Hair Transplant Turkey Price

Hair Transplant Turkey Price

Hair Transplant Turkey Price We hear that lots of people suffer from hair loss nowadays. With the modern day’s stress and some other factors, it is a quite common thing. People may lose their hair due to ageing, hormonal issues, malnutrition, vitamin deficiencies and some other factors. Even though some people are fine with this issue, some people may consider this as a big problem. Not being able to look the way one wants may cause him/her to get sad. It may lead to anxiety or depression in long run. Lots of people have difficulties in their workplace or in their relationships due to this issue. In order to fix this issue, people try hair growth products or essential oils, but they may not be useful for everyone. For those people, for whom those products are not enough, there is another solution: hair transplants. 

Having a hair transplant is a great way to cover the balded spots and fill thinning areas with hair on one’s scalp. It is a simple and safe operation that takes from 3 to 8 hours. The duration depends on the extent of the transplant, and the technique the specialists use. In hair transplant procedures, generally, the FUE and FUT techniques are used. During the consultation appointment, your specialist can help you to choose the best technique that fits you. Hair transplant operations most of the time result successfully. Most of the patients who have gotten a hair transplant are satisfied with their results. If you choose an experienced specialist, and a hospital with a high standard, you will probably be satisfied with yours too.

Should I Get a Hair Transplant?

Basically, anyone can get a hair transplant. However, there are some things that you should consider before getting one. Firstly, we do not recommend young people to get a hair transplant immediately. Because, even if they experience hair loss, the hair loss process may not be complete until the person is 25-26 years old. So, if one gets a hair transplant at a young age, his/her hair may continue to fall out. Of course, the transplanted hair strands will not fall out, but the strands that surround the transplanted ones will. So, they may need additional operations in the future to fill that thinned areas again. Best Hair Transplant In Turkey


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Another issue is that the person needs to have enough follicles to transplant. The specialists generally transplant the hair from back of the scalp to the recipient area. If the patient does not have enough hair in that area, the specialist can transplant the hair from some other part of the body, like chest, back or genital area.

If you have decided to get a hair transplant, you should have realistic expectations from it. Of course, the operations result successfully most of the time. But still, if you expect something that is out of the operation’s reach, you may get disappointed. So, in order to know what you can expect from a hair transplant, you can check some before and after photos. Also, you can discuss your expectations with your specialist and let him/her guide you through the process.

Lastly, in some regions or hospitals, hair transplants can be a little expensive. So, you may consider saving up some money before getting one if you are short with the funds.

Hair Transplant Results

When you get a hair transplant, you will not see the results immediately. The period’s span changes from person to person. However, the patients generally see the final results in a year. So, do not jump into the conclusion that the operation has not been successful. You should be patient and wait. Most of the patients are satisfied with their results.

After getting a hair transplant, to get the best results, you need to take care of your hair well. First of all, you should follow your specialist’s instructions strictly. Also, do not use any medication but those your specialist has prescribed. Try not to touch the operated area, as you may damage the transplanted follicles. For the same reason, you should adopt a semi-sitting position to sleep. That way, you will not damage the follicles while you are asleep and help the swelling to go down quicker. You should protect your head from direct sunlight exposure. Also, when you are washing your hair, you should be very gentle. All these instructions may seem a bit frustrating, but those are essential for the success rate of the operation to be high. 

Hair Transplants in Turkey

Today, as hair loss is a common problem around the world, lots of people get hair transplants. When the issue is health, everyone wants to choose the best possible option. So, with affordable prices and lots of experienced specialists, Turkey is one of those options. Lots of patients from all over the world come to Turkey to get a hair transplant. Due to the country’s location, it is too popular for Middle-Eastern and European patients to come to Turkey for hair transplants. It is not too far, it is affordable, and while you are in Turkey, there are lots of places that you can travel to. Most of the patients who preferred to come to Turkey for a hair transplant are glad they did so. You can check reviews and comments from patients to find out about their experiences.Are Hair Implants Safe? 


Our dedication to an excellent hair transplant quality and attention to the smallest details in customer service makes us one of the most preferred providers of hair transplants in Turkey

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Hosting lots of specialists that can perform FUE and FUT hair transplants, Turkey is the number one country for hair transplants. With the Turkish hospitality, you will be served well in Turkey. While you are waiting for the operation, or after it, you can wander around or go shopping in a bazaar. Also, as the hospitals in Turkey offer the most affordable prices, you can save lots of money. To be brief, in Turkey, you can get the best hair transplant experience for the most affordable price and also visit some historical places and have a nice vacation. To get more information about hair transplant and our prices, you can contact us now.