Hair Transplant Day 2

Hair Transplant Day 2

After Hair Transplantation Operation

After hair transplant day  2 in donor bandage to prevent swelling of your face and hairband will be on your forehead. We will remove the bandage the day after the operation, and you can remove the swelling tape three days later.

You will see small crusts in the recipient area and small red holes in the donor area, which will heal completely within 15 days. You may feel some swelling, itching, and mild pain for a few days after the hair transplant operation.  These applications can be reduced with ice, softening lotions, or some symptomatic remedies prescribed by the doctor.

Swelling After Hair Transplantation

A few days after the operation, the swelling in the face and eyes (if present in the first place) should decrease. If you experience any swelling at this point, put some ice on the swollen area. There is no need for a particular drug. The swelling almost always disappears after 5 days.


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Itching is a sign of improvement and it is perfectly normal to start a few days after surgery. Do not scratch or scrape the cultivated area. Itching may continue for a few days.

Burning sensation

Four days after surgery, especially donor burning sensation may occur in the region. In this case, you take only three or four times a day to your moisturizing lotion of the donor and the absorption is recommended that you wait.

1st Day After Hair Transplantation

We will provide postoperative cleaning and PRP or Laser treatment in our clinic. After cleaning, your bandage will be removed.

2nd Day After Hair Transplantation

You should start the hair washing procedure after the surgery; You will probably have your first hair wash at our clinic the day after your procedure. At this follow-up meeting, we will give you a special shampoo and lotion and explain how to wash your hair for the next 15 days. Washing will help remove scabs and speed up the healing process.


The healing process and the aftermath of hair transplantation operations are very important for the success of the transplant operation. After the hair transplant operation, you should strictly follow your doctor’s advice and instructions.

Issues to be considered after hair transplantation:

The shortening of the healing process,

The growth of hair in the way and direction it was transplanted,

No acute bleeding or complication and retention of transplanted hair follicles

It is very important in terms of.

Following the recommendations after the hair transplant operation will shorten the healing process.


Hair transplantation patients hair transplant days  2  can go home immediately. The patient, who can return to his normal life in a short time, should pay attention to some important points on the first day before this process.

Given the proper use of medications, it is very important. And you will give antibiotics by doctors of various drugs which must be taken punctually and regularly.


Long-term use not recommend after the car he used drugs and painkillers for the first 12 hours of operation.


Sweating after hair transplantation can damage newly transplanted hair. After an important operation, the hair follicles in tired bodies may not hold properly and may break.

That’s why

Heavy work,

Any type of sport and

Sexual intercourse

Especially the first 3 days  prohibit.

Fue Donor After 2 Weeks

Avoid Stress

After a thoroughly sensitized hair roots graft transplant, it may affect by your stress and your worries or psychology. During this time you should stay away from stress.

Avoid Alcohol Use in the First Week

For the prevention of various complications after plantation is done antibiotics. Therefore directly antibiotics can cause serious consequences for the body alcohol miscible with blood. Do not use alcohol for the first 1 week to avoid negative consequences.


If your hair transplant finish by FUE method, you can sleep in any position you want (face down, back or side). Since no cuts or stitches are made while hair follicles are collected from the donor area in the FUE method, there is no harm in lying on your back and there is no pain in your neck area.

While sleeping at night, it will be enough to be careful not to make abnormal movements that will damage the hair transplantation area.


If possible, not going out and resting for the first three days after hair transplantation will help small wounds to close quickly.


It is very important that you do not get any impact on the transplantation area after hair transplantation. Pay close attention to this matter. Any pressure applied to the hair follicles trying to get used to their new transplanted place can damage that area and prevent the roots from growing. If it is going to go out, the transplanted area should be protected with a not too tight hat.

You shouldn’t wash your hair for the first 3 days

After 72 hours you can wash your hair. You can wash your hair with hair transplantation, including the region at the end of Day 3. The first 15 days require hot water and pressure use during the bath. Do not massage movements by applying pressure with your fingers while washing your hair. You can use care products recommended by your doctor. In the first month, DO NOT dry your head with a towel. You can with the remote light and warm air-drying process.

After plantation, do not use hair spray and gel during the time recommended by your doctor.


Bring damage to the head area hair transplant day  2  should stay away from all the activities possible. After 15 days, you may be  prefer to do sports trauma. You should stay away from games played with the ball, sunshine, pool and sea activities for at least 2 months.

If itching occurs during wound healing, the hair transplantation area should not be the itchy.

3 Weeks After Fue Hair Transplant