Hair Transplant For Long Hair In Turkey

Hair Transplant For Long Hair In Turkey

Hair Transplant For Long Hair In Turkey Turkey is known as the first country that comes to mind when called long plantation. All recognized in the world with long hair transplantation hair transplantation in Turkey, dozens of patients in the world are attracted to our country.

Long Hair transplantation is a leech operation since the early 1990s in Turkey. The first experimental applications if based on long before the world as a professional with the whole world in Turkey in the same period, the 1990s began to apply the air.

Long Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation, a method that has gained momentum after 2010 and is more and more preferred, was bringing many troubles with it. The most important of these was the obligatory hair removal situation of people who wanted to have a hair transplant before long hair transplantation. The fact that people who have already struggled with baldness for a long time entered society with completely scraped hair sometimes became a nightmare for these people. For this reason, many people have given up hair transplantation. With the more effective use of the FUE Technique, we can say that it has changed with the application of long hair transplantation method in 2015. Nowadays, long hair transplantation can be performed without shaving the hair using the FUE technique.


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Long Hair Transplant with Fue Technique

Long hair transplantation with FUE has the same function as the methods used in normal hair transplantation. The only difference of the long hair transplant method is that there is no condition of cutting or scraping the hair before the hair transplantation. The long hair transplantation method, which is used especially in people with thinning hair, provides many advantages as a chance opportunity.

In order to apply this method, which is called Long Hair Transplantation with Fue Technique in our country, which is internationally known as Long Hair Fue Tech, you should choose your physician very well. Since it is different from normal hair transplantation procedures and is detailed, it should be more reliable, experienced and knowledgeable. Because this method is very difficult to apply, it constitutes a whole process in which better choices should be made in a more limited area.

How is Long Hair Transplantation Performed?

The place called the horn area among the people is the region that forms the right and left corners of the forehead. Hair loss and baldness symptoms are common here. These areas, generally referred to as the upper part of a man’s hair, are the first areas of baldness. Therefore, long hair transplantation method is used especially for people who have sparseness in this region.

In the thinning area, the area to be transplanted is drawn with a special pen. An average of 40 – 45 graft roots can reach the size of the thumb of a finger. After drawing, an average of 500 to 1000 grafts are taken from the hair follicles coded with the code that will not be shed for life. Good Hair Transplant In Turkey

After transplanting in the specified areas, the person can return to his normal life when his work is finished. Any scar situation that no one will understand that you have had hair transplantation is not known and will not be a lie. The long hair transplant method is more difficult and longer than other transplantation methods. Therefore, it is slightly higher than other methods.

What are the Advantages of Long Hair Transplantation?

Your hair does not need to be cut short. After transplantation, there is no non-aesthetic head image full of red scratches. It can be instantly adapted to your social network. The advantages are as such. Of course, listing the reasons with this item would be unfair to other factors of life. As a result, many people are people who are in business life and have social lives. People who have never had their hair cut with the number zero before may find it difficult to dare to cut their hair short. In this case it is one of them. Those who do an unusually different process of their hair can sometimes see a reaction from their environment. Such concerns have now been completely eliminated thanks to long hair transplantation.

Are There Any Disadvantages of Long Hair Transplantation?

Although it is not a disadvantage, people who will have hair transplantation should be aware of some facts. Long transplanted hair falls out at the end of the 4th week as in normal hair transplantation. For this reason, there will be no visual difference between people who have normal hair transplantation and long hair at the end of the 4th week. Apart from this, technically it requires more effort and care than a normal hair transplant. Best Hair Transplant In Turkey

This extends the hair transplantation process and limits the number of grafts that can be transplanted in 1 session.

Who Prefer Long Hair Transplantation?

It is preferred by those who do not want it to be evident that the hair transplantation has been done. These; They are artists, actors, singers, celebrities and top executives. In fact, anyone can demand the implementation of long hair transplantation.

Follow the road to those who want Turkey to Make a Hair Transplant

If you want to make hair transplant in Turkey Try to plan what you should do about it. First of all, you will enter into a research process. For this, you are generally expected to communicate through online channels. In this context, you can make a search on the internet. It is then contacted. Generally, a preliminary assessment is required about hair transplantation.

Long Hair Transplant Prices

Long hair transplant prices vary according to the technique to be used. Both FUE and DHI methods can be used in this method. Long hair transplantation method is an application that requires a lot of attention and care. This method should be done by an expert team.For this reason, the prices of long hair transplant; The cost is 50-100% more than a normal hair transplant method. Hair Transplant Cost Turkey