Hair Transplant After 2 Months

1st Day in Hair Transplant

The first day of hair transplant after 2 months is as important as the recovery processes. Your lines for hair transplantation are determined. The parts where the donor will be taken and the parts to be added to the hair are determined and the needles and titles are completed and with the anaesthesia application, the procedure is started prone It can take 1 hour. If the first day was bad you may have aches and pains and a lot of bleeding. After your hair transplant to facilitate this process, pressure on the donor area.

You can complete the procedure by wearing a bandage to apply it. Why is this in the form of leakage?

It is done to prevent bleeding. The most important thing in hair transplantation on the first day and in all processes is sleep position. The grafts are more fresh and will have a bloody appearance in the first week. The operations are completed by opening the channels, scraping the hair and dressing on that day. After that what you have to do will begin. Let’s talk about them. When you go home resolving will both relieve your pain and relieve your pain.

If you use cigarette and alcohol, you should not use it that day. The medications you should use you should take it on time and drink plenty of fluids at home. Using 2 pillows while lying down

There are benefits. Although rare, there may be bleeding in the form of leakage on the first day, do not be afraid. Lying on your back by wearing the neck collar provided, it will be comfortable without touching the donor area without any pressure.You may pass the first day in the resting position.

How Does the 3rd Day Happen in Hair Transplantation?

Hair  transplant after 2 months procedures are continue on the 3rd day. However, you still need to protect your head from impacts, water and dust. How to use lotions and shampoos on the 3rd day of hair transplantation is explain. The bandage is removed.

Afterwards, your head will be checked for hair transplantation. Your hair is dressed for 10 minutes, and lotion is applied for 30 minutes.

After the applications are completed, the hair transplantation from the donor area continues with a prone position for a period of 60 minutes. The first washing of the hair is perform  and information is given about hair washing. On the 3rd day, make sure that you

you must protect. Your sleeping position should be the same as the first day today. When the transplantation process comes, the scabs on the hair are first wash and clean , and the transplantation application is repeated again.

The channels are check  and the process is started to place the grafts in their places. Hair Transplant First 10 Days

5th Day Growth Process in Hair Transplantation

Continue to wash your hair routinely as you did in the first days. You can even wash 3-4 times a day on summer days. It is useful to wash without damaging and with soft touches. When you go out of your house, you can wear the hat given to you to protect yourself from dust and sunlight. This sound visually provides publicity, and looks

does not bother. If you do not wear the hat on your head until the end, you could damage the skin.

After the operation 5-7. Every day, the added hair becomes stronger and does not move with touch. Avoid bruising and scratching the joint area. During this period, you may experience itching. Also, this is normal, don’t make a bank. This is a sign of the encounter. Be patient and wait.

What Happens on the 10th Day in Hair Transplantation?

Various crusts will occur on your hair within 10 days. These crusts after ten days must be clean . In this case, what you need to do is massage with the lotions give  by your specialist doctor for 10 to 20 minutes. Then you should clean it gently with your fingertips. After the procedure, we wash in light circles clean by making buffers without pressure. After 10 days of hair transplantation, you will see that the hair growth process and scars gradually heal. In conclusion , Even after the donor area of your hair has healed, your hair will take the shape of being cut with number 3.

1st Month Elongation Image After Hair Transplantation

After 1 month, your hair transplant will be observed in a slightly different way. First of all, PRP application is apply  in hair transplantation. After the first month, your hair is completely shock.

in the case we call it spills. You may be nervous, but there is nothing to worry about. This is a completely natural situation. It starts a new era by changing the hair structure. The spillage situation can be spilled up to 3 months and this is normal. You should be careful to protect your hair from infection. Hair should never be scratch  with nails or hard objects. And you have to stay away from heavy work. Redness on the scalp may decrease. However, it does not go away completely. This process may vary between 1 to 3 months, do not be afraid. Afterwards, your hair will be straighte  as long as you do your washing steps and protection applications. Wait patiently for the next steps after spilling. Do Hair Implants Really Work?

2nd Month Phase in Hair Transplantation

We investigate the effects and stages that occur in the second month of hair transplantation stages. In addition to your hair, this month may cause an irregular shedding. It can be in hair that does not shed inside. This is normal. Shock shedding will come to an end gradually. Your rash continues in this period can. Or you may see sweets in the planting area. Do not be afraid if there are not many, this is normal. In addition, dandruff may also occur during this period. If you have too many dandruff problems, if this bothers you, talk to your doctor .

And you can use medication. So, you may see very small or irregular hair growth in the hair shaft. Finally ,  do not panic and be patient, this shedding is normal, you are one step closer to the transformation of the hair itself.