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Hair Transplant After 2 Weeks

Hair Transplant After 2 Weeks

Immediately After Operation – First Night

Hair Transplant After 2 Weeks When leaving the hospital hair transplant after 2 weeks of the operation, a bandage is applied to the transplanted area and you should wear a forehead band to prevent postoperative swelling. Small crusts and mild rashes in the transplanted area and donor area will pass within 15 days. You may feel swelling, itching and mild pain after the operation. This is normal. Ice applications, softening lotions and mild reliever medication can be overcome.


A few days after the operation, swelling can be seen on the face. In this case, it is best to put some ice on the swelling area.There is no need for a special cream or medication. The swelling will disappear after 5 days.


Itching is a sign of improvement and it is these situations are quite normal 2-3 days after the operation. Do not scratch or nail the transplanted area. The itching sensation may persist for several days.


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Burning sensation:

In this case, you should only apply the moisturizing lotion to your donor area three or four times a day.

1 day

Dressing and PRP and Laser Treatment are applied after the operation. After dressing, the bandage in the donor area is removed.

3 days

It starts with a special lotion and shampoo as described after hair transplantation. Hair washing procedure helps to heal the scalp and remove the scabs that occur.

5-7. Day

5-7 after the operation. The hair transplanted daily becomes stronger and will not be displaced by touching. You should avoid damaging the planted area and nail it. You may feel itching during this period. This is normal and a sign of recovery.

15-30. Day

Your appearance will return to normal within 2-3 weeks; Since the difference between hair will disappear, you will have an incomprehensible appearance.

There are two important points to be considered in seven days after hair transplantation.

  • Avoid contact of the head with water for the first three days after the operation do not tear the scabs that are expect  to start the day after the operation. Considering these two issues, the person has the opportunity to spend a comfortable week. This process of the first 7-10 days is consider critical by doctors. New textures have the opportunity to get use to and hold onto their new places. The doctor should give  informed in case of any adverse event within the first 7 days. The grafts that succeed in fixing them in 7 days get used to their new places and break from there. Problems do not arise.

Is Scabing After Hair Transplantation Normal?

Brown and yellowish scabs are expected after hair transplantation. It is recognize  by doctors as an indicator of recovery.It is thought that the hair transplantation process is carry  out flawlessly. One of the processes after hair transplantation that strains the person is this scab problem. Scabs occur in areas where hair transplantation is perform  and other than bandages. Itching problem occurs within 7 days depending on the scabs. However, it is very important not to break the shells. For this reason, scratching is strictly prohibit! Hair Transplant Scabs

From the 3rd and 4th days of the 7-day period, healing and softening begin to see in the shell tissues. Therefore, it is important for people to be patient. A 7-day process is of great importance. It is consider critical as it gives clues about the operation. Problems such as infection that do not occur due to hair transplantation in a week do not occur after. This is regard  as the most important proof of a successful and correct application.

How to Care About Hair Transplantation

You should take the essential mineral found in the natural structure of the hair, all B group vitamins, especially vitamin B7, vitamins A, C, E, D, Zinc and Iron, you should take care of a healthy balance diet , you should stop the harmful habits cause by alcohol and smoking it is natural to feel mild pain for the first three days after surgery,you can use a mild dose of pain relief if need, you should definitely lie on your back for the first few days, your lying position is determining according to the area to be transplant. Take care not to touch the hair transplantation area in the first days after the procedure.

Process After Hair Transplantation;

1st WEEK –

Scabs and redness show  on the hair. How the shells are pouring will explain to you by experts. The rash will pass over time. In this process, there may be hair strands or tissue fragments that are shed while washing, these are not hair follicles but epithelial tissues, hair follicles are under the skin and do not fall out.

10th DAY –

The scab should be done these days and it is normal to see a rash on the scalp. You must follow the expert advice for shelling.

Hair Transplant After 2 Weeks

If all the shells have been shed, you can return to normal life completely, and return to normal in your lying position. In this process, a process called shock shedding begins, in which we can see that almost all of the transplanted hair is shed. You can massage your hair with fingertips.

Growth After Hair Transplant Operation

In the hair transplant operation, the hair taken from the nape area is transplant  into the areas determine  as the transplantation area. In recent years, it is possible to apply hair transplantation to people. People should not expect much growth in the first 30 days after hair transplantation. This small growth rate gives an idea of the new hair appearance. Hair growth may change within 30 days after the hair transplant operation. It may vary depending on the nutritional habits and hair growth rate.  This should lead to the slow expansion of humans in the adaptation process. Considering the 30-day growth rate, people should not think that the hair transplant operation. This should lead to the slow expansion of humans in the adaptation process. People should not think that the hair transplant operation is successful or unsuccessful.

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