Hair Transplant Prices In Europe

Hair Transplantation and Prices in Europe

Hair Transplant Prices In Europe Health tourism is becoming a rapidly growing sector, increasing by 5-10% each year. In 2015 360 thousand, in 2016 377 thousand, in 2017 395 thousand, in 2018 410 thousand tourists came to Turkey for health tourism. In 2018, it generated $ 1 billion in revenue thanks to health tourism. There are also citizens from our country who go to Europe for hair transplantation. Therefore, we have prepared for you information about hair transplant and prices in Europe.

There are very successful hair transplant centers as well as centers that describe them as under the stairs and show bad results.

As Tecnifue team signed very successful businesses in Turkey because we have branches in Europe, we are trying to give the best service abroad. Therefore, we have followed the hair transplant prices in Europe closely for you and shared them in this article.


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Hair Transplant Fees in Germany

In some countries of Europe, health insurance covers hair transplant prices. However, health insurances in Germany tend not to pay the costs of hair transplantation. Because hair loss does not affect the health of the patient. Health insurance companies occasionally make an exception when it comes to injury, skin diseases and severe psychological consequences. Depending on the number of hair transplanted, the processing fee is between 2000 and 8000 Euros.

Hair Transplant Fees in Spain

As we mentioned before, the prices of a hair transplant surgery are quite variable depending on the individual characteristics of each intervention. Basically, we separate 5 possibilities that allow us to group different situations:

  • Minor surgeries (transplantation of eyebrows, mustache or sideburns, minor scar alopecia…): Between 1500 € and 3000 €
  • Small sessions: approx. 4000 – 4500 €.
  • Average sessions: from 4.500 € to 5.500 €.
  • Large sessions: 5,500 € – 6,000 €.
  • Maximum surgeries or what we call “mega sessions”: starts at € 6,000.

What does the prices include?

We got clear pricing information without experiencing any last minute “surprises”. They include all expenses such as operating room, anesthesia, stitch removal after 15 days if necessary, regular follow-up checks up to 1 year after surgery. In addition, very low-cost medications, post-transplant hygiene products or, in some cases, maintenance medications prescribed to slow down the process of androgenetic alopecia are covered by the general price you pay.

Interest-free financing options are also offered to patients in need in hair transplant clinics. Hair Transplant Cost Europe

When evaluating how much a hair transplant costs, the experience of the professional team should also be taken into account. Because this is an operation that requires work. Attention and experience are required not only in hair transplantation but also in designing fine hair lines. Thus, the patient can naturally enjoy hair transplantation.

Hair Transplant Fees in Italy

The costs of hair transplantation can vary greatly depending on the area to be treated, its width and the type of result to be obtained. In addition, the cost of transplant may vary depending on the doctor performing the surgery and the clinic or facility the person addresses.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to hair transplantation, beard, eyebrow and pubic hair transplantation is also performed in many cosmetic surgery centers.

The prices below show the minimum and maximum costs for each type of intervention.

  • Hair transplant: 3.000 € 5.000 €
  • *Mega session hair transplant: 000 € 7.000 €
  • Repair of an old “hair” transplant: 2.000 € 6.000 €
  • Beard transplant: 1.000 € 5.000 €
  • Eyebrow transplant: 1.000 € 3.000 €
  • Pubic hair transplant: 1.000 € 3.000 €

* Intervention involving the transplantation of 8,000 or more hair grafts.

Naturally, these costs are indicative only and may vary based on various factors such as those listed above. However, as you can see, the cost of a hair transplant is certainly not low. However, many clinics now allow you to pay for the surgery in installments through specific financing solutions proposed by the same structures. Female Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair Transplant Fees in France

You should know that the price of a FUE hair transplant is much higher than the FUT technique. The price of FUE transplantation will usually differ according to the number of grafts you will have.

FUE Hair Transplant Price

  • 200 to 2,000 grafts – 2.000 € 8.000 €
  • 500 to 3,000 grafts – 2300 € 11500 €

FUT Hair Transplant Price

  • 300 to 1,500 grafts – 1800 € – 8000 €

The country where the demand for hair transplantation has increased strongly is not only France. It is also the case in almost all countries. You should know that the cost of hair transplantation varies from country to country. Prices applied in European countries such as France, Switzerland or Belgium are almost the same. However, Turkey, Morocco or the cost of hair transplantation in countries like Hungary should be noted that it is expensive. This can be explained by a marketing strategy.

As a matter of fact, these countries decide to apply low prices to attract the maximum number of patients for a hair transplant. However, the fact that hair transplantation is cheaper abroad does not mean it is of good quality. Be careful not to get staked. You will need to consider some factors when making your choice, such as the reputation of the surgeon, the statements of the clinic’s former patients, and the clinic’s accreditation.

Hair Transplant Fees in Netherlands

In the Netherlands, prices are valid for 1, 2 or 3 strands per graft. According to the latest FUE technique, hair transplant prices range from € 1,975 (500 hair transplants) to € 5,200 (1,750 hair transplants) for daily treatment. An amount of € 5,575 (2,000 transplants) to € 6,300 (2,500 transplants) applies for one and a half working days of FUE hair transplantation. Two-day treatment costs between € 7,300 (2,750 transplants) and € 7,875 (3,250 transfers). You also need to pay € 8 per graft for reconstruction of your eyebrows, mustache or beard, or € 4.20 per hair follicle for scar correction with FUE grafts. Basic medical expenses are € 500.

How Much Hair Transplant Cost?

Hair Transplant Costs in Europe

In recent years, hair transplantation is an increasingly demanding operation. Men and women use this technique to combat baldness. Generally, one of the first things that patients look at when they want to have a hair transplant is the cost of the operation. Prices are not fixed and the cost of hair transplant techniques you choose will vary depending on various factors such as the country and the clinics you choose.

Hair transplant prices in European countries are sometimes affordable and sometimes very expensive. The most suitable hair transplantation hair transplant by comparing the prices in Europe able to see it done in Turkey. Moreover, no matter how affordable these prices are, we never compromise on quality. Regardless of which country you have a transplant, research your doctor.