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Hair Transplantation in Turkey and Their Prices

Hair Transplantation in Turkey and Their Prices

Hair Transplantation in Turkey and Their Prices According to the many experts and professors in hair diseases, recorded hair loss cases has passed the last year’s records. You shouldn’t ignore this disease. Although it might sound like nothing important, it will cause other health problems, especially psychological ones. You ought to put importance on psychological disorders, as they affect our body eventually. If we have to give examples of the effects, we could say faint, problem on focusing, decrease in academic success, etc.

Have you ever think about the causes of hair loss?

What would the reason be? There are various causes like hormones, diabetes, bad eating habits, etc. Among these general causes, stress is the most common one. If we consider the conditions of our era, it is not possible to imagine a life without stress. We already have too much tension in our lives that we barely learnt to maintain how to control. 

However, along with the COVID-19 virus, it has increased. People started being sceptical about getting injected the virus. Eventually, the number of hair loss cases is getting higher and higher day by day. In addition to the stress caused by especially COVID-19, having the COVID-19 affects our hair loss in two different ways. The first one is long-term high body heat. Long term high body heat damages your hair follicles adversely. We all know that long term high body heat is one of the symptoms and results of COVID-19. The second one is the medications used in COVID-19 treatments. To get recovered from COVID-19, we ought to use them without thinking. However, unfortunately, hair loss is one of their side-effects. 


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So, what should we do if we lost hair in quarantine time?

We are here to help so you ought to read this text! After that, you can choose one from three options. 

Not Certain Solution: Natural Ways

You can get your hair back in various diets, vitamins, etc. For instance, you may use biotin to foster your hair follicles, or you would like to have a healthy diet consisted of high amounts of meat to get enough iron. However, you ought to accept these solutions are not known if they precisely work or not, and it is up to mother nature. Don’t be discouraged! We also have three other solutions which work more effectively. 

Not Permenant Solution: Wiggs

You might have thought about it before, and yes, wiggs might be the perfect option for you if you like wasting time for preparation before going out. We should admit that there are various types of wiggs, and they steal pretty much time from our lives while wearing. Moreover, they are expensive unless you prefer low-quality ones like made of synthetic hair. We recommend not to buy the synthetic ones specifically if you are looking for real-like appearance as they are plastic, not natural hair. There are ones made of natural hair, yet they are far much expensive for an average person to afford. However, if you can say that I’m able to deal with these disadvantages without hesitation, you may feel free to buy.

The only solution that is certain and permanent: Hair Transplantation

As the number of hair loss cases has been increasing, experts trying to find new solutions, and improve the existing solutions. One of these solutions is hair transplantation, and it is getting more and more sophisticated as the time elapsed. 

You are going to find the best technique for your desires…

There are various techniques of hair transplantation for you and your budget under the favor of the experts. In the past, there were not. We ensure that you will find your technique. If you are unable to decide which one, we will be there for you to help. You can either text us your questions from WhatsApp or have a video call. 

Pretty Old-Fashioned Technique: The FUT Technique

This method has been using since the 90s, and it started to become an obsolete method. In this process, your hair scalp gets cut a little bit first. Then, your hair roots are taken and planted in the area which has the hair loss problem most. Because of that, the surgery would take a pretty long time, and also, the possibility of having cicatrixes after the operation is the highest. In addition to these disadvantages, the recovery takes more time, which means you ought to be careful for five months at least. Supposing that you don’t want to mess around with these problems, we would like to introduce a new technique, the FUE method!

Our Prior Suggestion: The FUE Technique!

The FUE Technique, Follicules Unit Extraction, is one of the most common techniques. In this procedure, there are not any cutting or versions of it. For that reason, the possibility of having cicatrix after the operation is not as high as the old methods, and we can say it has less chance. It has the optimum recovery span for your scalp to get its health back. Along with these advantages, the cost of the surgery is not that high. If you want further information, you can contact us. How Much FUE Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey?

With the technologies of our hospital provide, you would be pretty happy about having your hair back. Besides, our hospital has pretty famous experts who are in the first place in their area and experienced much.

Don’t be depressed!

Hair loss is not the end of the world, and it has various solutions. However, you ought to choose your solution with caution. At first, you should decide what do you expect from a solution to hair loss. After choosing your method, you have another selection, which is about hospitals. You might search for hospitals first, but don’t forget that we are determined to be the best in the world with the amenities of our hospital! We also put more importance on customer satisfaction than money. That’s why we are trying to give enough information to you. In this way, you would be able to choose the best option for you. Hair Transplantation in Turkey and Their Prices

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