Hair Transplant Healing

Hair transplant healing a person decides to have a hair transplant and then starts getting ready. So, the person usually tries to find the best hair transplant centre by information about hair transplantation. Since the hair transplant centre, you choose will directly affect the success of the operation. They recommend that you do thorough research and do not rush. Hair transplantation has three stages. These; preparation, operation and post-operation process. Since they will have different dynamics, Their needs will also be different. There are many factors that affect the success of treatment. Be careful all steps. A  successful operation may have been done. However, getting good results is possible by following the rules after the attention shown by the patient.

How Does This Process Go?

Hair transplantation is handled under 2 headings:



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Healing Process and Care


New hair follicles need to grow and strengthen healthy. The process, by being cautious about nutrition, choosing foods beneficial to hair will also support the increase in cell regeneration rate after transplantation and shortening the recovery time after the operation.

You become what you eat!

Therefore, every food you consume will definitely have an effect on the newly planted hair follicles.When the nutritional system is deprived, dysfunctions can occur. This situation interrupts the normal life cycle of the hair, preventing the hair follicles from regrowing, and may cause hair loss to continue after hair transplantation.

To have healthy hair follicles, you can rearrange your nutrition plan with the nutrients listed below:

B-Complex Vitamins

It has a very important role in its quality and healthy growth.Vitamins also provide nutrients to the whole body, including hair follicles.For this reason, doctors usually recommend their patients to use vitamin supplements after hair transplantation.Foods rich in B vitamins: chicken, red meat, banana, avocado, brown rice, nuts and eggs.


In cases of zinc deficiency, hair thinning and hair loss appear as a serious problem. For this reason, it is very important to receive zinc support after hair transplantation.

Zinc also; It plays a very Very important role in collagen production in the cell proliferation, growth, hormonal balance, vitamin absorption and protein synthesis. Some foods rich in zinc: lamb, chickpeas, shrimp, whole grains, spinach, eggs and fish.


Like zinc deficiency, iron deficiency can also cause hair loss. Iron strengthens the hair and improves the hair texture. Oxygen and nutrients help transport the substances to the hair follicles and scalp.

Thanks to this important function of iron, it will be even more possible for patients to get results in line with their expectations. Likewise, as iron strengthens the immune system, the recovery period after hair transplantation will accelerate. Among the foods with high iron content; spinach, beans, beef, oyster and veal liver.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E has antioxidant properties. It is very effective in healing scars as it accelerates the healing of damaged skin. After the wounds in the donor area and the transplanted area have healed, vitamin E oil can be applied to soften the tissue and increase its quality. Some foods rich in vitamin E: almonds, avocados, spinach, sunflower seeds and olive oil.

C vitamin

The antioxidant function Vitamin C has a very important role in teaching, which has a vital role in wound healing.

Vitamin A

The cells in the human body, including the hair follicles, need vitamin A for their development and growth. Vitamin A is also effective in sebum, a substance similar to that moisturize. Efficiency can cause hair loss as well as dry.

Some foods rich in vitamin A: Carrots, sweet potatoes, beef liver, cabbage, spinach and pumpkin.

The point we recommend about nutrition is your cholesterol level. Reduce your diet. Your LDL values ​​will decrease and your HDL values ​​will increase. Cholesterol level limits can be learned, and both post-operative wounds heal and healthy hair growth are ensured.

Healing Process and Care

Asepsis-antisepsis rules applied for all kinds of microsurgical procedures are also valid The risk of infection will be very low. Although the healing process after hair transplantation varies from patient to patient, approximately 1 year. There may be some pain the first night, but if you use the pain medications prescribed by your doctor, you can have a comfortable night.

First days after transplantation, you should lie on your back as much as possible and not make any contact with the transplanted.

In this process, the blood circulation in that area can be accelerated with massages to be applied to the neck area, and the healing process can be shortened.

Hair transplant healing, not every area in the donor area will recover at the same speed, so every point in the donor area may not heal in sync with each other. If there is no situation that will cause a bump or a cut, you will see that the image differences that arise due to the healing speed in the donor area after the hair transplantation, will disappear over time.

In this process, numbness and numbness in the donor area may occasionally be numbness in the donor area, loss of sensation and numbness are not experienced in some people, while it may take 1-2 months in others, but it is a the temporary condition. Hair transplantation, the donor area heals much faster, especially thanks to innovations in hair transplantation technologies, new devices and methods. After the hair transplantation, you must follow your doctor’s recommendations to ensure that the donor area heals quickly and regains its old appearance smoothly.

Recommendations To Speed Up The Recovery Process After Hair Transplantation

Recovery time and results after hair transplantation can vary from person to person. However, the certain recommendations to be consider. It may contribute to the healing process .

The instructions given by the doctor must  follow  exactly.

You should lie down in a slightly upright the position for 3 days.

You should not stand too much to prevent oedema. Conditions such as swelling and the transplant doctor should be informed immediately.

Hair should be protected for 3 weeks from sunlight, which will delay the hair transplant healing.

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