Hair Transplant Stages

Hair Transplant Stages

Many of those who want to have a hair transplant want to learn about hair transplant stages

A hair transplant operation

a) The Period Before Hair Transplantation Get your normal sleep one day before. It is recommended to have a light breakfast in the morning. (If hair transplantation is planned with sedation, the person must be hungry.


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b) Operation Process

c) After Hair Transplantation

Thus, we can generally divide the hair transplant operation into 3 stages. The subject of this article is the operation process, which is article b. You can read this article in which we present the period before and after the hair transplantation.

What is Hair Transplant? and What are its Stages?

Before starting the answer to the question of how to do a hair transplant, you should have information about the subject of hair transplant stages.

Arrival and Welcome to the Hair Transplant Center

Preparation for Operation


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1 Step 1

Hairline Design

Hair Transplant (Surgical Stage)

Ending and Departure from Center

Arrival and Welcome to the Hair Transplant Center

You are entering an exciting period. You will go through a process that you will encounter for the first time in your life today. If you are coming from a distance, procedures such as physical examination and graft planning before hair transplantation will be performed for you before hair transplantation. If transplantation is not performed with sedation, it is recommended to have a light breakfast before the operation. This section has an important place within the hair transplant stages topic.

How Long For Scalp To Heal From Hair Transplant FUE?

Preparation for Operation

You will undergo some paramedic procedures as preparation before Hair Transplantation.

1- Hair Transplant Consent Form: Before all medical applications, you should be given in writing in detail how the medical intervention will be performed. The details of the medical treatment you received should also be included in the consent form attachments. If you sign this consent form before the hair transplant, you accept the transaction made to you. You can request a copy of the consent form after transplanting. It is one of the agreement parts of the hair transplant stages issue.

2- Blood Pressure and Pulse Control: It is normal to be excited before the operation. The necessary checks are made here and if there is an abnormal situation, your hair transplant procedure may be delayed.

3- Dressing a Surgical Gown: During the hair transplant procedure, you will be dressed in a disposable surgical gown. When coming to the hair transplant, wear comfortable clothes that are easy to put on and take off. Do not wear a zero collar sweater etc. When wearing it again after hair transplantation, it may damage the transplantation area. A wide-necked T-shirt or a buttoned outfit may be preferred. In addition, this stage is one of the stages of hair transplant stages issue that should be considered.

3- Shaving the Hair: Before transplantation, your hair is usually shaved to be zero number. If unshaved hair transplantation is planned by your doctor before the transplantation, the shaving process is done according to that plan. This is one of the steps in hair transplant stages that determines the method.

4- Washing Hair: Your hair should be washed with antiseptic solutions before transplanting. It is better in terms of hygiene, and if the hair is oily, it will be removed in this way.

Hairline Design

Hairline design is one of the important parts of the hair transplant stages. To design a hairline suitable for the person’s facial structure, an artistic skill of the doctor is required. Because the importance of the hairline in terms of a natural hair transplant is incredibly high. An improperly designed hairline will make the person unhappy as a result.

Hair Transplant (Surgical Stage)

After completing the preparation for the operation and hairline design, we are now moving on to hair transplantation. You are at a time when your excitement is at its peak. This is the most critical point of the hair transplant stages issue. We can group the surgical stages of hair transplantation as follows.

1-) Removal of Hair Roots from the Donor Area

2-) Lunch Break: Preferably a light meal should be eaten. The meal break should not exceed 15-20 minutes.
3-) Hair Transplantation Stage
Local Anesthesia of the October Region
Opening Channels
Placement of Grafts in Ducts
We divided the hair transplant stage into three groups as transplantation site anesthesia, the opening of the canals and placing the roots. This stage is the most critical part of a hair transplant stages. This is the most curious issue for those who are researching how to do hair transplantation. FUT FUE or grafts are taken from body hair are collected and stored in containers prepared by doctors before planting.
You will then be treated with local anesthesia to avoid pain during the hair transplant. What Is The FUE Technique Hair Transplant?

Surgical parts

After local anesthesia is applied, it is time to open the channels.
In the balding area, micro channels are opened first as much as the number of grafts to be implanted. These channels open holes in the skin with special cutting tools such as slit, sapphire tip. In some places, razor tips are used instead of a slit. Also, scalpel tips used to be used in grooving. However, it is now abandoned because it creates serious scar According to the diameter of the grafts, channels between 0.7 mm and 1.2 mm can be opened. It is especially important that the duct diameters with a frequent view are minimum. The channel method on how to do hair transplantation is now out of date. While we are talking about these stages, we assume that the classical FUE method is used. Therefore, this step is not very important for hair transplant stages in current situations.

Then, 1-3 people take the hair follicles from petri dishes and place them one by one with the help of forceps into the opened channels. Single grafts should be placed in the front lines. This should be considered for natural hair transplantation and hairline.

Ending and Departure from Center

You have come to the final stage of hair transplant stages. After the transplant, your hair is washed with a sterile isotonic spray. This is to remove clot residues. Do not get up from the table suddenly. You may reflexively cause sudden low blood pressure and fall to the ground. If you feel tired, you will be given juice or buttermilk.