Hair Transplant Cost Europe

Hair Transplant Cost Europe

Hair Transplant Cost Europe Health tourism is becoming a rapidly growing sector, increasing by 5-10% each year. In 2015 360 thousand, in 2016 377 thousand, in 2017 395 thousand, in 2018 410 thousand tourists came to Turkey for health tourism. In 2018, it generated $ 1 billion in revenue thanks to health tourism. There are also citizens from our country who go to Europe for hair transplantation. Therefore, we have prepared for you information about hair transplantation and costs in Europe.

There are very successful hair transplant centers as well as centers that describe them as under the stairs and show bad results.

As Tecnifue team signed very successful businesses in Turkey because we have branches in Europe, we are trying to give the best service abroad. Therefore, we have followed the hair transplant costs in Europe closely for you and shared them in this article.


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Hair transplant in Europe

If you are thinking of doing hair transplant, the process must decide whether you want to make whether abroad in Turkey. Language barriers can prevent many people from having their own hair transplantation abroad. However, an argument in favor of a hair transplant abroad is the cost. For example, for a hair transplant in Germany, you have to factor in a cost between 4,500 and 12,000 Euros. This price is expensive compared to Turkey.

How are the prices determined in hair transplantation?

Hair transplant centers determine the price of hair transplantation according to the number of grafts. It also determines the transplantation price of the hair according to the hair transplant sessions. Another determinant of the hair transplant price is the transplantation technique.

The calculation process performed worldwide is per graft. Hair transplant fee is expressed in EURO.

1 graft hair follicle = 1-2 euro. In Turkey, our hair landings at these prices is taken into account in current dollar and the euro currency when it is impossible. Affordable prices are offered in TL. Cheap hair transplant in Turkey, consists of preferred domestic and foreign prices for everyone plantation quality. Hair Transplant Abroad Reviews

Hair Transplant Cost

If you decide to have a hair transplant with FUE, we recommend that you make an appointment to set a fixed price. There are many factors that will affect the price of the operation.

Hair Transplant Costs in Europe

In recent years, hair transplantation is an increasingly demanding operation. Men and women use this technique to combat baldness. Generally, one of the first things that patients look at when they want to have a hair transplant is the cost of the operation. We cannot keep the prices fixed and it depends on the cost we will do on the hair transplant techniques you choose. It depends on various factors such as the country and the clinics you choose. It is normal for us to offer different prices.

Hair Transplant costs in European countries are sometimes affordable and sometimes very expensive. The most suitable hair transplantation hair transplantation by comparing the costs in Europe able to see it done in Turkey. Moreover, no matter how affordable these prices are, we never compromise on quality. Regardless of which country you have a transplant, research your doctor.

Why Hair Transplant in Turkey?

In recent years come to Turkey to make the plantation, very trends. From Europe to Turkey or to make a plantation cultivation eyebrows, mustache ekimiv to come to Istanbul for applications such as planting beard too. So, why this was so popular in Turkey to make a hair transplant? While answering this question with an evaluation on the axis of health tourism, I would like to answer a few questions about hair transplantation.

Why Hair Transplant in Turkey and in Istanbul?

Since the early 2000s, the field of health tourism in the question where you should go for hair transplantation in different projects we usually hear the answer to Turkey. We know the reason for this has to do with the affordable pricing policy. However, health tourism and scientific research carried out in the field looking at the article I’ve noticed that the only factor suitability of plantation prices in Turkey. The information we obtained enabled us to reach an explanation as follows:

Turkey is a full-node geographically and politically. Of course, it is noteworthy that Europe and Asia are also some Asian and many European countries. Our country, the Middle East, Asia and our current approach to using technology is clear. Anatolia, returning to Europe in matters such as our city culture and transportation.

Why Hair Transplant in Turkey and in Istanbul?

Recognition by Turkey of the world health tourism, we have to understand if we look at the data in an interesting direction. Yes, we are a highly preferred country for sea holidays. The country has become a very popular destination especially for aesthetic-health applications for the last decade. In addition, it is an advantage that the transportation is easy, comfortable and uninterrupted for 24 hours. It is difficult to say that the number of specialist physicians is high. Furthermore, it is not possible to say that their expertise is world class. It is nice that health technologies are reaching this country at the same time as Europe and the USA.

Despite all this, it seems that the prices are also more attractive, which led to this result. Of course, for nearly 10 years quite important health tourism in Turkey work was done. All these efforts were guiding. Made of beautiful successful transactions as a result of Turkey today, aesthetics – it was one of the most preferred countries in the world for healthcare applications. So, for example, “What do I have to plantation in the country as” a very popular option of asking the question turns against Turkey. So if we look at the reality, prices are a big factor and there are small factors around it.

Second Session Hair Transplant Prices

Hair transplantation has been performed, but sparseness can be seen after the first hair transplant. Choosing the second transplant session depends on the person. The graft is not transplanted in the second session as much as in the first hair transplant. This makes the prices more affordable. An average of 2000 grafts are transplanted in the second session. If you are thinking of having a 2nd session, write to us. We inform you about the price. Hair Transplant Prices In Europe