Hair Transplantation in Women

Hair Transplantation in Women

Hair Transplantation in Women Your hair and your eyebrows as you want or do not be afraid if you are experiencing hair loss due to various causes. transplantation in women diagnosed with this article on the plantation, you can get detailed information about hair transplantation and the post-treatment process.

transplantation Lately, a lot of women is a service they prefer. Hair loss in women as in men is a common health problem. They have all kinds of cosmetic products that are used to stop hair loss caused by different reasons. If hair loss continuous type, an opening Occurs in the upper part of the head. If there is an opening at the top of the head results in hair loss, hair transplantation takes time because each hair cosmetics can not be used after pouring. Just thought it was for men and women with hair transplantation can be successfully implemented.

The process is continued with the usual course of hair transplantation. Everyone wants to have healthy and beautiful hair, but at times and in some cases, hair loss causes you to lose your confidence by becoming demoralized. Especially for women, the most important accessories are hair and eyebrows. Your hair and your eyebrows as you want or do not be afraid if you are experiencing hair loss due to various causes. Everything with hair and eyebrow transplantation because can solve healthier and thicker hair and eyebrows. Spills may be due to genetic reasons or due to many reasons. In particular, the change of pregnancy hormone increases spills. Irregular diet, excessive stress, irregular and unhealthy lifestyle play a major role in the loss.


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How is Hair Transplantation Performed in Women?

People who have tried many methods and cannot achieve the desire result, people who do not want to spend long times and sessions prefer transplantation because it is a more shortcut, definitive solution. Women for hair and eyebrows shave sowing do not need to be separate. You can fill without interrupting your existing hair and can eliminate the rarity. On the eyebrow, after the desire model drawing make, the operation process starts with the approval of the patient, and the sowing  make into the area where the drawing make.

The eyebrow transplantation process is similar to the process in hair transplantation. The grafts take from strong hair follicles transfer to problematic areas, the transplant hair does not have a problem with shedding. The best aspect of hair transplantation apply with the FUE method is that the hair to transplant can transfer without cutting, so there is no shortening of the hair while hair transplantation perform in women. The thinning creates by the grafts take as a window from the upper part of the nape is not visible even when the hair collects. In women, the desired tightening is achieved, since the transplantation is made for thinning rather than shedding.

Women Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Hair transplantation in women a painless aesthetic operation perform to regenerate the hair or to ensure hair growth in areas without hair by removing hair follicles from areas with dense hair and transplanting them to the area where thinning or baldness occurs, namely the recipient area. The donor hair follicles to transplant mostly take from the nape and sides, and in some cases, other parts of the body apply to get the hair follicles. The operation carry out by an experience and well-equip healthcare team.

There are two main plantation methods use in Turkey: FUT and FUE. These two methods of collecting hair follicles separate from each other and decide considering the advantages and disadvantages which were appropriate methods.

The reason for this is that the line-shaped scar form in hair transplantation with the FUT method is not in the FUE method and the surgical instruments required for rapid removal of hair follicles sufficiently develop. In hair transplantation with the FUE method, there are no visible scars in the donor area.

How Does The Process Before and After Hair Transplantation Work in Women?

Preoperative and control measures for some tests done on the patient. (Hepatitis B / C – HIV – yellowness)  evaluate according to the results. Hair shave and hair extension of the area to take from the donor graft point. The grafts take keep in the organ transplant solution. With the latest technology applications, the channels open one by one and the grafts take keep transplanted one by one. The hair transplantation process apply after sowing.

Patients not wash for two days and finish by first washing the bodies and shells  ask to arrive dryness again after 10 days. Within 10 days, the patient washes himself every day. It regains its natural appearance every day after every wash. The planting area that looks natural within 3 months is 30-35%. According to the structure of each patient, there is an increase of 60-65% and 8-12 in 6 months. 100% output takes place between months. Using vitamins to maintain existing hair and eyebrows after sowing is helpful. The use of stem cell multivitamin-boosted serums is particularly beneficial. Care should be taken that there are no chemicals, parabens, and colourants in the shampoo during washing.


Hair Transplant Prices in Women and Eligibility for Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation in women can finish at almost any age, people with chronic diseases are extremely dangerous for pregnant women and substance use.

Female Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

All the technologies offered by the Turkish clinical experience and quality, that most people surprise at how affordable their hair transplantation procedure in Turkey, especially in the UK.  Up to $ 30,000. Prices in Turkey from just USD 1,500 to about 3,000 grafts (about 1,360 Euros) starts. It includes a wide variety of additional services such as:

  • Accommodation (2 nights accommodation in a 4-star hotel)
  • VIP transfers (Private vehicle. From the hospital to the hotel, from there to the hospital and back)
  • Translator service if required
  • Painless Local Anesthesia
  • MicroFUE maximum density pre-operative haircut
  • PRP Treatment Drugs
  • Postoperative care basics such as Shampoo, Special Hat, Neck Pillow, Multivitamin.
  • PRP treatment to promote better hair growth.
  • Up to one year of aftercare services to make sure everything is fine

Why female hair transplant in Turkey cheaper?

Turkey and all kinds of hair transplantation is the most popular country in plastic surgery. Hair transplantation in Turkey women are easier to make much more cheaply.

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