Hair Transplant Surgery Cost In Turkey

Hair Transplant Surgery Cost In Turkey

Hair Transplant Surgery Cost In Turkey Gene-related baldness is no longer a death sentence, meaning your thinning hair can be repaired medically. At our clinic, we have had hair transplant surgery for many years and we know for sure. No matter how old you are and what the case of alopecia is, you may still have the opportunity to restore your thick hair. If our doctors conclude that you are the perfect candidate for the procedure, you will have impressive results in a few months.

We rely on the FUE and FUT methods, as they prove to be the most effective for bald men and women. Simply put, the first is to remove individual healthy follicles from the donor’s scalp and then inoculate them into the bald area. Instead, FUT involves extracting all the pockets at once. Regardless of the technique, you choose to try, hair transplant surgery will only last 6-8 hours and will last for years.

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Both men and women can rely on our hair transplant clinic in Turkey.


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FUE and FUT are the most sought after methods because they offer natural results.

Your healthy hair will not be damaged.

When done at our clinic in Istanbul, the hair transplant has a 99% success rate.

It is a completely painless procedure.

Let’s turn hair transplantation in Turkey into a comfortable experience

Our clinic can not only help you fight hair loss, but also organize your visit to Istanbul, wherever you are. We realize how embarrassing it is to have surgery, especially in a foreign country. That’s why we will be happy to save you the problem of organizing the transfer, booking accommodation and looking for an interpreter. Just select the all-in-one package and leave these problems to us.

A patient-centered approach is what defines our clinic! If you need more information about hair transplant procedures, prices, airport transfer, or anything else, contact us. Do not hesitate to submit a form or leave your phone number for callback service.


Our dedication to an excellent hair transplant quality and attention to the smallest details in customer service makes us one of the most preferred providers of hair transplants in Turkey

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FUE hair transplant in Turkey

The FUE method is a meticulous procedure in which individual hairs are extracted and transplanted to a defined area. The hair follicles are taken from the donor area and implanted in the bald area. The FUE hair transplant leaves no visible trace.

How is the FUE hair transplant done?

In the Fue hair transplant method, the patient first undergoes a blood test to determine if he or she is suitable for surgery. If the patient is suitable, the hair is shaved with special razors before the operation. The donation area is characterized and local anesthesia is performed. The hair follicles taken from the back of the ear are then implanted in the hairless area. 2000-2500 transplants can be obtained in one session depending on the condition of the donor area. A second session can be performed as needed for more transplants. White dots appear in the application area. These dots disappear over time and leave no trace.

What are the techniques in Fue hair transplant?

There are various techniques such as needle hair transplantation, Choi technique, and slit transplantation technique.

Who should have a fake hair transplant?

Both men and women can opt for a Fue hair transplant. It can be performed on anyone suffering from hair loss due to genetic factors.

  • What Are The Benefits Of A Fue Hair Transplant?
  • It has a short healing process, as the Fue Hair technique is not a surgery.
  • There are no scars as the hair is transplanted opening small channels.
  • It provides very natural results and leaves no scars.
  • And It does not cause pain as it is performed under local anesthesia.
  • It does not damage the hair follicles.

FUT hair transplant

The FUT hair transplant technique involves removing the hair follicles in a row and not one by one. The permanent strip of hair taken from the side of the head is implanted in the auditory area under local anesthesia.

How is a FUT hair transplant done?

The Fut hair transplant method is especially preferred for areas with a small amount of hair. The scalp strips on the back of both ears are removed after anesthesia of the donor area with local anesthesia and the strips are divided into cuttings with 2-3 hair follicles each. The hairless area is sewn with tiny seams. The Fut method is preferred in the presence of an insufficient amount of hair, although it is an old application.

Who should have a hair transplant in the future?

It can be performed on anyone experiencing hair loss and baldness.

What are the benefits of a fut hair transplant?

  • Hair grows faster.
  • It is the fastest hair transplant technique.
  • And It can be combined with other hair transplant methods if more hair follicles are needed.
  • It does not damage the natural structure of the hair.
  • Natural appearance.
  • You do not need to shave the donor area before the procedure.
  • Applies to normal hair type.

Why hair transplants in Istanbul

There are many positive factors in choosing Istanbul for a hair transplant.

Reputation and experienced doctors in Turkey

Our clinic brings together the doctor who is an expert in his field and has the highest rate of reference and advice with you. In fact, the success of Turkish Hair Transplant Centers is a very valid reason for performing this operation in Turkey.

Affordable hair transplant prices in Turkey

Our clinic, with its pricing policy, performs hair transplants in Turkey at more affordable prices compared to not only Europe but also many countries around the world.

Category of hotels and hospitals

Our clinic team conducts operations in internationally accredited fully equipped hospitals. In this context, Turkey is creating a golden opportunity. The hotels we have agreed are designed for your comfort. We first consider your health with the choices of the hotel near the hospital.

Interpreter and Health Consultant

Once you arrive in Istanbul, the health assistant will handle the whole process with you. You will have both a consultant and an interpreter. As our clinic, we would like to proudly report that we do not leave you alone at any stage.