The phrase “you can learn without doing it” is completely valid for hair transplantation. FUE or DHI hair transplantation are meticulous procedures that require patience. It takes time to master this art. And it is not desirable for any patient to be a subject. Sometimes, inexperienced doctors can make mistakes when placing hair grafts. However, graft placement is one of the most important stages of hair transplant operations. And it plays an important role in the final appearance of the hair. Experienced doctors know how to effectively use the appropriate donor sites for hair transplantation. Less experienced doctors are prone to error. Hair Plantation Is Good Or Bad we will understand here. 

Hair follicles can be transplanted from the wrong areas of the scalp. Thus, both the donor site and the recipient site will show evidence of this poor technique. The first donor area used in hair transplantation is the nape of the head. There are also additional donor areas such as beard and chest hair. A natural appearance is obtained when the hair taken from the nape area is used alone. Misuse of hair follicles taken from different donor areas creates problems. However, some inexperienced doctors can strain donor sites too much. This leads to a problem as big as baldness itself. Hair Plantation Is Good Or Bad emerges here.


The term “overharvesting” refers to the removal of a large number of hair follicles from the donor area. This situation often causes a very weak hair appearance in the nape of the hair. Experience is a very important factor when it comes to such operations. When looking for a FUE or DHI hair transplant doctor, consider the experience. Don’t take the risk of a hair transplant center becoming a trial and error board. You can evaluate how many years of hair transplantation practice the doctor has. In this way, you will learn Hair Plantation Is Good Or Bad.

2. Inadequate Post-Operation Care

Taking care of yourself after a hair transplant can be as important as the procedure itself. Your doctor will give a list of instructions. Some patients are seen to have excessive scabs on the scalp. Scratching this area can prevent hair follicles from holding onto the transplanted area. In some other cases, the infection may be encountered due to poor hygienic conditions. The good news is that you will have to be reckless to cause permanent damage this way. In this way, you will learn Hair Plantation Is Good Or Bad.

Following the gentle hair washing instructions after the operation is vital to see satisfactory results. Follow your doctor’s instructions to avoid post-operative problems. If you have any concerns, call your doctor right away. Thus, you can find the answer to the question Hair Plantation Is Good Or Bad.

3. Person Not Suitable for Hair Transplantation

Hair transplant can be a wonderful life-changing procedure for many people. But remember, it should only be done on eligible candidates. Before the operation, the doctor should evaluate the genetic and health status of the person. It is also important to discuss all issues in the operation process. Inspections are crucial to the success of the process. Your doctor will do tests for your suitability during these examinations. You may have heard of people who have had an unsuccessful hair transplant. Sometimes such a failure happens because the patient is not a suitable candidate for the procedure. But don’t let these scare you. It is not difficult to determine whether a person is suitable for FUE hair transplantation. Hair Plantation Is Good Or Bad. It is evaluated for its result.

Sometimes, a person’s hair loss is not enough to have a hair transplant operation yet. In other words, you may not be ready for operation yet. Sometimes, you may need to shed a little more hair for a hair transplant to be fully satisfactory. This is what pays attention to when saying Hair Plantation Is Good Or Bad.

You should be at the right time of the hair transplant phase of the hair loss phase. Otherwise, you will have a funny look. Imagine your hair falling out every day. And if you had a hair transplant early, there will only be hair in the transplanted area. On the other hand, if you do not have enough donor hair to do the hair transplant procedure, you should look at other options.

4. Dishonest Hair Transplant Centers

Unfortunately, as in any profession, people working in the medical field can sometimes be dishonest. You should research hair transplant centers for their reliability. After all, you want to proceed with an honest hair transplant doctor. A hair transplant center that is only after your money will not consider your well-being. A good FUE hair transplant doctor will clearly deal with your concerns and wishes. During your hair transplant examination, you want a doctor and team you can trust. Hair Plantation Is Good Or Bad is one of the points that determine the subject.

Such centers, which prioritize dishonest commercial interests, stand out with more numbers than quality. They promote by saying that they will transplant high graft numbers. Hair Plantation Is Good Or Bad can be clearly distinguished here as well.

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