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Hair Loss has been an unpleasant change in physical appearance of man for centuries. Studies indicate that 90% of all man suffering from hair loss feel their self-confidence is affected negatively because of this. Hair Loss can be seen both with men and women, but it is more common in men. There is 4 main types and symptoms of hair loss:

– Gradual thinning of Hair, generally starting on top of the head: this type of hair loss which is the most common type starts when men and women age. This typically starts with the top of the head becoming thinner and front hair line loosing hair density and its esthetical appearance.

– Circular bald spots: This type of more uncommon hair loss generally is seen at the scalp but occasionally also in beards and eyebrows. The shape of the bold pattern is compared to a coin. Although the cause of this type of hair loss is not known with 100% certainty most specialists link it to sudden experience of high levels of stress.

– Sudden overall hair Loss: This type of hair loss if characterized by the overall hair loss over the whole scalp and not bold spots at certain zones only. It is the type of hair loss seen when for example combing the hair and experiencing a handful of hair coming out. The reason for this hair loss type is generally a sudden physical or emotional shock experience.

– Full body Hair Loss: This type of hair loss in linked to some type of medical conditions and medical treatments. The most known type is the full hair loss following a chemotherapy treatment for the treatment of cancer.

Before considering any treatments option for the hair loss suffering it is important to know which type of hair loss is the case. Once this is defined there is two types of solutions. First solution is related to the slowing of the hair loss generally achieved by use of medicines or a hair transplant surgery which if focussed on treating bold and thinning zones with healthy follicles that are programmed not to fall out.

There is two widely used medicines to treat heredity hair loss.

These are Minoxidil and Finasteride.  Minoxidel is a medication approved both for men and women where Finasteride is a medicine approved for men. Both medicines have the purpose of slowing down the hair loss and do not stop nor reverse the hair loss process. Success varies greatly per user where with some the hair loss process is minimalized and with others the hair loss continues but at a slower paste. Some unpleasant side effect includes scalp irritation and a rapid heart rate for Minoxidil. For Finasteride these possible side affects include diminished sexual drive and sexual function and an increased risk of prostate cancer.

A more permanent solution is a Hair transplant surgery.

There are two main techniques for a hair transplantation surgery known as the FUT and FUE method. The FUT method is the more outdated method where a medical specialist removes small strips of skin from the back of the head also known as de donor zone. These small strips of skin contain several hair which are extracted from this strip and then transplanted in the zone where hair loss is suffered. This method is more invasive and brings a higher recovery time with it.

The second method is known and the FUE method where grafts are extracted one by one with a micro motor. This method doe does not involve any removal of skin and offers the possibility to extract up to 4.500 grafts during a single session compared to 1.000 grafts with the FUT method. Healing time is much shorter, most patients can start their work generally after 2-3 days. The higher number of grafts also results in better and more natural results due to the higher number of grafts that can be extracted with the FUE method.

Until recent years Hair Transplant treatments were very expensive and therefore for many people out of reach. Furthermore, the results were also seen as unnatural and therefore not the most obvious choice as a solution for hair loss.

The Hair Transplant Industry however has developed tremendously in the last 10 years and Istanbul has proven to be the number one hotspot in the world for Hair Transplants. Unofficial figures suggest that during its peak season every day more than a 1.000 Hair transplants are performed in Istanbul. A hair transplant is nowadays seen as a permanent solution for hair loss problems. The results look very natural and even specialist eyes have difficulties in defining weather a person has undergone a hair transplant. Top of Form

Hair Transplant in Turkey, what does it entail?

Hair Transplant in Turkey is an increasingly popular item on the agenda of many men who suffer from hair loss or thinning hair. What are the motives of many men and increasingly women to choose Turkey? Is it just the much lower price that people choose for a Hair Transplant in Turkey or are there several factors that play a role? Before answering this question, it is important to know that annually in the period from September to May, an average of more than 800 hair transplants per day are performed in Turkey according to various sources.

More than 90% of the patients who undergo these hair transplants are of non-Turkish nationality. These numbers underscore Turkey’s popularity as the main destination in the world for a hair transplant. A logical assumption that can be made about a Hair Transplant in Turkey is that it cannot only be the lower price that one chooses for Turkey because of the following reasoning. Based on the figures, we know that an average of 800 hair transplants per day are performed for 9 months.

This means that at least 216,000 people perform a Hair Transplant in Turkey every year.

If we multiply these figures by 5 years then we know that at least one million people have performed a Hair Transplant in Turkey so far. The success rate should logically be very high. In today’s world with communication options such as Social Media, it is easier than ever to bring a bad service or product to the attention of a wide audience. However, someone researching bad experiences with Turkish hair transplantation clinics will get no further than a handful of examples. And often it is not even about the quality of the clinics, but the service around them.

However, the corrections that we as TecniFUE International have had to make of dissatisfied patients of hair transplants performed in Europe are minimal a handful. The horror stories about a Hair Transplant in Turkey must therefore be placed in a correct perspective. It is more correct to say that a Hair Transplant in Turkey is not necessarily good or bad and the same applies to a Hair Transplant in Europe. The kind of generalizing statements concerning safety and quality should be used with care by all parties involved. It is more important to educate the patient about the differences rather than sowing fear so that a patient can make a well-considered decision. It is therefore logical to assume that a good quality hair transplant in Turkey can be undergone for a better price than in Europe.

Many further mentioned reasons for choosing a Hair Transplant in Turkey are that someone you know has previously undergone it in Turkey and the result appeals to such an extent that the hair transplant is also performed in Turkey. Another frequently cited reason for choosing a Hair Transplant in Turkey is the complete unburdening of the process. The patient only has to book the flight ticket and everything else such as transport, hotel and interpreter is fully organized by the clinic.

Hair Transplant in Turkey, how does the process work?

The first step for a Hair Transplant in Turkey consists of the consultation. Most clinics offer the option to simply send a number of photos of the hair for assessment via Whatsapp. Based on the photos, it is determined whether there are good treatment options. A good indication of the possible result of a Hair Transplant in Turkey consists of studying the before and after photos of previous patients. If the treatment options are good, a treatment date must be set in consultation with the clinic.

Setting a date usually consists of submitting the reservation confirmation of the booked ticket. Most clinics in Turkey do not ask for a deposit and accept the ticket as a guarantee of fixing a treatment date. The patient is also completely relieved. Upon arrival, the patient is met by a private driver who takes the patient to the hotel.

The duration of the stay varies from 2-3 days. On the day of treatment, the patient is picked up from the hotel and taken to the clinic where a interpreter who speaks the patient’s language provides support throughout the day. After the treatment has been carried out, the patient receives a detailed explanation from the interpreter about the aftercare plan and what must be taken into account during certain periods. After the explanation has taken place, the patient is taken back to the hotel. The next day after the treatment, the bandage is removed and the first washing takes place.

After this, the process in Turkey is completed and the patient is taken to the hotel again. The patient will be able to count on support from the interpreter via Whatsapp for 12 months in which questions are answered and the progress is also studied by the clinic on the basis of photos that are sent monthly.

Hair Transplantation in Turkey, what are the prices?

For a good comparison of the price ratio between clinics in Europe and Turkey, it makes sense to focus on clinics that perform treatments in hospitals with international quality labels that can therefore guarantee the same level of hygiene and quality in processes as in Europe. Prices at these types of clinics start from € 1,750 and go up to € 3,000 with some outliers asking prices of more than € 5,000. In Europe, prices often start from € 3,000 and go up to € 8,000. So it is not surprising that from a price point of view, a Hair Transplant in Turkey is very attractive.

Hair Transplant in Turkey, who are suitable to perform a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

In principle, both men and women have the option to opt for a Hair Transplant in Turkey in case of hair loss or thinning hair. The treatment options are assessed on the basis of the photos sent. The clinic will also ask about a medical history of the interested person and any medication use. The lowest age limit for a Hair Transplant in Turkey is 20 years.

Hair Transplant in Turkey, how do I find the best Hair Transplant clinic in Turkey?

When considering a Hair Transplant in Turkey, the next question is how to select the best clinic. This seems difficult at first because almost all clinics claim to be the best. However, you can do your research by taking a good look at the clinic’s website. Does the organization have the necessary quality certifications, what does the company radiate and what feeling do you get when going through the website and Social Media pages. If something seems too good to be true, it often is. Quality simply costs more, this is the case everywhere in the world, including in Turkey. It is also important to consider whether you want good quality for a reasonable price or the best possible quality for a slightly higher price.

The common comparison we make is taking cars as an example

Different brands of cars have all one fundamental thing is common, they all drive. This is the purpose of a car. The goal of all clinics is essentially the same, namely to transplant hair like all cars move from A to B. However, if the comfort of the ride is also important for a particular person then a mid / high segment car will be a better option for that person.

Comfort in this can be compared to the experience one has with the interpreter, the service of the clinic and how smoothly the communication goes with the interpreter. In other words, the patient’s experience is referred to here. It is also known, for example, that when choosing a car in the middle and higher segment, the service and warranty offered are of a higher level than with a lower segment vehicle.

So when assessing a clinic, one should look at the guarantee offered on the work performed. How strong and complete the warranty offered is. The price relationships in the case of cars are of course of a completely different nature and there can be a difference of tens of thousands of euros. In case of hair transplant clinics in Turkey it is possible to pay several hundred euros more for a higher segment of experience and to opt for very high quality. A Hair Transplant in Turkey with top quality and service is therefore actually accessible to everyone from a price point of view, even for someone with a lower budget.