Hair Transplant Turkey Reviews

Hair Transplant Turkey Reviews

Hair Transplant Turkey Reviews After the operations, many users shared their satisfaction with our company. Under the heading “Hair transplant Turkey Reviews“, we share the thoughts of people from many parts of the world who have undergone a hair transplant procedure. If the transplant operations considering that 98% of the people who are satisfied, it is possible to say that Turkey is a leading country in this regard.

Hair transplant Turkey Reviews from the Middle East

Munir Bassem Villeneuve / 34 / Iraq

I was experiencing a serious loss of self-esteem due to hair loss. I started to think that I had to solve this now and started doing research on the internet and reading hair transplant reviews. I saw that Turkey is pretty good about it and I decided to make it. Although my recovery period took a little longer, I was quite satisfied with the result. My self-esteem has been restored, and I see women’s gaze changing.

Mis’id Hilal Karim / 29 / Saudi Arabia

Because of the reduction and gap in the front and sides of my hair, I had it done about 9 months ago after reading the Hair transplant Turkey Reviews as a result of long research. I can say it was effortless for me. I did not feel anything after the first drug injections on my head. I was discharged after an 8-hour procedure. It was washed with lotion delicately for 10 days. On the last day, the scabs were completely cleared, and I started to wait. It has been 9 months since the hair transplant. As someone who used to blow-dry his back hair every morning, now I’m very happy.


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Hair Transplant Turkey Reviews From Africa

Junaid Hatim Samara / 27 / Egypt

The fronts of my hair were beginning to shed noticeably, and it was making me feel bad. Although I was young, I looked quite old. I saw that on Turkey’s professional transplant procedure and bought a full package program, moreover, it was quite cheap. I received quality service and my hair has become denser. Thank you very much for the surgeons.

Jawdat Midhat Mohammed / 32 / Morocco

I was searching for the best place while I was reading the hair transplant Turkey reviews, I decided to get made this operation and I would like to share with you the process I went through. Local anesthesia is given for the first 5 minutes. Therefore, the first 5 minutes is a bit problematic. Especially the needles made on the nape are very painful. You don’t feel anything afterward. If you feel it, you say, and an anesthetic injection is placed there again, and the problem is solved. The process of removing hair follicles from the neck takes about 3 hours. If the nape is not enough, they can also get the beard and chest, since the hair grafts on my neck are enough, there is no need to buy them from other places. After the hair follicle is taken, the doctor opens the channels where the hair will be transplanted, and you can only see the doctor at this stage. Nurses do all other operations. The channel opening process takes about half an hour. Before this process, local anesthesia is applied to the places where the canals will be opened, which is a short-term and painful process. Afterward, the hair transplantation process starts, and this takes about 4 hours. You feel very little pain, if you want more you can ask for a local anesthetic. Finally, a dose of PRP is applied and the process is over. I am waiting for the healing process right now.

Hair transplant Turkey Reviews from Europe

Fortune Ange Fontaine French

It is a very painful procedure that I had a week ago. I saw that Turkish surgeons are very good in this regard while reading the Hair transplant Turkey Reviews. But I could only stand 4 days to sleep on my back. Today is my 7th day and I’m better. Would I recommend it, if the results are going to be as they are now, I’d say it’s worth it. But I would say that if I encountered a result that was mostly not good, it should never be done.

Giovanni Nunzio Ferrero Italian

The process I wish I had done 5 years ago but I had done the last 6 months. It should not be said, “Oh, let them all pour out, and afterward, then I have this operation is done.” It is normal to be bald after the age of 40. The important thing is to be able to live youth well. But don’t get too excited, it’s not like high school years, of course.

Hair transplant Turkey Reviews from Balkans

Dimitrije Ljuban Branković Serbia

I had 2 different operations. I was classical bald. There was some hair on the sides and very little on the crown. The front parts are usually successful in operations, but the troublesome are the back parts that we call the crown. In the first operation, they were transplanted completely in the anterior part, and in the second (after 9 months) the back and front reinforcements were made.

I suspected at the beginning that the doctor did not concentrate on the crown, he said that the important thing is anterior parts. Generally, the rear doesn’t give very positive results. Of course, I do not have thick hair now, but nobody can say bald when they look, so it is not understood at all. I am very well physically and psychologically.