Hair Replacement Turkey Cost

Hair Replacement Turkey Cost

Hair Replacement Turkey Cost Replacement hair is produced by advanced technical methods from 100% human hair tissue, measured by our professional experts. It is a hair replacement method that we shape with special adhesives in hairless or sparse hair areas. We do not use medical operations and if you are not satisfied, you can return. It is an application that is hygienic, problem-free in terms of use, durable in terms of durability and aesthetic appearance. How hair replacement costs in Turkey? We have also collected information about this for you.

Who Can Apply Prosthetic Hair?

Regardless of the reason for replacement hair, shedding or hair loss; We can apply it to all individuals, young – old, male – female. Even individuals who lose their hair at the end of chemotherapy and radiotherapy examinations can start to spend their hairless periods with a high motivation and morale thanks to the application of replacement hair.

Who We Do Not Recommend Prosthetic Hair?

We avoid applying prosthetic hair to very young children or individuals with advanced chronic skin diseases such as eczema. Using prosthetic hair is like using the lens you wear on the eyes or the dental prosthesis you wear to the mouth. That is, you should use them in a way that you comply with the health rules, just like them. We do not recommend it to people who are young or old, or who have a problem of not paying attention to their personal care and cleaning due to mental problems and who cannot take this responsibility.


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What Are the Stages of Hair Implant Application?

If you want to be satisfied with your hair prosthesis, have it done by our experienced and specialist doctors. In this way, you will increase your satisfaction and protect your health in terms of hygiene.


The measurement process, which constitutes the first step of the implantation phase of the prosthetic hair, must be done with zero error. It plays an important role in terms of the next steps we will apply. In scaling, we create a symmetrical pattern suitable for hair design of the places without hair. We determine the color, thinness and thickness of the hair.


The fact that we pass the dimensioning phase successfully helps the placement to be so comfortable. At this stage, we fix the hair prosthesis that we have measured with a special solution to the head in a pre-molded manner.


The design phase is the final phase. We make cuts and shaping according to the face structure or the model desired by the individuals. After a professional haircut, you can comb your hair as desired.

Let’s look at Turkey costs range hair replacement now that we look at the stages of replacement hair transplantation. Steve Carell Hair Plugs

Hair Replacement Cost Turkey

Events in the world as of 2021 caused foreign currency prices such as the dollar and euro to accelerate upward. This situation especially caused an increase in the costs of imported products. Prosthetic Hair prices, which were specially imported from abroad, were also affected by this increase. Although the price of prosthetic hair increases, Tecnifue continues its services for customer health without compromising quality and service standards. Our hair replacement costs is calculated with the Turkish lira in Turkey


Our dedication to an excellent hair transplant quality and attention to the smallest details in customer service makes us one of the most preferred providers of hair transplants in Turkey

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For the year 2021, prosthetic hair prices for male pattern hair loss vary between 400-800 dollars abroad. The prices of our clinic vary from person to person, depending on the desired prosthetic hair. With high quality prosthetic hair, you can have comfortable, easy-to-use and natural hair.

Is Replacement Hair Understandable?

Will prosthetic hair be evident? If you are going to have prosthetic hair for the first time, the first question that comes to your mind may be. If you are going to have prosthetic hair, get it done in professional centers with high quality standards. It will not be possible for a third eye to notice prosthetic hair. However, the prosthetic hair made in the places we call under the stairs is of poor quality. We recommend that you stay away from such places.

Replacement Hair Care

The most important process after prosthetic hair application is the prosthetic hair care phase. You should pay attention and care to your prosthetic hair care as at the stages of prosthetic hair application.

Quality and careful care extends the life of prosthetic hair. It also increases the comfort of using prosthetic hair.

You need to use quality products in your prosthetic hair care. Quality Prosthetic hair care products allow you to protect your hair without losing its visuality and comfort.

Hair Replacement or Hair Transplant?

  • There are many advantages to be given to the question of whether prosthetic hair. Advantages of prosthetic hair compared to hair transplantation;
  • Prosthetic Hair is a method that we can apply to everyone.
  • We do not apply hair transplantation to people with some health problems such as diabetes,
  • While we do not have hair transplantation for diabetics, prosthetic hair application is a suitable method for our patients with such health problems.
  • Prosthetic hair application is a method that we also apply to patients undergoing chemotherapy.
  • In prosthetic hair applications, you can have the volume and fullness you want.
  • For people who continue to have hair loss, we can have a new hair prosthesis to quickly cover these areas in prosthetic hair application.
  • Prosthetic Hair application time is not as long as hair transplantation. In special design situations, you can wait 3 months for a maximum of prosthetic hair. If desired, we can apply the ready-made hair prosthesis on the same day.
  • Prosthetic hair does not require a serious surgical procedure such as hair transplantation. We do not do any surgical procedures for prosthetic hair applications.
  • The person who has Prosthetic Hair can continue his daily life without any restrictions.

However, we would like to state the success of the FUE method, which we have heard frequently recently. You may need more information about hair transplantation and prosthesis. Of course, as the Tecnifue team, we always try to help. What Is The Difference Between FUE And FUT Hair Transplant?