Hair Transplant Care After Surgery

Hair Transplant Care After Surgery

Is important hair transplant care after surgery? Because until today, hair loss problems and balding were considered as problems without a solution. However, today hair loss and baldness can be eliminated by hair transplantation. So, how will the post-hair transplant process be? Let’s focus on an even more curious subject, how should hair and body care be after hair transplantation? In this article, where we will learn the answers to these questions, let’s guide those who want to make a hair transplant. What needs to be paid attention to after the operation and how long to pay attention to them, we will learn together.

You have undergone a hair transplant operation, a hair transplant has been done and you are now entering the healing process. What awaits you first? The first care suggestions are focused on not touching… So like this; You should definitely not touch the hair transplant area. Therefore, you do not need to do maintenance. You should only focus on protecting this area. You should not lie on the hair transplantation area, you should not touch it, and you should even choose your clothes with zippers and buttons. In other words, choose clothes that are opened in front so that the transplanted hair does not get damaged while putting it on and taking off.

How Should Hair and Body Care Be After Hair Transplantation?

The main care process starts 2 – 3 days after the hair transplant operation. The first hair washing process will be performed after 2 – 3 days. However, you will not do this, your doctor or healthcare team will. The first hair washing process will be carried out with extremely sensitive touches using special shampoos and lotions. After washing, towels will not be used, only a hairdryer will be used to dry. A towel is one of the maintenance suggestions that you should pay attention to for a long time. Because it can cause you to pull the hair follicles and this is not a situation we want at all.


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To go to the hairdresser, you have to wait 15 days for hair care. In fact, it is not exactly right to say hair care, because you can only slightly cut your hair with scissors. Apart from this, it is not recommended to do any operation on your hair. Processes such as heat treatment or engraving will cause negative results.

After the first hair washes, you will continue your own hair care and you can only use the special shampoo and lotion given to you in this process. Any product other than this may pose a risk for newly transplanted hair and cause hair loss. Do Hair Implants Work?


You may experience an itching sensation in certain periods after hair transplantation. The care you will do for this itching consists of applying the special spray given by your doctor. Apart from this, you should not try any other way, nor should you go into a search. Also, be warned, do not even try to try other people’s suggestions, do not give a premium to hearsay information, just follow what your doctor says. Just do this to avoid negative consequences.

A person who has a hair transplant must live very carefully for 6 months. It has to do its maintenance accordingly. It will not be appropriate for you to swim in the pool or the sea, and cleaning products used in pools can be extremely harmful. Since you will stay away from the pool and the sea, you will not need to use special products against the sun.

For those who care about their personal care, it may be difficult to suspend many practices in the name of care during this period. You can have certain habits. However, you should put aside your conventional care practices in this process, and you should be content with the products provided by your doctor. The use of products such as curlers and straighteners, which are part of hair care, or heat treatments such as blow dry, are among the things you should avoid.


In the shower, you should not expose your hair to too hot a sensation and keep it away from high-pressure water. These are behaviours that may not be suitable for your hair care. You can complete your shower by washing your hair with sensitive and light movements.

The reason why hammam and sauna are not suitable in this process is that the scalp will be negatively affected by sweating. For this reason, you should not do such actions in the name of hair care. You should delay the pleasure of hammam and sauna for a while for your body.

Finally, I can recommend good hair care for people who have hair transplantation. In fact, you can see that it is not necessary to do much as a hair care application in this process. On the contrary, we can say that you even need to take a break from your care for a while. Haircare is carried out in the form of a delicate washing with certain products. However, as an application recommended for hair transplant care after surgery, hair mesotherapy may also be suitable. Long Hair Transplant


The application, which is also recommended by many doctors, can be preferred before. After hair transplantation to strengthen the hair follicles. You can also have hair mesotherapy to support the healing and strengthening process of your new hair. You can plan this by meeting with your doctor and have the application done a certain time after the operation. This process will undoubtedly be one of the best choices you can make for hair care.

Nowadays, hair is an accessory, an indispensable element, and a complement to our appearance. Our hair reflects both our style, our personality, and at the same time, our hair is an element that reinforces our existence in social life. That’s why we feel anxious when we begin to experience hair loss. Fortunately, there is nothing to be afraid of. As a solution to hair loss, hair transplantation can be performed and it is possible to get natural hair. With the hair transplant operation, which is considered as an easy application. New hair follicles can be placed in the area where hair loss or thinning is experienced.