Hair Transplant Process

Hair Transplant Process

Before Hair Transplant Operation

Before the hair transplant process planning and anaesthesia opinion is obtained and the operation is started.


It is the most important part of the operation. Patient how many grafts will be planted, where will be planted, how many sessions will be held, in which blood tests will be asked, many critical questions such as whether there will be the need for the opinion of another doctor, prior to being aware of issues will start where the hair line, single, operations will be planting of double and multiple grafts. All responses are determined during planning.


Anesthesiologist consultation is of great importance for the risky patient group. The importance of this issue increases even more in the operation of patients who require regular treatment, such as those with a history of drug allergy, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.


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Hair Transplant Operation Process


For the patient not to feel pain, both the area where the roots will be taken and the area where the sowing will take place are numbed with local anesthesia. After the operation patients often feel pain during the operation there will be no need to use mostly pain medication.


The areas that were previously sedated for this procedure done through Fuda Motor need to be inflated via a special liquid. The surface of the stem and expander liberalization more comfortable with this liquid is provided to achieve both a greater number of stem. It is possible to take root around 1000-2000 Average per hour.


Channel is opened in the area where the roots will be opened. Pre-drawn area of a predetermined number of channels to be opened. During the planning, which should be done without shortening the hair of the patient, it is determined where and how many channels will be opened. During the operation, minor changes have been undertaken, usually follow this plan when it opened channels. Through a special apparatus before the planned number of the local anesthetic doped hole that opens to the planting of the root canal. The number of channels must be equal to the number of grafts to be implanted.


The final stage of the operation is the process of seed into the second step, the opening channel of the stem taken from the first inoculation. Since the area has been anesthetized with local anesthesia, there is no pain.The grafts are placed in sterile containers for keeping liquid containing nutrients taken earlier. Through this process regularly in order and number of both grafts made with single, double and divided into multiple roots and the number of grafts with a full and absolute number is determined. Single, dual and multiple grafts are of great importance to distinguish each type of graft because not planted acreage throughout.

After Hair Transplant Operation


All patients except those who do not stay at the hotel come from abroad are discharged from the hospital after the operation. There is no need to be hospitalized. The area where the tissue is taken is covered with a special liquid silicone. There is no need for any winding. Thus, cessation of contact with the outside is provided aesthetically.


After getting home, the hat must be removed. This situation is important in terms of both the recovery of the wounds faster by oxygenating. Eliminating the pressure feeling created by the hat. It is important not to go out and rest at home on the day of the operation and the next day. FUE Chest Hair Transplant


The patient should sleep on his back without touching the transplanted area. It would be beneficial to check the patient several times during the night by a relative of the patient once in a while on the first night and to support the neck with a special pillow. The patient should not lie on their sides and should never sleep face down. Sleeping without any problems is usually possible after 7-10 days.


It is useful to do the first wash in a hospital or clinic. Surgery should be made at the earliest 24 hours and 72 hours after washing. Primarily be an amount of emollient lotion to hair and this lotion can be soaked for 20-45 minutes. After which the hair is made to soften the dried blood is rinsed with lukewarm water and freed of the lotion. Then, a special medical shampoo is foamed in the palm or other parts of the hair and both the transplantation and the receiving area are washed.


The serum and all medications that may be needed during the operation should be given to the patient intravenously. Emotional relievers, pain relievers, antibiotics, and anti-oedema drugs should be included in the serum. In this way, the patient will not feel any pain and discomfort during the operation. The risk of infection will be avoided. Antibiotics that are prescribed by a doctor to be used in wound dressings, painkillers, and anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-oedema drugs, and antiseptics drugs should be used.


The first is a good idea not to shave the hair for 2 weeks. From the second-week razor or scissors haircut done. Hair can be shaved as desired from 60 days. So, the previously experienced hairdresser who checks of patients undergoing hair transplant or hair transplantation has made their first haircut there are benefits in making.


Hair is shed to stay inside their roots within the first 3 weeks after planting. In fact, this event would be more accurate to be called refraction. In fact, it would be better to call this event break. Waiting for the next planting the roots begin to emerge in the 90 days subsequent to that period. As each day be a part of the process proceeds natural hair and understated manner. Almost all the hair after about 8-10 months (ideal conditions outage probability is 3%) would be increased.


Firstly, hair can be a second and sometimes even third opening of all planning sessions for patients . In such a case it would be ideal to wait around 8 months. Finally, substantially closing the second session of the defects for all patients, the hair transplant process some unused space and recommend. Body Hair Transplant