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Hair Transplant Years Later

Hair Transplant Years Later

Hair Transplant Years Later In fact, the process after hair transplant is the most difficult and exciting period for those who decide to have a hair transplant and have it done. You had a hair transplant. We can imagine how excited you are. Maybe we’re a few steps away from getting the hair you’ve been dreaming about for years. But after that, a more difficult period awaits you. What is this difficult period, you ask? Yes, after that, a patient process a waits you. Now we will tell you how there will be changes in your hair from the first day after one years hair transplant.

We assume that you will find the answers to all the questions you can think of. Please do not be stressed, as the process will be long. Stress is your enemy at this stage. During this time, you should not break contact with the place where you have had a hair transplant. Your doctor will give you the necessary instructions.

Hair Growth Phase After Hair Transplant

Graft growth occurs on average within 1 year, and a final result is obtained at the end of 1 year.In order for this to be in a healthy form, you must follow the instructions given by your doctor. Fue Hair Transplant Scabs


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1-6 Days After Operation:

The most critical period after hair transplantation is the first 48 hours. During this period, called epithelization, you need to be especially careful in this process so that the planted roots can hold. You have to be very careful about situations where a blow to the head can occur. Don’t lie face down. During sleep, you may unwittingly rub your head against the pillow. If there was friction bleeding, the hair in that area, unfortunately, came out.

In the area where your hair roots are taken, exfoliation occurs within 5-7 days.On the first day of operation, grafts were placed. In order to apply pressure to the Donor area, the nape area is closed with a bandage.(The reason is that there is no bleeding in the form of leakage).Grafts are fresh, the grafts planted May first appear slightly bloody. Grafts begin to dry out quickly.After October, there will be no serious pain. For pain that may rarely occur, simple pain pills are enough.

After the operation, you can go home or to your hotel. When sleeping, use a high bed (2 pillows) if possible. In rare cases, in the form of leakage, there may be bleeding from the intake area.You shouldn’t be afraid of that. For this, you will give a bed pillow protector.

Within a few days after the operation,slight swelling may be observed in the transplant area, which varies depending on the person.This is usually begins and 6.the day ends(swelling is usually not seen as a result of the necessary treatments).The next day, the bandage wrapped around the head can be removed. treatment areas can be slightly pinkish depending on the skin type.

7-10 Days After Operation:

From the first day of the operation, a period of rapid recovery begins.Crustacean occurs from the first day in the October Area, and after washes these shells disappears completely at the end of the day. Healing of the donor site is also rapid. If it not looks at very closely, it is not clear that a surgical intervention was performed in the donor area.Your hair looks more elongated by 1-2 mm.In order for the shells to disappear completely, you can start the washing procedure in the second week.

With daily washes, the shells gradually begin to decrease.Even 7.after the day, the shells may have been completely shed. Don’t worry, it’s early if it doesn’t spill. The healing process continues At this time, there may be itching in the areas planted and taken.Itching is a normal condition. In unshaven hair transplantation and hair transplantation for women, the shells can be easily camouflaged, since the hair will be long Even in the early days, shells may not be visible.

1-3 Months After Operation:

After a few weeks have passed, the hair grows noticeably with itching. Visible acne and forehead lubrication are completely normal.This new growth process will take 3 months. The new hair is thin, but they thicken once the growth process is complete.Some hair will also appear short on the bottoms. These will also begin to grow over time.Shock shedding  usually complete at the end of 2 months. An unpleasant condition may occur due to irregular shedding.It can also be hair that does not fall off.

These are in a scrawny lifeless shape.The rash may persist. 40.redness can persist even during the day.Acne can occur in places in the October Area. Acne is more common on grafts placed deeper than normal. If there is no excessive number, there is no need for intervention. 60-70. it can go on until the day.In addition, dandruff after hair transplantation can occur again in 1-3 months.A very small and irregular hair outlet can be seen at the bottom of the hair.

5-10 Months After Operation:

A large part of the hair completed its growth phase within a few months. Some of the hair may also be more hair-shaped or under the skin. The new hair is 2-3 cm long and gradually thickens. 7-8 after hair transplantation.At the same time, the hair begins to thicken. 7-8. about 70-80 percent of hair output expects in months. At the end of 210 days, the percentage of people being happy significantly increased. 8.and 10th between months, the patient follows a marked level of development by this time from surgery. Hair grows and thickens. Can Fue Hair Transplant Be Done Over Several Years

Years After Hair Transplant:

In the last 1 year after the operation, the patient saw the result more clearly. Although the change of hair will still continue,1 year has also been a noticeable success. Hair will now continue to grow and develop throughout the patient’s life,and he can cut and shape as he wants.Nothing special recommends for hair care.Standard shampoos and other hair care products are enough. 1 Year After Operation.