Hair Transplant Timeline Photos

Hair Transplant Timeline Photos

Hair Transplant Timeline Photos , which have survived a long process in terms of both naturalness, applicability and prevention of complications that may arise, have shown a great change in the last 10 years. In 2008, new medical apparatuses to be used in the FUE method were developed, making it possible to collect a large number of grafts.

8 Important Tips About Hair Transplantation

1-Hair transplant operations are operations that should be performed by a doctor personally in the presence of medical teams. You should be sure that your operation will be done by your doctor.

2-Hair transplantation is an operation that requires experience and dexterity. Try to find out how many years your doctor has had hair transplantation .


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3-It is very important for patients to ask all the questions they have in mind to their doctors. Since hair transplantation is an aesthetically important operation, it is important for doctors to listen to patients and their expectations.

4-Do not be fooled by the hair transplantation applications offered to you under different names for advertising purposes, carefully research the publications made under the title “the latest technique in hair transplantation”.

5-Before and after photos are an important reference, but today they can be changed with the help of technology. Ask to see many photos and, if possible, talk to a patient of your doctor who has had a hair transplant.

6- Try to get the opinion of more than one doctor by doing good research and make your decision.

7-Don’t choose a large number of grafts at one time. Since the transplantation made in this way consumes the donor area . Check with your doctor to make sure that your expectations and the possibilities offered by your donor area are compatible. Don’t be fooled by exaggerated promises, learn what is real.


Hair loss is an important problem that can occur at different ages and for different reasons. Affect people psychologically and socially. I find it useful to share with you the process starting from hair loss to hair transplantation in detail. The process of step-by-step hair transplantation starts with the moment when the person’s hair loss reaches a noticeable extent.Does Hair Grow After Transplant?


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1 Step 1

STEP 1: Decision Making and Timing

For a patient who wants to have a hair transplant, the first step in this process is making a decision. When a person’s hair loss starts to affect his social, psychological and private life intensely, the person experiencing hair loss increases the search for solutions.

Things to do in the decision-making process

Research and Information:

Having enough information about hair transplantation and having an idea about what to do makes it easier to decide.

Internet searches may contain not only effective information but also misleading information. What needs to be done is the necessity of conducting internet research within a broad framework from reliable sources. Hair Analysis: Hair analysis is a process that reveals your hair loss type and level and analyzes your hair structure. Having a hair analysis affects your decision-making process for hair transplantation as it enables you to learn the suitability of your hair structure for hair transplantation.

Having a hair analysis will also allow you to determine the right time  hair transplantation. In some cases, your hair transplant level may not  time for hair transplantation. In such cases, doctors may advise patients to wait for a while.

STEP 2: Doctor Selection

The important issue for  person who decides to have hair transplant is the choice doctor. Your doctor is the person who will inform you correctly. About getting results in line with the expectations in hair transplantation.

STEP 3: Pre-Interview

In hair transplantation, which is a personalize operation. The hair structure of the person, the type and degree of hair loss. The quality of the donor area are factors affecting success of hair transplant operation. This is where the importance of pre-interview in hair transplantation comes into play.


Preparation for Operation

Your hair transplant operation should be perform  by a health team. The team of at least 4 people and your doctor in a hospital .

In the waiting area, a short consultation is make for the final hair transplant planning. Final reminders and some controls are make about the hair transplantation. After the information is made, the information form is fill.

Hair Transplant  Timeline photos

The doctor examines the facial anatomy of the person. Determines the most suitable frontal hairline by analyzing the hair density. Then, the border points that will determine the anterior hair transplantation timeline photos.Celebrity Hair Transplants Before And After

Local Anesthesia “numbing the donor area”

The whole head area of the patient who is laid prone disinfect with the alcohol. The donor area is numb with local anaesthesia to avoid pain during graft collection. During local anaesthesia with the help of very fine-tipped needles.

Graft removal with FUE method

STEP 5: Things to Consider After the Operation

  • You dont drive for the first 12 hours.
  • Do not wash your hair for the first 3 days. Do not apply excessively hot water and pressure to the planting points.
  • Use the medicines given to you on time and regularly.
  • Do not drink alcohol in the first week.
  • In the first 10 days, sexual intercourse, sports, heavy work, etc. Stay away from activities.
  • Avoid panic and stress as it may prevent hair follicles from adhering.
  • You should stay away from sunlight, ball games and sea activities for at least two months.
  • Pressure and impact on the planted area. Protect the area with a not too tight hat.
  • Do not scratch the area where the hair is transplanted during the recovery period.
  • You shouldn’t use hairspray or gel for the first 2 months.
  • Forget that following these rules is important for hair follicles.
  • Growing in the desired direction and shortening the healing process.
  • 1 year after the operation, the patient has seen the result more clearly. Although his hair will continue to change, noticeable success has been achieved in 1 year. The hair will now continue to grow throughout the patient’s life.
  • In conclusion, the second session is for almost all patients to cover the defects. Finally, I explained hair transplant timeline photos. You can read the hair transplantation timeline photos.