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Hair in Human

Hair Transplant Holes Humans are mammals. And Mammals has body hair on their body. Their body hair is useful as a protection from cold. But as humans, we are intelligent creatures. We can knit the wool and make some clothes for ourselves. So we don’t need these cold-protecting body hairs for a long time. After all, we don’t have body hair like animals in the present day. We shed them for a long time ago. But some of our body parts still hold their hair on them. For example, our face. Men’s face still has hair on it. That hairs named as beards and beards still protects men’s face from cold and external factors. Also, another part of the body has hairs. Our head. Our head has a lot of hair that can grow a lot. Because our head is exposed to the sun without hairs and our brain is in the skull.

Our head carries our most important organ after our heart. That is because we have hair on our heads. Also when we sweat, the sweat evaporates from our hair by cooling our head. Hereby our hairs cool our head. Also, they have some important place in our life by taking a role in our fashion. Nearly all humans use their hair for their fashion and look. Tons of money is spending on hairs every year. So they are not for only heat regulation purposes. Long hairs, medium-length hairs, and short hairs contain a lot of different styles. Nowadays, even RPG (Role Play Game) games offer a lot of hair customization options to players. So, we can definitely say our hair is important for our daily life. Not only for our health. But there is a problem also. You can see a lot of men without hair in the streets.

Hair Loss

You can see a lot of men in the streets without hair. That is a common thing because men lose their hair. Most men go through that. That can occur for a lot of reasons. But there are some reasons that more common than others. We can list you that reasons. The first reason is stress. Stress affects our body in a bad way. You can suffer from many things from hair loss to heart problems because of stress. Keep yourself away from stress. This is also the solution for stress related hair loss. When you get rid of stress, your hair is most likely grows again. Of course, if there is no other reason that makes your hair fall. Another reason is hormonal disorders. Hormones control nearly everything in our bodies. If there is any hormonal health issue you have, your hair might fall because of that hormonal disorder.


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If you are experiencing hair loss and you think there is no other reason, go see a doctor. Hormonal disorders can cause a lot of damage to your health. You see, these hair loss types are temporary or curable. But there are other inevitable reasons. If you are sure that nothing from above applies to you, you might be experiencing one of these inevitable reasons. One of them is hereditary hair loss. You might have a genetic inheritance that makes your hair fall. Most men have that. Also, you might be losing your hair because of being old. Not too old, ages above 45, usually men start to lose their hair. Losing all the hair can take a long time, or it can quickly happen. You must use hair supply products like hair oils. In this way, you can prevent hair loss for a limited time. But not forever. 

Hair transplant

Hair Transplant Holes The reasons that are inevitable, can be prevented for a limited time. But not forever. Also, you can get help to fight with them. If you have a hair transplant, you can regrow your fallen hair. Hair transplantation is a very simple operation. With a hair transplant, your own hair is taken from denser areas and planted to bald areas. There are some questions people usually ask. Yes, your own hair will be planted. And yes, they will grow naturally. No one that doesn’t know you can say you had a hair transplant. But if you have another question, we can happily help you. You can contact us via Whatsapp. We will provide you proper information. Also, we can inform you what type of hair loss you are experiencing and what type of hair transplant you will have. There are some types of hair transplants. We will mention them now.

Hair Transplant Holes There are some hair transplant types. One of them is a hair plug transplant. A round scalp is plugged out from your head and planted on the bald area. With this type of hair transplant, your hair roots will look like barbie dolls’ hair roots. Don’t worry because this method is outdated. There are three hair transplant types you might have. With Fut, a strip of your scalp is taken. And it will be cut to pieces by experts. Then, their experts will plant them to your head. Don’t worry, with this procedure you won’t have the plug look. But you will have a scar behind your head. With the Dhi, your hair is taken with a Choi pen which is a specialized tool for hair transplant. And planted to the bald area with the same tool. With Fue, your hairs will be collected and planted one by one.

Hair Tranplant Holes

With these last two methods, your head will have a lot of holes. Of course, they will be filled with hair follicles but there was a hole. And that can leave a mark for a time. Afterward, your hair will grow and close these marks. When you are enjoying your new denser and bright hairs, these marks will slowly disappear. They disappear about %95 percent. But because of your hair, the remaining marks will be invisible. Contact us if you have any questions. You can always get further information about their procedures. Hair Transplant Holes 

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