Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair Transplant Procedure

Today we would like to tell you how the hair transplant procedure works.Sometimes the problem of hair loss occurs especially in men due to diseases and external factors, sometimes due to genetic factors. Our hair follicles on the crown and forehead are sensitive to the testosterone hormone. On the contrary, hair follicles in the nape area are insensitive.

Since this hormone is more concentrated in men, hair loss is more common in men. The reason for the regional differences seen in hair loss is the different hormonal sensitivity frequencies of the hair follicles (nape and top).

Since the testosterone hormone is much less in women, hair loss in women mostly occurs as a result of external factors (such as wound, disease, stress, etc.).


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After giving this general information about hair loss, let’s try to answer the questions, which of the hair transplant methods is the best, the procedure of hair transplant, which method is decided according to what, and what.

Which of the hair transplant procedure are good?

When we examine the procedure and techniques of hair transplant retrospectively, we see that the first method to be applied is the FUT technique. We see that the FUT Technique is not used at the moment, and as a result of the developments in medicine, the most widely used FUE Technique has emerged. With the FUE Technique; DHI Method (pencil method, choi method) has been developed to meet more regional needs.

We said here that we will answer the question of which is the best method in hair transplantation, but the correct answer to this question is; “A good hair transplant method should be determined during the examination.”.

If you wish, let us explain why this problem is not a single correct one that can be found by researching on the internet by explaining the details of the techniques, their usage purposes and the differences between them.

Hair Transplant Procedure


This step is the stage where our doctors and assistants work on the hair transplant plan and prepare the operation area according to the special hair transplant plan.

Sterilization and Local Anesthesia

We will sterilize the areas where the grafts will be taken and the transplant area. Sedation is applied by our anesthesiologist with a dosage adjusted according to the physiological condition of the patient, using medical monitoring devices.

Collection of Hair Roots

This process involves collecting hair follicles one by one from the back and sides of the head. The collected grafts are divided into single or multiple grafts. It is then stored in a special solution at 4 ° C.

Creating Incisions Where Hair Roots Will Be Implanted

Incisions will be made taking into account the number of grafts to be transplanted and the person’s hairline design. Incisions are created at an angle of 40-45 degrees in the direction of natural hair growth.What Is DHI Hair Transplant Technique?

Hair Transplant

One of the most important issues in the transfer of grafts is to start from the area where the hairline is designed and the transplantation of single grafts in this area. Thus, more natural looking hair transplant results can be obtained. Grafts extracted from the back of the head and from the beard area containing multiple hair follicles are transplanted into the mid-scalp area to provide fullness and add more density.

Dressing and Information

After the operation, the donor areas – the areas where the hair follicles have been removed – will be covered with a bandage. The day after the operation, patients are instructed on what to do until they receive a medical dressing.

What is the FUE Technique?

It is the process of collecting hair follicles called grafts from the donor area and placing them in the channels opened in the area to be transplanted. Graft is the name given to hair follicles that contain some tissue pieces. 3-4 hair strands can be found in a graft. After the grafts are taken from the donor area, they should be kept in special fluids and temperature until the channels in the area to be transplanted are opened.

What is the DHI Method?

In DHI (Direct Hair Implant), in other words Direct Hair Transplantation method; The technique used for graft collection from the donor area is the same as the FUE method. Here, the difference of DHI from the FUE Method occurs during the transplantation of the grafts.

In the DHI Method, we use a sharp and pen-like tool called Choi Implanter. The feature of this device is that it performs the channel opening process for the graft to be implanted.

What are the differences between DHI and FUE Techniques?

  • Planting Area: The DHI Method is effective for more regional hair loss. Scar, hair breaker, etc. Such a skin disease, postoperative or stress-related regional shedding are areas of hair transplantation where the DHI method will be more effective. FUE Technique is used when planting in larger areas.
  • Number of Grafts: The number of grafts may differ according to the hair transplantation technique. Because in the DHI Method, we add around 1500-2500 grafts. In the FUE Technique, this figure is 4000 grafts.
  • After the Operation: In the DHI Method, the recovery time is shorter and there is less bleeding.
  • Duration: The operation takes between 6 and 8 hours in the FUE Technique. This time is longer in DHI Method.
  • Cost: We choose patient-specific equipment for both FUE Method and DHI Method applications. There is no difference in terms of equipment and team costs, as we discarded after the operation.

Hair Skin Care after Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair care starts from the hair follicles. This is not always the case, no matter how good and how shiny your hair strands are. This is not always the case, no matter how good and how shiny your hair strands are. Do not leave your hair follicles with due care. Otherwise, your hair will start to look weak and dull after a while. There are 3 things you need to do to strengthen the hair follicles; First, by keeping the scalp clean, prevent bacteria and oil formation. Second, increase blood circulation with regular massage. Lastly, avoid drying with natural oils. If you follow these 3 basic rules, your hair follicles will become stronger. At the same time, you will protect against skin diseases and dandruff. Hair Transplant FUE Vs. DHI