To understand how hair regeneration is, it is necessary to know what it is. Thus, the applications to be made in addition to the renewal process that should be known are considered. These times are between 2 and 6 years. In addition, an average strand of hair renews itself approximately every 5 years. In fact, breaking 100 to 150 hair strands a day is considered normal, but a sudden increase in this number does not bode well. However, if there is no thinning despite hair loss in the individual, this rapid hair renewal cycle is normally considered normal.

However, if the person does not thin out despite hair loss, this is a normal situation related to the rapid hair cycle. Disruptions in this cycle can cause a sudden spill. Knowing what prevents hair regeneration is considered one of the most important steps.

First of all, the factors that prevent hair regeneration can be listed as follows

Drug use
Intense sun exposure
Unhealthy eating
Age factor
Insufficient mineral intake


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The main factor that prevents hair regeneration is stress. When our body is in a stressful situation, it begins to release the hormone cortisol. In addition, this situation affects the follicle of our hair. Thus, it may appear as a cause that negatively affects hair regeneration. These spills generally occur at least 3 months after a stressful event. However, the prevention of stress is the easiest and most well-known method of preventing stress-related hair loss. Stress also affects the pigments that give the hair roots their color. As a result of this situation, if the stress continues for a long time, the newly emerging hair follicles grow in white color.

Drug use

Today, the widespread use of medication for a reason or reason to support hair regeneration is striking. Drug-induced hair thinning and loss are common in both men and women. However, it is not thought that a drug used for therapeutic purposes for hair thinning causes problems. The reason for this is that the existence of potential factors such as serious systemic disorders, anemia, fever, stress, which were considered to cause hair loss in the last 3 months, should be excluded.

In the light of scientific research and studies conducted today, drugs that cause thinning and shedding of our hair are defined. But exactly why they affect it is not known. Various drugs are described that cause hair loss. However, the mechanism by which these drugs cause hair loss is not fully clear. When it is necessary to make a diagnosis for these reasons, it is correct to evaluate the patient’s clinical history first.

Intense sun exposure

When we say hair regeneration, we need to consider environmental factors. Exposure of your hair to the sun does not always produce positive results. It causes problems that will affect the protein structure of the hair, which is also exposed to UV rays. These problems cause a dull appearance with the loss of physical and stretching properties of your hair over time. Since the first effect area of ​​these abrasions is the outer layer of the hair, it can result in weakening and thinning of the hair. For this reason, those with thick strands should also pay attention to their hair. Not keeping a distance in the relationship between the sun and your hair causes you not to have the look you want.

Unhealthy eating

Today’s eating habits also cause our hair not to renew itself first and then to fall out. Fast foods or GMO foods, which are called modern nutrition, affect individuals. Thus, many people stay away from a healthy and regular diet. Hair regeneration is not even noticed by people who dedicate themselves to an intense tempo, or even forgotten. Afterwards, the term used for nutrition is glossed over with “I’m full”. Nutritional habits are the source of the problem underlying the problems such as hair thinning, loss and anemia seen in our environment. When people with intense hair problems notice this situation, they should consult a specialist doctor for their precautions. Thanks to the blood test, most of the underlying causes are revealed and the necessary treatment method is started quickly, helping to get rid of the problems.

Age factor

When talking about hair regeneration, it is necessary to know the connection status of hair with age. This situation, which is mostly seen in men, causes hair loss by affecting the thinning of the hair starting from or after puberty.


It is really difficult for a sleepless body to repair itself. If we do not get enough sleep, our body becomes weak and problems in absorbing nutrients may occur. These and similar problems also affect the hair, which is a part of us. Hair is extremely sensitive to these problems and changes and shedding occurs as a result of non-renewal. In the light of these reasons, it will be in your best interest to prepare a good and regular sleep program for yourself.

Insufficient mineral intake

When we say hair regeneration, it is undoubtedly important to know the effects of minerals for us.


It is considered a mineral that helps hair grow. When its deficiency is felt in the body, dryness of the hair, thinning of the hair strands and dandruff are seen. The main foods rich in vitamin A are egg yolk, broccoli, spinach, potatoes, carrots and lentils.


There are different types of B vitamins. For example, in cases where vitamin B3 is insufficient, the hair begins to weaken. Thus, fractures, thinning and ruptures occur due to lack of renewal. Tuna fish, liver, red meat and chicken can be eaten to avoid vitamin B3 deficiency. Vitamin B7, another B vitamin, is of great importance for the formation of the necessary protein structure and keratin. If we list the foods rich in vitamin B7, green leafy vegetables, liver, egg yolk and mulberry can be given as examples.

B9, also known as folic acid, ensures the regeneration of cells responsible for hair production. However, in cases of deficiency, delayed hair growth is observed. It is found in high amounts in legumes, green leafy vegetables and broccoli containing folic acid. Another is vitamin B12, which plays a major role in the nutrition of the roots of the hair. Yırca also has an important role in the oxygenation of cells.

Essential Oils and Vinegar


1-2 tablespoons of vinegar
4-5 tablespoons of water
Lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree oils (optional odor suppression)

As it is known, it cannot be finished by counting the benefits of vinegar for hair. Apple cider vinegar in vinegar has a beneficial and refreshing effect for hair. However, in case of application, it is applied by mixing with water and work. It is easy to apply the vinegar-water mixture with the help of a sprayer. Optionally, using eucalyptus, lavender and tea tree oils saves you from the sharp smell of vinegar.

Helpful Information for Hair Regeneration

Paint use

If you’re used to relying on products to regenerate your hair, it’s wise to use only the most important ones without overdoing it. Things to consider when making this choice:

If you like to use market products or Professional hair lengths, it is necessary to pay attention to hair renewal. In addition, if you like hair coloring, it is good to strengthen the hair by using a natural dye such as tea.

It is not good to lighten the color of your hair. Changing the hair color causes damage to the hair strand and makes it fragile and fragile.

Hair washing and drying

Care should be taken when hair is especially wet. The reason for this is that wet hair can break easily by stretching. When the hair is washed, the scalp is massaged. In addition, shampoo and conditioner applications should be done gently.

Shampooing frequency

Shampooing your hair more than 4 times in a week can be inconvenient. The natural oil called sebum that our scalp can produce is necessary for hair regeneration. Here, when the hair is washed too often, it starts to dry with the removal of this oil. Washing the hair several times a week helps to have a healthy and shiny appearance.

In cases where this habit is abandoned, the scalp, which is accustomed to washing the hair every day, will produce excessive sebum. This balancing state, which may take 1 week or 4 months depending on the hair, takes time.


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