Hair Transplant Surgery With Stem Cells

Hair Transplant Surgery With Stem Cells

Hair Transplant Surgery With Stem Cells The topic we will talk about today is Hair Transplant Surgery With Stem Cells . Healthy hair has always been seen as an integral part of attractive looks. So much so that people used remarkable wigs for a while. For this reason, hair loss has become delicate health and aesthetic problem for everyone. Hair loss is one of the most common aesthetic problems today. In cases where hair loss continues, Hair Transplant Surgery With Stem Cells is applied. The perception that hair loss is an untreated condition has changed today. As soon as hair loss is noticed, everyone looks for a way to solve this problem. One of these solutions is our present topic.

Hair Transplant Surgery With Stem Cells is undoubtedly the most promising method for hair loss treatment to date. Stem cells are precursor cells that can transform into various cell types in the body. Hair follicles also contain stem cells. However, hair stem cells may also have become inactive. In such cases, stem cells derived from oil are injected into the scalp. Thus, damaged hair follicles can be repaired. Then new hair growth takes place effectively. This treatment, performed using stem cells obtained from oil. The number of stem cells in the oil is high. That’s why he was chosen.

Stem cells are separated with a special process from the oil taken for this treatment. Stem cells separated from fat are injected into the skin. Hair treatment with stem cells strengthens existing hair follicles. Additionally, it stimulates dormant hair follicles. Hair Transplant Surgery With Stem Cells enables hair to grow.


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The most obvious causes of hair loss

Hair can become weak and weak due to both genetic and external effects. Hair loss in men is usually experienced by hormones and genes. In women, after a certain age, hair separation areas expand. Subsequently, the hair strands become visibly thinner. Hair Transplant Surgery With Stem Cells is one of the effective treatment methods to prevent hair loss.

Hair loss treatment with Stem Cell Injection

Stem cells are cells that have not yet branched out. This is called Hair Transplant Surgery With Stem Cells . However, they can turn into any cell needed. They are cells that can be divided into different tissues. Stem cells are also your body’s natural regeneration cells. Also, stem cells injected into the hair look for diseased tissues. They provide the correction of these issues. All hair follicles contain stem cells.

Stem cells cells from adipose tissue are injected into balding areas of the scalp. And it can be ensured that existing hair follicles that are asleep are activated. Adipose tissue in the body is considered to be the richest source of stem cells. Stem cells themselves secrete powerful growth factors that promote hair growth. It is also thought that platelets and growth factors in PRP trigger this regeneration process.

Stem cell therapy stage

Stem cells are separated from belly fat by a special procedure. Adipose tissue is suitable for Hair Transplant Surgery With Stem Cells. Stem cell application to hair is combined with PRP treatment for hair follicle growth. In addition, it makes the results of hair transplant surgery successful. Is injecting oil into hair a known treatment?

Yes, it is widely used to inject oil into the hair. Oil is injected into the hair to stop hair loss. This method can be used again in the following days. Oil injection to the hair is through the stem cells in the oil. However, nowadays it is possible to inject the stem cells in the oil into the scalp purely.

Stem Cell Hair Transplantation Price

Who Can Have Stem Cell Hair Treatment?

Hair Transplant Surgery With Stem Cells is a suitable method for those who want to slow down hair loss by strengthening their hair. Hair follicles are supported by the application of stem cells to the hair. Thus, hair loss is slowed down. Additionally, the durability of the hair increases.

Is Stem Cell Therapy Done At All Ages?

Hair Transplant Surgery With Stem Cells at all ages can be done. So, this treatment can be performed at any age where hair loss is intense and requires support for the scalp.

Stem Cell Therapy or Hair Transplant?

Stem cell treatment for hair is not an alternative treatment method instead of hair transplantation. New hair growth should not be expected by giving stem cells to a bald area. However, it can strengthen the weak hair follicles and make the hair denser. Hair transplantation and Hair Transplant Surgery With Stem Cells can be applied together in the completely bald area.

What Is Stem Cell FUE Hair Transplant?

When Does the Effect of Stem Cell Therapy Appear on Hair?

The effect will become evident within weeks after the application. It will begin to grow in about 1 month in the scalp area where it will affect. In addition, a single session is sufficient for this treatment.

Benefits of Stem Cell Treatment for Hair

After having stem cells, the hair will not fall out as before. So it will look more natural and lively than before. stem cells Its benefits are by increasing the repair and regeneration capacity of the hair follicle. Stem cells undertake an intense repair activity in the scalp. Also,stem cells, first of all, a lively appearance appears in the hair.

Prices of stem cell therapy

Prices for stem cells are said after the examination. However, treatment models can change prices. For detailed information about hair stem cell price, contact your preferred hair transplant center.

Can this treatment be applied to women?

As in men, stem cells is applied in women. First, a hormonal effect is investigated. A treatment requirement is considered in this direction. If there is no need, hair loss is slowed down with the application of hair stem cells. After this is prevented, the treatment is continued successfully. Hair can be stronger. That’s all we will tell you about this treatment. So, we hope that this treatment will work for those who seek hair transplantation.