Hair Transplant Cost Turkey Reddit

Hair transplant Cost Turkey Reddit

Hair transplant Cost Turkey Reddit Medical tourism in Turkey continues to grow rapidly as more men and women experience baldness or thinning hair in the country to restore their youthful appearance and boost confidence.

Clinics in Turkey

Clinics in Turkey have teams of experienced and highly qualified surgeons, along with a specialized medical staff that provides top care before, during, and after hair transplant surgery.

Another reason for hair restoration in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, is the low cost of hair transplantation in Istanbul. The cost is lower than anywhere else in the world, however, you can get the best hair transplant.


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When can you expect the results of a hair transplant?

After the hair transplant operation, you should expect some hair loss, ie shock loss. This is a typical way of growing your hair naturally.

It occurs about 3-4 weeks after surgery when your natural hair begins to push your transplanted hair, causing it to fall out. In the coming months, your hair will become thinner, which is also expected.

About eight months after surgery, you will begin to see more natural results. However, the final results will be visible in about 12 months after the procedure. It takes time, patience, and a lot of attention, but what matters is that the results are permanent.

Speaking of post-treatment, your surgeon will offer you special hair products and give you all the necessary tips for your hair care. It is important to follow the tips strictly, such as washing your hair properly, limiting sun exposure, and avoiding strenuous activities. This will help you to have the whole head before you know it.

Your surgeon will also schedule regular monitoring to make sure everything is working smoothly and you will get the best results you deserve.

You need a hair transplant

Hair transplantation is an option for adult men and women who have significant hair loss that cannot be treated with other non-invasive methods. It can improve the appearance and regain self-confidence.


Our dedication to an excellent hair transplant quality and attention to the smallest details in customer service makes us one of the most preferred providers of hair transplants in Turkey

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Hair transplant candidates may have:

  • Male pattern baldness (androgenetic)
  • Hair thinning in women due to hormonal imbalance or other changes
  • Hair loss due to burn or injury to the scalp

Development of a patch of bald areas on the scalp. It can be caused by a disorder called alopecia areata, an abnormality in the immune system. This condition can be irreversible, but for some people, it is also possible to have hair growth again.

A generalized hair loss can also be caused by a factor that causes damage to the hair follicles throughout the body. This may be due to certain types of medications, stress, thyroid disease, hormonal disorders, malnutrition, or some major surgeries / medical procedures.

Men and women of all races and backgrounds may be good candidates for hair replacement, but they may need two things:

Plenty of healthy scalp hair that can be used for transplantation in the bald area or in the area that needs hair

Ability to grow hair in the area of ​​the scalp where they thin the hair

It is important that the root cause of the hair be investigated first by a doctor. This will help the specialist to plan and suggest the treatment accordingly to eliminate the underlying condition and wait for the hair to reappear.

If hair loss is considered a reversible condition, medications, supplements, and acupuncture may be recommended as they can support and accelerate hair growth. In addition, your doctor may suggest a healthy diet, better lifestyle options to reduce stress, along with proper hair care, use of appropriate hair care products, and avoid hair dyes and heat treatments that can contribute to hair loss.

Some treatments such as hair mesotherapy are known to provide promising results in selected patients. Another method called platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is also a popular treatment that helps regenerate hair in bald areas. In this procedure, blood is taken from the patient and subjected to a special procedure.

After that, the resulting solution is injected specifically into the bald area. The goal of PRP is to rejuvenate the hair in the bald spot by nourishing the hair follicles. It can be used alone as a hair restoration procedure or in combination with hair mesotherapy.

Hair transplantation is not considered a good choice for people:

  • With a widespread pattern of hair loss throughout the scalp (women)
  • Who does not have enough donor hair locations – area from which hair follicles can be removed for transplantation?
  • Who Has Keloid Scars – Thick, Fibrous Scars That May Appear After Injury or Surgery
  • With hair loss due to medication or treatment such as chemotherapy

What Happens During a Hair Transplant?

During the transplant of the patient’s hair, the existing hair is redistributed. The surgeon removes hair root units that are genetically programmed for lifelong growth from the back of the head. These root units are then implanted in bald areas such as the high forehead. Hair root groups grow in the new location. The treatment can usually be completed in just one day and lasts for a lifetime. Good Hair Transplant In Turkey

How Long Does a Hair Transplant Take?

Hair transplantation requires considerable time and effort. The hair removal technique significantly affects the duration of the operation. The modern FUE technique with individual hair removal lasts much longer than the FUT technique with hair removal. If the hair root groups are removed separately during the FUE technique, the whole treatment can take up to two days in more extensive cases, but it offers a much better result.

When is the right time for a hair transplant?

Hair loss becomes visible only when about 50% of the hair has fallen out. Natural hair density has up to 100 units of hair root per cm². However, a natural look can be achieved from just 25 units per cm, which can be achieved with a successful hair transplant procedure.

Is it possible to dye and dry your hair after a hair transplant?

Yes. Since the transplant is just a redistribution of your hair, its structure and growth will be the same as the original hair. You should let your hair rest for two to three months after the hair transplant. After that, you can design your hair as you wish.

Hair Transplant Cost Turkey & Conclusion

Our clinic is one of the most reliable clinics in the country, where you can get superior hair transplant packages in Istanbul at competitive prices. Modern techniques, professional and friendly medical staff, excellent patient care, and top quality make this clinic an obvious choice.

Contact our clinic today to plan your free tips and restore your youthful appearance! Hair transplant Cost Turkey Reddit