Hair Transplant Abroad Reviews

Hair Transplant Abroad Reviews

Hair transplant abroad reviews from the Middle East

Muhsin Imad / Saudi Arabia / 44

Hair Transplant Abroad Reviews I am very obsessed with my hair and started to feel worse every day. I started to make the delusion that I was not even worth talking about by people, and I started to feel that I was not worth talking about. This situation seriously disturbed my psychology because I think hair is the most striking place in the human body. The sparse hair was also lowering my self-esteem. I also decided to have a hair transplant. I started reading many hair transplant abroad reviews. Many countries did offer this service, but I noticed that Turkey has come to the forefront on this issue. Then I started doing even deeper research because I thought it would be a serious operation. They helped me quite a surgeon from Turkey. The whole process proceeded transparently. Hair transplantation was a bit difficult and boring. I cannot say that it is not painless, but I can say that my hair is more beautiful than about 7 months ago.

Hair transplant abroad reviews from Africa

Sibonakaliso Akpan / South Africa / 35

I had some hair problems in college. While all my friends were making hairstyling, I was doing different things to prevent my hair from falling out. Later, I started getting very uncomfortable with this situation and I looked for a permanent solution. I was afraid to have this done in my country because there are some problems with the health system. For this reason, I started reading hair transplant abroad reviews. In many countries, many surgeons are dealing with it, but I noticed that Turkey is the featured country. Turkish surgeons are successful in this regard and moreover, it is cheaper than in other countries. In other words, it made quite a sense for me to get quality service and buy it cheaply, and also to visit Istanbul. For this reason, I bought a flight ticket to Istanbul and made predictions with several clinics. In general, I have to say that they all have a certain quality standard. I chose one of them and we started hair transplantation with the FUE technique. What would I not give to spend my university years with this hair…

Hair transplant abroad reviews from Europe

Bartolomeo Ale / 43 / Italy

My hair was getting really thin and I decided to have a hair transplant. Then I started reading hair transplant abroad reviews and saw that the issue of Turkey stands out. I learned that hair transplantation is performed by professional surgeons with the best techniques. Turkey was a place that I’d like to visit. This has been a good opportunity for me. Later, I bought an affordable hotel, hair transplant fee, and flight ticket package and started the process. The communication between the surgeons and me during the process was great, I was very pleased with this. They explained all the details without getting bored. I made sure they were using the best techniques. 1 year has passed. When I look back, I can say that this decision was the best decision I have made in my life.


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Hair transplant abroad reviews from Balkans

Mladen Yordan / 29 / Bulgaria

I was a stressful person, and besides that, I often consumed alcohol and cigarettes. I realized much later that these caused my hair to fall out. Even though I quit smoking and alcohol after my hair got thinner, it didn’t work. Then I decided to have a hair transplant. I did  deep research and started reading hair transplant abroad reviews. I learned that in many places it is done in many different ways. But especially when I saw that Turkey was quite successful in this regard, my friend already had built a plantation in Turkey. His operation was pretty good. Her hair looked so natural. I decided to start the process with encouragement from him. My friend and I went to Turkey after the plantation where they can make hair transplantation clinics. I knew that the angle is very important for the hair to look natural during the transplantation, I asked this specifically and they helped me. It has only been 3 months since the hair transplant, but I can say that it looks good.

Hair transplant abroad reviews from Far-East

Qing Fen / 46 / China

My hair started to fall out due to alcohol and cigarette use. I also decided to quit these. My hair improved a bit. But I wanted to see my hair in its good old condition. I saw that the only valid method for this is hair transplantation. I saw that many experts in hair transplant surgeons in Turkey. Later, I decided to travel to Turkey. I must say this is difficult for me. The process was quite difficult, I can say that I suffered despite local anesthesia. But 8 months have passed, I can say that my hair is in very good condition.