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Hair Transplant Clinic Hair transplantation is extremely popular nowadays. Everyone wants to have shiny and beautiful hair. But not everybody is able to. If you are suffering from hair loss, you will seek solutions. So, transplanting hair became a popular solution for that. It is an easy procedure that has guaranteed results. However, you might still have some questions about it. For instance, finding a good hair transplant clinic might be a challenge. There are many things that change that after all. You might also be wondering about hair transplants in general. What is a hair transplant? How to prepare for it? What can you expect? In this post, we will shed a light on all of those questions. Read till the end to learn more. 

What is a hair transplant? 

Hair transplantation is a beauty-related procedure that implants hair follicles on any part of your body. You can cover up any bald spot that you have. The most common usage of it is for your scalp. However, you can still get it from other places. Eyebrows, facial hair, or back are also popular choices. 

You do not have to worry about your hair looking unnatural after it. Since we take hair follicles from your body, it creates a natural look. And your new hair settles in nicely. So, even if your hair is curly or wavy, you can still get hair transplants


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How can you prepare for a hair transplant?

 Preparing for any surgery can be stressful. However, as long as you follow your instructions, there is nothing to worry about. Hair transplant procedures can last a different amount of time according to the method that you choose. For instance, FUE will last longer than FUT. But, even then, it is a quick procedure. So, there is nothing to worry about. 

If you smoke or use any medication, you would need to stop those a few days before your surgery. Especially blood-thinning medications can cause complications during the procedure. Drinking alcohol might also not be the best idea. Your doctor will give you personalized information before your surgery. If you stick to it, you will have a good time.

What can you expect after getting hair transplants?

Before thinking about the preparations for the procedure, you might be wondering the results. After all, you should know what to expect. With hair transplants, you will not really see any big results right after the surgery. It will take at least a few months before you see any new hair. And only after around a year you will have actual hair growing. That wait can be frustrating, but, it will be worth it. Your new hair will look natural and beautiful after all!

Right after your surgery, the first few days can be difficult. However, after that, it will get easier. During the first days, you will have a lot of restrictions. No showers, no physical activities, no direct sunlight, no hats, and much more. Depending on which method of hair transplantation you chose, your recovery time will change. With FUE, you will be able to return to normal life in just two days! With FUT, on the other hand, that can be much longer. 

What to consider before getting a hair transplant?

  There are a few things that you should keep in mind before getting your hair transplants. First of all, you should consider which method to go with. As you know, there are a few different hair transplantation methods available. All have their ups and downs. So, the decision should be based on your needs and comfort.

For instance, FUT is cheaper and takes less time. However, after it, you will have a long time recovering. And you will also have a visible scar left on your scalp. Because of this, it is a method that some consider outdated. 

DHI is a method that has a lot of benefits. No scarring, quick recovery, and much more. However, it is a very expensive method that is fairly new. There is a certain hype around it because of how new it is. 

And FUE is another method that many people in this country prefer. It has all the good sides that DHI offers but it costs less and has a higher number of grafts. It is ideal for covering small places on your body. 

  Another thing to consider before getting a hair transplant is to find a good clinic. Let’s dive into that topic!

How to find a good hair transplant clinic?

Finding a good clinic is essential to have a good experience while getting your hair transplants. There are many reasons why. The most important one is, clearly, your safety. Going to a well-known place that has good results can make you feel reassured. You can read reviews of different clinics to hear the experiences of previous clients. 

Another reason is to find a budget-friendly place. As you know, hair transplants can cost a lot of money. However, if you find a good clinic, you can get surgery at a reasonable price. Certain countries, like Turkey, offers good results for a cheaper price than some other countries. By contacting a clinic, you can learn more about prices. 

When choosing a clinic, you should also consider how their workers treat their customers. Are the workers friendly? Will they guide and help you? For instance, if you come from another country, will they pick you up from the airport? And will they help you with your accommodation? All of those can really change your experience. If a place has good service, you will feel safe and happy. So read reviews of any clinic that you consider visiting.

All of these are things that can really change your experience while getting hair transplants. Lucky for you, our clinic offers everything listed above. We have amazing workers who will happily help you with everything. We also have guaranteed results and we care for your safety. If you are interested, please contact us. We can answer everything about clinics and hair transplants

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