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Your hair is going through some phases. While passing through these stages, your hair may experience shedding in some cases. After the shedding phase, your hair is transitioning to the hair regrowth phase. This hair regrowth in your hair is generally related to the papilla in the hair root. Papillae are generally active. Thanks to the activated papilla, your hair starts to grow again. At this stage, your old hair is generally expelled from the follicle. However, this does not have negative consequences for hair growth. In general, the care you will make to your hair accelerates the growth of your hair. Therefore, at this stage, the care you will do to your hair has a very important place. Every hair mask you prepare or buy at home will give you positive feedback.

It means that you will contribute to the hair regrowth process thanks to the natural methods you will prepare at home. Thanks to the valuable oils you can find from herbalists, you can care for your hair at home. Valuable oils to be made have a very important place in terms of hair growth rate at home. Valuable oil treatments should generally be applied according to the structure of your hair. If your hair has very little structure, valuable oils should be used on average 4 times a week. However, if your hair has normal thickness, you need to care for your hair twice a week. There are also many treatments to be applied at home. These treatments generally vary according to the hair structure. Before doing hair care, you should research whether there is an allergy to the substances to be cared for.

What is the Oil Care Necessary for Hair Growth?

In general, it is desired that the hair grows early. As a result of this request, some activities need to be organized. The procedures to be done while the hair is in the regrowth phase are very important. Therefore, the question of what we should do for hair growth is wondered. Hair generally needs nourishment. To nourish your hair, you need to apply natural oils to it at regular intervals.


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Thanks to almond oil, which you can easily find from herbalists, your hair will be lush. In addition to making your hair thicker, its growth rate also increases. The vitamins in the oil are also very important. However, the vitamins A, B, K and E in almond oil nourish your hair from the root. After applying almond oil to your hair, you should wash it after an average of 30 minutes. It is preferred to wash your hair with the help of warm water.

In general, hair requires certain care during the regrowth phase. Pine turpentine oil, which you can easily obtain from herbalists, is very effective for hair growth. But glass turpentine oil smells a bit heavy. The use of this oil is not recommended for those with fragrance allergies. Pine turpentine oil can be used by mixing it with castor oil, which helps healthy hair growth. You need to apply these mixed oils to your hair before taking a shower. The oil treatment you have applied should stay on your hair for an average of 40 minutes. Then you can wash your hair with the help of warm water and clean it. Then you need to dry your hair gently. These two precious oils nourish your hair from the bottom. Your bottom-fed hair generally grows faster.

What are the Hair Growth Stages?

Your hair has some phases. Among these phases are the hair growth phases. The growth phases of each strand of your hair occur separately. Among these stages, there is also the hair regrowth phase. The anagen phase is generally known as the first phase for your hair to grow. At this stage, your hair tends to grow actively. Therefore, you need to do the care you will do to your hair at this stage of your hair.

The return of the care you will do at this stage will make you happy. The anagen phase generally lasts from 2 to 8 weeks, depending on the structure of your hair. After this stage, the stage in which your hair is found is called Catagen. This phase generally occurs after the first phase, that is, the hair growth phase, has stopped. In general, this stage in your hair takes 2 to 5 weeks.

The issue of hair regrowth in general has become an important topic by everyone. As your hair gradually completes its phases, the talogen phase is reached. At this stage, hair loss generally occurs continuously. When your hair reaches the talogen stage, shedding occurs between two and three months. As a result of this shedding, your hair is preparing itself to regrow. Your hair needs to be taken care of at this stage. But it should not be forgotten that there is also a hair growth factor. Considering these factors, care should be taken for hair growth. In case of hair growth, your age factor has a very important place. At the same time, your gender is also known as a very important factor in the growth phase of your hair.

What Shampoos to Use for Hair Growth?

In general, hair growth shampoo is wondered. There are many shampoos available in the market. The essence of the shampoo has a very important place in terms of hair regrowth. For this reason, it is useful to pay attention to its content when choosing a shampoo. The shampoo you will buy can be keratin based. Keratin generally regenerates your hair from root to tip. At the same time, you should definitely use conditioner for your hair to grow. The conditioner you should use should also contain keratin in general. As a result of these procedures, your hair will grow. Make sure that the shampoos you use on your hair contain vitamins. Vitamin-containing shampoos and conditioners nourish the hair in general. The nourished hair grows faster.

Another shampoo you should use to nourish your hair should be garlic extract. Garlic-based shampoo generally ensures the regrowth of lost hair. It nourishes your other hair follicles as well as the lost hair. Your nourished hair follicle returns to you as a stronger hair. As a result of this, hair regrowth takes place. There is another shampoo and conditioner that you should use for hair growth. Argan oil should also be present in this shampoo and conditioner. Argan oil also nourishes the hair from the bottom and makes it stronger. For this reason, the shampoo content you choose has a very important place for the growth of your hair.

What are the Causes of Hair Loss?

There are reasons for your hair loss. As a result of these reasons, your hair falls out. Losing your hair is first known genetically. If a genetic factor is related to hair loss, your hair tends to fall out. As a result of hereditary hair loss, your hair does not grow back. In some cases, the hair growth cycle takes place. What belongs to this cycle is called the alopecia condition you have experienced. As a result of this condition of your hair, hair regrowth occurs. However, your hair may fall out later. Your hair may give an allergic reaction as a result of some situations. As a result of this reaction, wounds may occur on your scalp. As a result of these wounds, hair loss also occurs. But in this case, you should not panic.

Wounds in the hair do not prevent the hair from growing again. At the same time, it does not cause any problems in the regrowth of the hair. These scars in your hair cause your hair to fall out in certain periods. If you experience hormonal changes, your hair may fall out from time to time. After undergoing hormone therapy, the hair goes into the regrowth phase. Losing your hair is not an obstacle to your hair growth. If you are having problems with your hair growth, you should have your thyroid hormones checked. The deficiency of some hormones secreted from your thyroid hormone prevents your hair from growing. Therefore, you need to have hormone regulation. After receiving the necessary treatments, the problems that occur in your hair growth disappear. For this reason, your hormones are a very important factor for your hair.

What Supports Your Hair Growth

In general, you need to take care of your hair in cases of hair regrowth. There are some steps you need to do for your hair to grow healthy. If you want to have healthier hair, you need to take care of a balanced diet. Furthermore, as long as you eat a balanced diet, the problem of hair loss will disappear.

Intake of protein in your foods is very important for the growth of your hair. In addition to protein, your foods should also contain high levels of vitamin C and iron. As a result, your hair will be healthier. As a result of nourishing your hair, your hair will grow. The foods you eat have a very important place in the health of your hair. If you want your hair to grow faster, you need to be gentle with your hair. It can be done more loosely instead of having your hair in a tight ponytail.

You need to be careful during the hair regrowth phases for your hair. During these phases, you should avoid excessive heat that you have used on your hair. Using excessive heat on your hair generally spoils the structure of your hair. When the structure of your hair deteriorates, its elongation also decreases. For this reason, you should stop using heat when you want your hair to grow fast. At the same time, the chemical sprays you have applied to your hair should be reduced at this stage. As long as you massage your hair roots, you will cause your hair to grow fast. For this reason, you can massage your hair with your fingertips before and during the shower. The massage you will do will accelerate your blood flow. Having high blood flow is very important. As a result, your hair grows.

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