HAIR TRANSPORT TURKEY COST Hair transplantation is frequently preferred. The biggest reason for this is that everyone now experiences hair loss.

Genetics, diseases, drugs used, pollution of the living environment, epidemic diseases, stress, depression, nutritional deficiencies, vitamin, and mineral deficiencies are often the causes of hair loss. Now everyone experiences hair loss due to these reasons.

In order to prevent hair loss, ways such as care oils, special shampoos for hair loss, hair masks, hair treatments, medicines, vitamin and mineral supplements are tried. These are all applications that are still applied to reduce hair loss.


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However, people who do not work with these methods or who have hair loss are now trying new methods. These methods are hair transplant methods. There are quite different hair transplant methods such as FUE, DHI, Mega, PRP with FUE, Densification, Prosthesis, Robotics, Sapphire Percutaneous.

Of course, these methods have different costs. All of them have varying costs depending on the product used and the number of grafts. If we list the costs of hair transplant techniques;

1-Fue Hair Transplant and its Costs:

Fue hair transplantation is one of the most preferred hair transplant methods in recent years. Fue hair transplant is a hair transplant performed using your own hair follicles without leaving any incision or stitch marks at the base of the hair.

One of the biggest advantages of FUE hair transplantation is the rapid recovery in patients. And at the same time, the operation time is very short.

FUE hair transplant costs vary depending on the products used, the duration of the operation, hair length, the number of hair follicles, and the amount of grafts.

It is a medium-cost hair transplant.

2- Mega Hair Transplant and its Costs:

The aim of the mega hair transplant method is to increase the amount of grafts and hair follicles. For this purpose, it differs from other hair transplant methods.

With the Mega hair transplant method, 4000-4500 grafts are increased in one session.

Therefore, it is frequently preferred by people with hair problems.

Megan plantation is done to medium-cost conditions in Turkey.

In the Mega hair transplant technique, the costs also vary due to your hairstyle, the amount of grafts, hair follicles, and the type of operation, and the clinic you have done.

3- DHI Pen Hair Transplant Technique and Costs:

The DHI Pen hair transplant technique is mostly performed by people who do not want to have their hair cut. Thanks to this method, you can have hair transplantation without cutting the hair.

The DHI Pen hair transplant technique consists of three parts: planning the front lines, the quality of the donor area, and the waiting time of the grafts.

Fees vary according to the type of operation used in the DHI pen hair transplant technique, the clinic you go to, the condition of your hair and hair follicles, and the number of grafts to be used.

DHI hair transplantation in Turkey is the middle cost.

4- Robotic Hair Transplantation and Costs:

Robot technology, which is used in almost every field in the world, such as health, automotive, and computers, can now be used in hair transplantation. This provides convenience and speed in the process.

Before the robotic hair transplant operation, robotic photos of the hair area are taken, and it is decided how the operation will be performed. In this way, a more reliable hair transplant is achieved.

In operation, hair follicles are collected by robotic arms and added to their new places again. This technique has been used in Japan, Italy, and America for years.

The fees of the robotic hair transplant technique vary depending on your hair amount, hair follicles, the clinic you go to, and the duration of the operation.

Robotic plantation costs are high in Turkey.

5- Prosthetic Hair Transplantation and Costs:

It is a method often preferred by people who have lost their hair, reduced and worn. This method can also be applied to children.

Prosthetic hair transplantation is done by attaching a separate hairpiece to the hair. The hairstyle of the person also changes with this method. This also prevents depression due to hair loss from people.

People who want to have a prosthetic hair transplant pay a normal cost.

6- Sapphire Percutaneous Hair Transplantation Method and Costs:

Unlike other methods, the sapphire percutaneous method uses sapphire, not metal, in operation. The reason for using sapphire in operations is that it causes less damage to hair follicles. Tissue damage is minimized when using sapphire.

Since there is less tissue damage as a result of the use of sapphire, the recovery time is also shortened. Therefore, this method of hair transplantation is highly preferred by patients who want hair transplantation.

People who want to have Sapphire Percutaneous hair transplantation pay a normal in Turkey.

7- Fut Hair Transplant Method and Costs:

One of the biggest advantages of the FUT hair transplantation method is that the operation is performed with local anesthesia. Hair follicles are collected after local anesthesia. In this way, no pain is felt.

The dressing may be required every day after hair transplantation. And it is necessary to look very carefully at the planted place.

FUE hair transplant costs vary depending on the shape of your hair, the amount of grafts, and the clinic you have done. So they don’t have exact prices.

People who want to have FUE hair transplantation pay a normal cost.

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