Hair Stem Micro Transplant

Hair Stem Micro Transplant

Today we will talk about hair stem micro transplant. Your health is important for us. You can follow our article for detailed information.

What Is Hair Stem Micro Transplantation?

Hair stem micro transplant is the transportation of sample hair follicles from the body parts of the breast, leg-arm, genital area that are resistant to baldness, especially from the back of the head near the neck, to the area where the hair is shed. Hair follicles at the back of the head are more preferred in hair transplantation. Since the hair follicles in the neck of men are insensitive to the DHT hormone, they shed less.

Hair follicles taken from other parts of your body do not have the ability to shed and may fall out again after your hair transplant. Women do not have an area that does not shed like men. Thus, the chance of success in hair transplantation in women is less than men. It is known that the transplanted hair will also fall because it will be affected by the genetic structure. Due to the ridiculously growing demand recently, many advertisements have been made and have become widespread. In hair transplantation, hair follicles that contain 1-4 hair cells must be transplanted for doctors.


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Side Effects

These are the main complications encountered after hair transplant operations.It is normal to encounter these situations after the procedure.


You may experience bleeding other than the areas where you have grafted or placed your hair follicle. Your doctor evaluates the bleeding profile required for this application. For this, you should have laboratory tests done and the application, which has the potential to increase the blood offer, should be stopped sufficiently before the operation.


Occurrence in nonsense or transplanted areas is a wide variety of complications. The reason for this is that it is natural to have an infection due to the blood supply of the scalp. However, if doctors detect an infection, it should be treated with antibiotics. Bad scar tissue formation in the field of the data of hair follicles It is more common in hair transplants with the FUT method. The incidence is worse in those with good skin or those who use worse technique.

Hair Loss In The Extracted Area

You rarely encounter it after hair micro transplant procedure. It will usually disappear with treatments. What Is Stem Cell FUE Hair Transplant?

Dermoid Cyst

It occurs a few weeks after the procedure and causes your hair follicles to become too deep. The doctor must press firmly into the recipient area before inserting the root, and then insert the root.

Cobblestone View

The transplanted follicles remain on the scalp. It occurs in the form of blisters on the scalp.

Hair Growing In The Wrong Direction

Your hair follicles that grow in the area where you are transplanted, regardless of the direction of your hair follicles, are usually caused by the technique you have made hair transplantation. One of the reasons of the problem is that doctors do not transplant at an angle of 30-35 degrees to the direction of hair growth.

Accelerated Hair Loss

It may be caused by damage to other hair follicles around while hair follicles are being transplanted; It is caused by the stress of your hair transplant operation.Sharp tools should be used and non-sharp tools should be changed during the operation. Many of them need to work with experts to minimize the listed complications.

Micro Transplant Advantages

hair stem micro transplant has succeeded in paving the way for many advantages in hair transplantation. It has made it easier to obtain a natural appearance in hair transplantation and has also formed the basis for a more intense transplantation. When you consider the advantages of its applications, it creates a big leap forward in increasing the success factor in hair transplantation operations. If you want to get positive results when you have hair transplantation, you should choose successful clinics.stem micro transplant advantages Maximum density, Natural results, Minimal trauma Fast recovery.

1.Maximum Density

Since your hair follicles from the donor area are removed with fine-tipped punches, your hair follicle is less damaged and its survival rate increases. Since the survival rate of your hair follicle increases, you can reach your maximum hair density more easily after transplantation.Thus, it is sufficient to gain the desired intensity with one session. Therefore, the survival rate of hair clearly affects its growth success. It is one of the techniques that allows intensive hair transplantation in narrower areas.

2.Natural Results

The maximum density obtained depending on the survival rate of the hair follicles has also provided a natural result in hair transplantation operations. The growth of your transplanted hair without shedding after your hair transplantation is effective in gaining a natural appearance. Hair Transplant Surgery With Stem Cells

3.Minimal Trauma

With micro root hair transplantation, your hair follicles are taken by doctors with special punches with a diameter of 0.6-0.9 mm, so you will not encounter trauma in the donor area. In other words, there is little trauma in the donor area because the punches they use are at micro level. Since there is no large incision in your hair transplant, the risk of infection with micro FUE is significantly reduced by doctors.

4.Quick Recovery

Since the fine-tipped punches cause less trauma in the donor area, recovery occurs faster with stem micro transplant. Since the doctors use tips suitable for the diameter of the hair follicle, the donor area heals in a short time.

Transplantation Of Micro Grafts

In micro hair transplantation, we apply the hair follicles we take from the donor area with micro tips, according to the hair density and exit angles when placed. For this reason, the following order is taken into account when your hair follicles removed during transplantation operations are set. Doctors place single or rarely double grafts in the anterior areas, mostly on the anterior hairline, It places triple or quadruple grafts in the middle of the hair, Doctors place grafts with more than four hair follicles in the upper area of the balding area. Today, we gave information about micro hair follicle transplantation application. You can contact us for more detailed information.