Hair Transplant Information For Patients

Hair Transplant Information For Patients

What is Hair Transplant?

Today we will talk about hair transplant information for patients. The recommended treatment methods for hair loss may vary according to your needs. Hair transplantation is a treatment method used to improve hair loss. It takes place by transplanting your hair follicles on your neck or a part of your body to the bald areas. The procedures are performed in the operating room under sterile conditions by specialist physicians. They usually take the hair follicles in stronger areas one by one and transplant them where you need them. They treat your hair follicles and openings in your forehead. This process is not painful and may take approximately 4-6 hours depending on the size of the area to be transplanted.

The correctness of the applied technique is extremely important in terms of the newly transplanted hair to adapt to the scalp and to grow healthily. After the operation, it is recommended that the person rest at home for a few days and not go out. Your hair may fall out after hair transplantation. This is expected. Your hair will fall out, but your hair follicles will not be damaged. New hair will grow from your hair follicles. Hair transplantation procedure is applied by two basic methods:

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) Method

The FUT technique, which is a very old method, takes place by placing the roots on the scalp cut in the form of a thin strip from the neck to the required area. Since the FUT technique is a surgical procedure, a scar of approximately 8-15 cm is left on the neck.


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FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Method

In the FUE method, which is a more up-to-date technique, no incision is made and therefore surgical scarring is prevented. Hair transplantation takes place by transferring the hair follicles taken one by one from the nape area to the canals in the area where they will be transplanted. Another method that has been used more recently is PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). When the solution produced from cells that help blood clot is used in the hair transplantation process, it provides strengthening of the transplanted hair follicles and new hair growth. How Long Does A Hair Transplant Take?

Who Can Have Hair Transplantation?

The most common question asked by those who want to have a hair transplant is who can have a hair transplant. Since hair loss is more common in men than women, it is usually applied to men. However, gender or age factor is not important in hair transplantation. Anyone who wants to have a hair transplant can have a hair transplant.

How Is Hair Analysis And Examination Made Before Hair Transplantation?

If you want successful hair transplantation, you should be familiar with hair transplant information for patients.

After you decide to have a hair transplant, you should have some tests for hair transplantation. Hair analysis is performed and whether the hair to be taken from the neck and upper ear area will be sufficient for the application area is examined by hair analysis.
Before hair transplantation, you should consider different situations such as the thickness of your hair as well as the structure of your hair follicles. You should have the conditions such as wavy, straight or thin hair examined with hair analysis. If the hair is wavy, you can have hair transplantation with less hair follicles. Doctors determine the method by taking these data into account with hair analysis.

Before the examination, the hair front line is also determined for hair transplantation. The patient’s face shape and hair loss are the basic criteria in determining this line.
They also take into account the presence of blood pressure, diabetes, epilepsy and heart diseases before hair transplantation.

What is the Success Rate of Hair Transplant Results?

The less your balding area is, the higher your success will be. In other words, as the area to be transplanted grows, the success rate decreases. You should have lower expectations over a wide range. You can see the most successful results if your hair transplantation area is low and your hair quality is high. Most hair transplant centers also show you the best results. So pay attention to this point. Your hair transplant result you see in every photo does not mean that yours will be the same.


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In addition, the hair does not fall back in transplantation with the Fue method and the success rate is high. At this point, this method, which has been applied for years, has given many people its old appearance. At this point, the only problem is the expectation that the person will return to his 18-year-old hair. This expectation is absolutely unrealistic. Make this process while keeping your expectations a little minimal. As a result of this hair transplant operation, most people are happy. They also underline that they have changed a lot compared to the past. In summary, the success rate is very high and the positive results are very high. How Much Is A Hair Transplant FUE?

What Should Be Done For A Successful Hair Transplantation?

For a successful hair transplant operation, the motivation of the person who will have the transplant is as important as the health personnel and technical equipment. The person who will have hair transplantation can contribute to the success of the hair transplant operation by paying attention to the issues that should be taken into consideration before, during and after hair transplantation. The person who has hair transplantation can help the hair transplantation operation to be successful by paying attention to important points such as not taking a bath for 3 years and wearing practical clothes for the operation.

What does the success of hair transplant results depend on?

There are situations that affect the success of the outcome. If you take these points into consideration, you will achieve very, very good results.

The expertise of the planting team

Person’s hair quality and thickness

The scarcity of the balding area

You should learn what to pay attention to after hair transplantation.

Waiting time of grafts taken

Drug supplements after the operation

Application of the Fue method

Thus, we discussed the issue of hair transplant information for patients.