Hair Transplant Reviews

Hair Transplant Reviews

Hair transplant reviews from the Middle East

Abd al-Rashid ‘Aamir / 35 / United Arab Emirates

Hair Transplant Reviews In my twenties, my hair began to fall out from the upper parts of my head, due to stress. I realized that the more I thought about my hair, the more I was stressed and depressed. While I was researching what I could do about it, I found out some hair transplant reviews and learned that the most effective and healthy hair transplant methods are done in Istanbul. I did not know much about Istanbul. I was thinking like many people that it is the capital of Turkey.

But it wasn’t like that!! Don’t worry, Istanbul is still the capital of things. For example, healthy and economical hair transplant operations! Experienced doctors in Istanbul have great skills in hair transplantation! It’s so affordable! It is an operation that I can recommend to everyone with my eyes closed. To have this experience in one of the most beautiful cities in the world … What more?

Hair transplant reviews from Europe

Ascanio Lucilio / 32 / Italy

My hair has been very thin and a few since I was born. Also, after my puberty period, they started to fall off so fast. For a while, I was afraid that I was going to be bald, and my self-confidence decreased. I heard that hair transplant technology in Istanbul is done very cheaply and with safe techniques. I said why shouldn’t I try it and set out. Result? Baldness was not my destiny! My hair started to look incredibly dense and proportional within a week. It’s like a magic wand touched my head and I got hair! Although it is a little difficult to get used to my appearance, I am extremely happy right now. I do not hesitate to talk to women I like. And I am no longer subject to those judgmental looks from them either.


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Fortune Nicéphore / 29 / France

I can’t take a lot of vacation because of my job. I especially wanted to travel abroad. And the hair operation, which I had postponed for a while, kept my head busy. One day as my annual leave approaches, “Why not both?” I said and started researching. After I read a couple of hair transplant abroad reviews, suddenly I decided to go to Istanbul, Turkey. I have read that the best, competent, and reliable doctors are there for hair transplantation operation and that they perform this operation at very affordable prices. I said, “This many people can’t be lying” and I bought my ticket the next day. It’s been about 4 months since my last session and I already feel great. My self-confidence has returned and I’m much happier now. Not to mention the friendships I made in Istanbul! It’s amazing how welcoming and smiling people are everywhere!

Peter Kaspar / 36 / Germany

Where is the hair transplant operation best done? Of course, in Istanbul, Turkey. I don’t know if you ever read the reviews about hair transplantation, but I found the best reviews on hair transplants in turkey. If you have been thinking about hair transplantation for a while, you can trust the doctors here to the fullest. Istanbul is the place where this job is done most cleanly and painlessly. Many places also provide this service at very affordable prices. Generally, two different methods are used. Since I often visit Istanbul, I chose the classical method. Nearly sixteen thousand hair strands were transplanted in 3 sessions 6 months apart and I have been enjoying my new look for a while. Or should I say my old look? Ha hah hah …

Haroldo Sebastián / 41 / Spain

I heard the glory of hair transplant operations in Istanbul from far away. For a while, I wanted to see Istanbul closely. But I could spend a maximum of 6 days there. I was saying that the hair transplant operation cannot be done in such a short time. just needed a little research. I went to the operation for 4 days in a row and six thousand hair strands were planted and I regained my old appearance … Having experienced this fascinating city with its different cultures and cosmopolitan structure, which everywhere smells of history, by regaining my hair! I couldn’t recommend it anymore.

Hair transplant reviews from Balkans

Božo Vjera / 32 / Serbia

Why did I choose Istanbul? Because the doctors here are using the 2 safest methods: FUT and FUE. If your time is limited and your hair is partially shed, you should choose the FUE technique, where you can achieve your old appearance in 4 days. If you have the opportunity to come to Istanbul every 6 months and you have a high rate of baldness, apply the FUT method. You will not even guess how soon and how affordable you can have your old hair and look. Of course, I searched for hair transplant reviews turkey before I decided to go there and entrust myself to the doctors. The result? I couldn’t be more satisfied. Just trust me and do this operation there for the best result with reasonable prices.

Hair transplant reviews from Far-East

Guntur Muhammad / 35 / Indonesia

From the age of 21, my hair skin started to be seen from the sides and all the hair fell out rapidly. My self-confidence and hope were dwindling until I learned about hair transplant technology in turkey. Last summer, I used my vacation choice in favor of Istanbul, and I had 4 sessions in total during the week I spent there. My image has changed so much that I cannot tell. I am very happy to do this and give Turkish doctors a chance If your hair falls out unabated, I suggest you visit Istanbul. Worst scenario, you will have traveled to one of the most impressive cities in the world before you die.