Hair Transplant Before and After Women

Hair Transplant Before and After Women

Hair Transplant Before and After Women Let’s take a look at some information about before and after hair transplant in women. Especially after the FUE method has been applied, it has become quite common. In fact, hair loss is seen in women close to hair loss in men. It has been found that 25-30% of women experience hair loss in a certain period of their lives. However, since the front hairline is generally preserved, the problem of hair loss is usually not noticed in the early stages. However, great changes are observed before and after hair transplant in women.

The psychological effects of hair loss in women are actually more than men. More or less hair loss is seen in two out of every 3 men over the age of 30. For this reason, hair loss in men is a condition accepted by the society. However, hair loss in women is not accepted by the society. Therefore, the psychological effects of hair loss are more common in women. Many women camouflage this hair loss with different styles such as dye or wigs. Are women as good candidates for hair transplantation as men? It is not possible to say yes to this. However, the success rate of hair transplantation is increasing in women.. We will discuss the issue of hair transplant before and after women.

What Awaits You Before Hair Transplantation?

Before hair transplantation, you should be informed about the procedure to be applied. You have to consider the possibilities that may occur. Before you have a hair transplant, you may be guided by your social circle. Therefore, it is more important to get a doctor’s opinion about hair transplantation. Turkey Hair Transplantation Clinics


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You should remember that there are many factors that affect getting results in hair transplantation. Many factors such as the person’s graft quality, shedding, donor area density, age, nutritional habits, alcohol and smoking affect the results of hair transplantation. First of all, you should determine how much hair transplant you need to get an accurate result. You can start with the correct determination of its current opening. This assessment should be done correctly and should be explained to the person in a correct and understandable way.

Things to Consider Before Hair Transplantation:

  • If possible, you should quit smoking 1 week before the operation. If you can’t, you should try to reduce it. Do not forget that smoking will reduce the healing process.
  • You should stop drinking alcohol 1 week before the operation.
  • You are not allowed to consume coffee or drinks containing caffeine.
  • One week before the hair transplant, you should stop consuming green tea. You should inform the hair transplant Stop using drugs that prevent clotting (heparin, aspirin, coumadin, etc.) and multivitamins 1 week before the operation. These drugs can cause an increase in bleeding.
  • Before you come to the operation, wash your hair and do not use hair styling products such as gel or spray. Do not forget to have breakfast before coming to the hair transplant procedure. If your operation is after noon, it will be useful to have your light lunch before coming.
  • When coming to the operation, choose the type of clothes that will not rub against your head during donning and taking off and that you can wear and take off comfortably. It will be the most comfortable to wear a shirt.
  • For this reason, if you are going to the operation with your vehicle from a long distance, be sure to have someone with you.

What Should Women Pay Attention To After Hair Transplantation?

As a woman, you had completed the preparations before the hair transplant and had a hair transplant, and now you think about what to do after the hair transplant.

It is possible to list and detail the things to be considered after hair transplantation as follows;

Bandage Removal and First Washing:

The first point we will mention about the issues to be considered in the post-operative period is the first and perhaps the most important washing to be done after removing the bandage and bandage. It is strongly recommended that the bandage removed two or three days after the operation should be removed under the supervision of the physician performing the operation. After the bandage is properly removed, it is not usually put back on. It is because the bandage causes sweating in the hair follicles and this delays the healing process. After the first step is completed after removing the bandage, the hair should be washed. Is Sweating Bad After Hair Transplant?

Two critical points in washing after hair transplantation; It is the method to be used during shampoo selection and washing. What is meant by the method here is to wash the hair with slow movements and dry it very carefully so that the hair follicles are not damaged. After the first wash, the washings are done delicately, then the normal washing process is started. How To Wash Hair After Fue Hair Transplant?

Sexual Relationship and Sports:

Focus on sexual intercourse and sports after hair transplantation; sweating. Sweating affects the growth and healing process of hair follicles. It is true that the main problems related to hair follicle sweating are sexual intercourse and sports. It is the main factor that paves the way for experts to concentrate on these areas. Of course, it is necessary to open a separate bracket at the point of protein loss in sexual intercourse. Lack of protein building blocks in the body will cause the post-operative process to be interrupted.
It is strongly recommended not to do heavy sports after hair transplantation. In addition, light but definitely not sweaty walks can be done. At this point, the line of physicians; It is essential to avoid activities that cause sweating.

Alcohol and Smoking:

Alcohol and smoking, which are among the things to be considered before hair transplantation, have a critical effect in the postoperative period. It is recommended not to consume these products for 15 days after the operation.The reason for this is; Alcohol has a diluting effect in the blood, while smoking interrupts the flow of oxygen, which contributes to the healing process. Therefore, if a fast recovery process and a high success rate are desired, alcohol and smoking should not be ignored.

Thus ‘hair transplant before and after women we discussed the subject.