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Hair Transplant First 10 Days

Hair Transplant First 10 Days

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant First 10 Days The scope of the proposed treatment methods for hair loss may vary according to the different needs of people. Hair transplant first 10 days loss solution presented as a method of treatment as plantation, neck or body openings anywhere in the hair follicles and in the form of seed into the region of the rarity. Make by specialist physicians in the operating room under sterile conditions, this process is usually based on individual hair follicles in the region and a more powerful seeding crown to where it need, after local anesthesia and openings in the get treate.

This may take about 4-6 hours depending on the size of the area to be cultivated and is not painful. Adapt to the scalp and hair of newly sown accuracy of the technique applied to the healthy growth is extremely important. The rest of the people at home and not go out a few days after surgery recommend .A few weeks after the hair transplant hair follicles to balding, but it will remain in place. This new hair from the roots of hair after hair loss in a healthy way that settled the skin will come.

After Hair Transplant Process

1st Day in Hair Transplant

The 1st day of hair transplantation is as important as the healing processes. Your lines determine for hair transplantation.


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The parts where the donor will be taken and the parts to be transplanted are determined, the needles and caps are completed and the procedure is started face down with anaesthesia. It may take 1 hour. On the first day, you may have mild pain and redness and bleeding. After your hair transplantation procedures (we can say that the nape area is healing), you can finish the process by wearing a bandage to apply pressure to the donor area to facilitate this process. The reason for this is in the form of a leak

It is done to prevent bleeding. The most important thing in hair transplantation day 1 and all processes is sleep position. The grafts are fresher and will have a bloody appearance in the first week. On the 1st day, the operations are completed by opening the channels, scraping the hair, and dressing. After that, what you need to do will start. Let’s talk about them if you wish. When you go to your home, resting will both relieve your pain and rest your hair if you feel pain.

If you smoke and drink alcohol, you should not use it that day. You should drink the medicines you need to use on time and drink plenty of fluids at home. It is useful to use 2 pillows while lying down. Although rare, there may be bleeding in the form of leakage on the first day, do not be afraid. By wearing the neck collar provided by lying on your back, you can get a comfortable fit without touching the donor area. You can pass the first day in a resting position. 6 Days After Hair Transplant

Observations on the 3rd Day in Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation continue on the 3rd day. You just need to protect your head from impacts, water, and dust. How to use lotions and shampoos on the 3rd day of hair transplantation is explained. The bandage is removed. Then your head for hair transplantation

Is controlled. Your hair dress for 10 minutes and lotion apply for 30 minutes. After the applications complete, the hair transplantation from the donor area continues for a period of 60 minutes in the prone position. The first washing process of the hair perform and information give about hair washing. On the 3rd day, you should definitely protect your head from the sun’s rays. Your sleeping position should be as sensitive today as on the first day. As for the transplantation process, the scabs form in the hair are first wash and clean, and the transplantation applications start by checking the channels and placing the grafts in their places.

5th Day Growth Process in Hair Transplantation

Continue to wash your hair routinely as you do in the first days. Even on summer days can wash 3-4 times a day. There are benefits without damaging your washing and soft touches. To protect yourself from dust and sun rays when going out of your home

You can wear the hat provided to you. This allows you to visually camouflage, and appearance does not bother you. Do not put the hat on your head all the way and you may damage the leather. 5-7 after the operation. Day add hair becomes stronger and will dislodge by touch. Avoid being damaged area is sown and nails. During this period, you may feel itching. This is normal, don’t panic. This is a sign of improvement. Be patient and wait.

What Happens on the 10th Day in Hair Transplantation?

Various crusts will occur on your hair within 10 days. This crusting should clean at the end of ten days. In this case, what you need to do is given by your specialist.

Apply lotion with 10- to a 20-minute massage. Then you need to clean gently with your fingertips. After the treatment, making clear the print buffer without performing the washing process to form a light apartment.  After 10 days, you’ll see that slow hair regrowth process and heal the scars. Even after your hair, your hair donor area healed cut take shape. Does Transplanted Hair Last Forever

First Week After Hair Transplantation

In the first week, there will be shampoo, antibiotics, and pain relievers that your doctor will recommend. So, the first use of these is very important, and at the same time, you should definitely stay away from alcohol and cigarettes with these drugs as they directly enter the blood.

Smoking delays the healing of the scalp and causes the skin to turn purple. It is normal to have some tension, numbness and mild pain in your head the first night. As we have said, if the lying position is on your back and your head is high and you drink plenty of fluids, there is a high probability that oedema and swelling will not occur. No action should apply to the area where the planting make on the first day. After 2 days, your first washing will finish by your specialist doctor or nurse in the hospital.

Finally, this process is important. So, you will continue to wash your hair morning and evening with the antibacterial shampoo recommend by your doctor hair transplant first 10 days.