Hair Transplant Cost Around The World

Hair Transplant Cost Around The World

What is Hair Transplant Cost Around The World? There are many factors affecting the prices of hair root transfer operations (hair transplant surgeries). Rapidly increasing supply and demand is one of them. With the development of technology at the same rate and the training of surgeons in this direction, many clinics are opened in this field. Hair transplantation and treatment methods are widely used around the world. The hair follicles preferred in hair transplantation are taken one by one under local anesthesia with special tipped micro motors. Then, we take into account the natural hair exit angle and direction and place it on balding areas.

As a natural consequence of Follicular Unit Extraction, that is, FUE, which has become a very wide center of attention, it has increased the competitive environment and there has been a considerable decrease in prices. However, the point to be considered at this point is that the doctor who will perform hair follicle transfer comes from the plastic surgery origin and ensures that you get a successful operation result with an experienced team. Turkey is the best option for patients who want to undergo hair transplantation. Turkey plantation behind the price according to the most demanding and offer the most appropriate figures among the countries India, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Sweden, Dominican Republic, Greece and Thailand are located.

Countries that offer cheap hair transplant surgeries in the World

Let’s examine the suitability of hair transplant cost worldwide in percentages.


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India – 79%
Dominican Republics – 69%
Turkey – 80%
Mexico – 79%
Sweden – 74%
Costa Rica – 62%
Greece – 77%
Thailand – 80%
Slovenia – 76%
Philippines – 78%

Why Is Hair Loss More Intense In Men?

Hair transplantation is a permanent method. The conversion of testosterone, which is the male hormone, to DHT, occurs with 5 alpha reductase enzymes. The DHT hormone, dihydrotestosterone, is largely formed from the conversion of testosterone in the surrounding tissues by the 5- Alfareductase enzyme. In order for testosterone to be effective in many tissues and organs, two enzymes, type-1 5-Alpha Reductase and type-2 5-Alpha Reductase, need to be converted into DHT hormone. DHT, whose tasks in male metabolism last a lifetime, can lead to health problems such as androgenetic alopecia, which can start from the post-puberty period in people who are genetically susceptible to these hormones, and which occurs with the retraction of the hairline and the thinning and opening of the crown area.

DHT damages the cells in the hair follicle. It causes hair loss by causing quality loss.

Who can have a hair transplant? Who can have a hair transplant?

If you do not have serious chronic diseases in the donor area where we will receive hair, adults with sufficient hair and no skin for transplantation can perform hair transplantation.

Hair transplant surgery can generally be performed on anyone with male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia). There is no certain age and gender restriction on this subject.

What’s a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is to take hair follicles with non-shedding genetics from the back of the head, between the two ears and transfer them to the areas we want to be hairy in the front. The Cost Of Hair Transplant In Turkey

The number of procedures supported by local anesthesia is increasing day by day. For example, transplanting the roots taken from the human body to the head area. The procedure is defined as hair transplant treatment. Rest for a while after these surgeries. After 3 to 5 hours, you can continue your daily life where you left off. We would like to state that you will have a natural look.

Hair loss problem is more common in men. Studies show that the risk of hair loss decreases after the age of 40. In addition to genetic factors, stress and external factors are also the most important causes of hair loss. We identify related causes and problems. Then, we start the process in a short time with the correct application treatment.

Why Do We Need Hair Transplant?

One of the most striking points at first glance is our hair. Our hair’s quality, color and length are different. We all try to make our hair look beautiful with different shapes and combs. We try to do our best.

The color, shape or length of our hair is our stance in life. It gives clues about our style and tastes. At the same time, its absence makes us look older than we are.

The person who experiences hair loss feels socially and culturally incomplete and has a loss of self-confidence. This negative perception also affects individuals negatively in all areas of life. This is exactly why our hair is important to us. Does Hair Grow After Transplant?

Many elements such as daily foods we consume, hair spray and hair gel we use on our hair can cause us to lose our hair. In this case, the best method to help us regain our hair is hair transplant.

We Are In A Brand Position In Hair Transplantation

The main reason for our leading brand position plantations in Turkey, the process of our maintaining high satisfaction rate. It is a fact that we offer more advantageous hair transplant costs compared to other countries in the world. Especially the United States, Canada, Europe and the Arab countries of the many men coming to Turkey to make the hair plantation.

In addition to using special transplantation techniques that are accepted all over the world, we carefully and carefully plan every stage of hair transplantation, from the front line design called front line design to the issues to be done. It is also important for us to be careful while taking roots from the donor area and to manage the medical process correctly before and after the transplantation process.

The most important rule of keeping the scale of satisfaction high in this job is that we tell the patient in a correct and realistic way the image that the patient dreams and the final image that she(he) will achieve in practice. We hope we have explained “Hair Transplant Cost Around The World” enough. If you need more information and pricing about hair transplantation, you can contact us. We would like to host you in our clinic residing in Istanbul.

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