Hair Transplant FUE Vs. DHI

Hair Transplant FUE Vs. DHI

Hair transplant FUE vs DHI techniques are among the methods that should meticulously research during the period they thought of doing hair transplant patients. Immediately before the operation mostly interested in the issues that people often come and search engines are aware of the FUE and DHI method.

FUE and DHI techniques are among the methods that should be carefully investigated when patients are considering hair transplantation. Not surprisingly, they are in constantly unstable patients before the surgery stage and people often wonder which one is the most accurate method for themselves.

What is the FUE Method?

FUE method of hair on the bald area is transferred to the individual. Root mind before cutting hair in the donor area is shortened to 1 mm. A local anaesthetic drug hair follicles are taken and planted area will be numbed. Micro-motor ends closer to the center of the hair shaft and is embedded in the skin following the exit of hair. Hair follicles and surrounding tissue is cut in a cylindrical shape with a microscopic him… It is gently pulled with micro forceps and the follicular unit comes apart from the loose base.


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This automated system that minimizes damage to the graft in operation shortened operative time, it increased the number of grafts per unit time. Follicular units are placed in much smaller holes in the patch are then collected in this way. Each follicular unit contains an average of 2 to 3 follicles.

What is DHI Hair Transplant?

DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) DHI Hair Transplantation is the placement of hair follicles collect  individually in the transplantation area with automatic Choi implanter pens. In the DHI Hair thickness of 0.6 mm and without opening any channel transmit directly to the scalp grafts separate after cleaning with varying between 1 mm and surgical items. This process carry out in two separate runs in normal hair transplantation techniques, DHI  call for direct plantation where at one time they implant in the Hair Transplant.

Special implants performed with pen DHI Hair Transplantation operations require an experience surgeon the attention and effort. Additionally, the cost due to DH plantation of these medical devices use in the hair is carried higher priced compared to other techniques.

Recently it evokes intense curiosity DHI hair transplantation method is not very different from the FUE technique. DHI Hair Restoration collect in individual hair follicles replace with automated implantable devices. What Is DHI Hair Transplant Technique?

What are the Advantages of DHI Hair Transplantation?

DHI hair transplant performed more frequently thanks to a fine-tipped pen used for hair transplantation structure of the implant.

Since the waiting period of the follicles minimize in DHI Hair Transplantation, graft loss also reduce.

Implants with DHI Hair Restoration and easier in terms of giving directions, in terms of planted hair follicles can be determined in a relaxed manner.

In DHI Hair Transplantation, where hair follicle-width holes drill with implanter, the operation complete with the least damage.

After Hair transplant FUE vs DHI techniques, the scalp goes into a rapid healing process.

What are the reasons for the differences between FUE Technique and DHI Method?

The operations to perform for each patient with hair problems vary from person to person. In this case, it is the most basic element that allows the two methods to separate from each other. In fact, creating these differences in hair transplantation operations provides a great advantage for the appropriate intervention for each patient. The selection of the most suitable operation can determine as a result of some examinations and examinations apply to the patient.

Another reason for the differences between the two methods is the density. With of the patient’s area to intervene. For a patient who wants to have an operation in a busy area, the FUE application use more.

The bleeding risk of patients who want to have hair transplantation also causes the separation of these two methods. As a result of the examinations, it always consider more appropriate to start the operation with the DHI technique in cases where the risk of bleeding is high.

Another feature that distinguishes the two techniques from each other is the density of hair loss in the patients and the amount of hair to transplant. In cases where the patient has excessive hair loss specialist will be monitored by a doctor, FUE method is the most appropriate method. Even if the patient wants to perform hair transplantation in a single session. Apply the DHI method to him, this offer should be rejected by a competent doctor. Hair Transplant Procedure

What are the Differences between FUE Technique and DHI Method?

The first striking difference between FUE and DHI methods is the different types of applications to patients. The amount of hair to plant to patients achieve by this method and varies with each patient. With the FUE technique, approximately 3000-45000 grafts transplant per session, while with the DHI technique. 1500-2500 grafts can transplant per session.

Since the DHI technique is newer and more technological than the FUE technique, the healing process is somewhat shorter. hair loss Therefore, patients who are researching these two techniques ask their doctors to apply this method to themselves. However, it is not suitable for every patient. Besides, the risk of bleeding that may occur after the surgical procedure is almost negligible. But these statistics vary from person to person.

Operations carried out by the FUE technique allow the treatment of patients in larger acreage. DHI technique does not consider a quick and less complicate application, but also suitable for large areas plantation. However, DHI operation is a more suitable technique than the FUE method for dense transplantation.

During the FUE method, all of the patient’s hair must shave. Only then the process can initiate. However, not only of the patient treat in the DHI method it would be enough to shave.

DHI application equipment and the latest technology as a cost because it requires a surgeon crowded group was slightly higher than the FUE method. FUE operation can apply at a more affordable cost to patients.

While the FUE technique can complete within 6-8 hours depending on the patient’s operation area. The method appears to be a slightly longer procedure.