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Hair Transplantation Cost in Turkey

Hair Loss in the 20th Century

Hair Transplantation Cost in Turkey In our times, hair loss is getting more and more prevalent due to increasing stress all around the world. As you know, being stressed is the foremost cause of hair loss among reasons like hormones, eating habits, sleep cycle, etc., and it is not impossible to avoid stress in your life. It affects your life quality, like physical appearance and mental health condition, by causing you to feel insecure about yourself. As your hair starts losing, you will also lose your self-esteem day by day. The more you lose your hair, the more you lose self-confidence. What if we would say you can change this situation? An opportunity to have your old physical appearance back?

Have you ever think about how to shake this disease off? 

Don’t get panicked! Like each problem has a solution, hair loss has a key, a permanent solution: Hair transplantation! Yes, it is the solution and a real one thanks to new technological developments. It is normal if you have some doubts about it. We will ensure that your hair would be as if it hadn’t been lost at all. The very first question that comes to your mind is probably about pain. Does it hurt or not? No, your predictions are not correct. It does not hurt at all with the usage of local anesthesia. That was the first one, and we will inform you about hair transplantation, especially the one which allows you not to have cicatrix, even after the operation, the FUE technique.

The Process of FUE Hair Transplantation

First of all, they will anesthetize your scalp locally. Therefore, you don’t feel pain at all. Then your hair roots are gathered as much watchfully and neatly as possible. All these gathered hair roots plant into the scalp with the same caution. In brief, the necessity of this technique is caution. 


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After having the operation, there is a control on the first day as usual. You will be able to wash after 48 hours, and you can continue till the 10th day. Your hair starts to grow in 2 or 3 weeks, but you lose them. Don’t worry! It is normal. The reason is that the time of your hair roots to get rest, after 2 or 3 weeks later, your hair will begin growing more and more as each day elapsed. After six months, you stand out and arouse interest with your volumed and natural very own hair around people!

The most affordable method for everyone, the FUE technique

Of course, there are several types of hair transplantation. For that reason, you may have trouble finding which one is perfect for you. You may have found out the one if you want these;

  •   less possibility of having cicatrix
  •   continue your life as if you did not lose your hair before
  •   the least risk of losing hair root
  •   undergo an operation with new technology
  •   get back to your social life with confidence by affordable permanent hair implantation
  • does not lose your self-esteem 

All these benefits above are available in the FUE hair transplant method at the most affordable price. Besides, FUE is the perfect one for those who look for a good performance with the optimum cost.

Advantages of the FUE Hair Transplant Technique: The Budget-Friendly Hair Transplantation

The FUE, Follicular Unit Extraction, is the best permanent solution for hair loss. With the opportunities of technology, it is possible to implant hair, and it will look original. For that reason, your hair would be like not have experienced any hair loss at all. Moreover, there would not be any cutting on your hair scalp. For that matter, it has less risk of having cicatrix and does not have any harm to your hair roots. 

In addition to all those benefits, it requires more attention and effort than the other methods. However, on the contrary to the DHI method, the FUE method is friendly to your budget, suitable for everyone. But the cost of all those hair transplantations differs from country to country depending on the market there.

Criteria of Hair Transplantations

If you are determined to get rid of your hair loss and you have made a decision, you must be careful about some criteria. Here is the list of it; 

The first factor affecting the price is your technique selection. If you are pretty rich enough to buy yourself a plane whenever you want without thinking, you can prefer the DHI method. However, if your revenue is average, you might want to select the FUE technique. As we generally consider, the price does not determine the quality of work in this field. The quality depends solely on your professor selection. We can ensure that you will be pleased with our experts in this area. So, our third criterion is the expert selection, and we are assertive in this criterion. How Much Is Fue Hair Transplant?

Do not let it ruin your one-ticket life experience!

Hair loss is a normal thing in moderate, abnormal when it becomes too much. Do not consider this disease as something not crucial. For instance, due to some economic problems, you prefer not to get rid of your hair loss in the first place. However, do not forget it is essential. The reason for this, it has a massive impact on your life quality by making you insecure about yourself. Do not give up easily! Give a chance to hair transplantation.


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