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Head Tattoo With Hair Hair is the most important factor affecting the appearance of a woman or a man. Everyone wants their hair to look long, dense and healthy. However, for some reasons, this is not possible for everyone. The number of people who have hair loss problems sometimes due to hormonal, sometimes accidental, sometimes genetic factors is high.
People with hair loss problems occur such as hair thinning and baldness. People who have tried many methods to solve these problems often do not get satisfactory results. For example, the result of the drug treatment method is received too late. In the hair transplant method, the growing hair may not be sufficient for the person.

It also negatively affects the social life of the person who is psychologically affected by hair loss. A person who has a feeling of inadequacy may move away from the outside environment. However, with the developed head tattoo with hair, the effects of hair loss disappear. Hair tattoo also provides an important support for the person to recover psychologically. Today we will discuss head tattoo with hair.

Hair tattoo, also called hair simulation, is a non-surgical method. At the same time, hair transplantation is not performed in this method, which is also called hair simulation. Since the system is made with tattoo technique, it is called Hair tattoo. Specially developed for this job, completely organic and water-based, quality hair dyes called B.C.N.T are used.
In other methods, it is waited for 1 year for hair to grow and baldness to close. The most important advantage of the Hair Tattoo process is that a new hair appearance is achieved within 1 hour after the procedure.


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How to Make a Hair Tattoo?

After the hair tattoo is decided, a preliminary interview is made with the patient and all the steps of the procedure are explained. In addition, the basic wishes of the person are determined and the most suitable hair tattoo is done. After determining the wishes of the person, both skin and hair analysis are performed. As a result of this analysis, dyes and processes suitable for the hair of the person are prepared. Before the procedure, the person’s hair is washed with a special hair tattoo shampoo. In addition, by applying anesthetic cream, the person’s suffering is prevented.

With the help of special devices, the hair dye prepared specifically for the person’s hair is processed into the scalp. The procedure takes between half an hour and 3-4 hours depending on the patient’s condition. After the hair tattoo process is completed, normal life is returned on the same day. There may be little redness and swelling in the person. However, this situation passes within a few days. However, paying attention to some points in the first days will increase the effect of the procedure. First of all, sports and activities that cause excessive sweating should not be done in the first week. Appropriate time should be entered in the shower, pool and sea, taking into account the warnings of the center performing the operation.

The special cream given should be used without interruption. Another feature of the hair tattoo is that after this procedure, those who wish can dye their hair. If the process is done correctly, hair tattoo can be permanent for up to 5 years.

What is the advantage of hair simulation?

Several advantages can be mentioned for the short-term hair simulation application on the scalp. The advantage in question is:1.It is suitable for sparse hair models that stop hair loss or are likely to not shed for a long time. It is possible to obtain a better and healthier appearance than the current image by performing hair simulation for the parts of the thin hair that need to be applied.
2. head tattoo with hair is not a long-term or periodic application. In terms of health, this situation is not suitable. The longest hair simulation application is up to 5 years. Its duration can vary from 3 to 5 years. Applications longer than 5 years are out of question.

  1. One of the reasons for performing hair tattoo or simulation application is to cover birthmarks or wounds on the head caused by hair loss. It is an ideal application in terms of both removing the thinness of the hair and removing scars such as scars.These are the outstanding advantages about hair tattoo. It is possible to extend the list, but knowing the general advantages may be sufficient. The short duration of the application and the ability to continue daily life immediately after the application can be considered as another advantage. Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey 2019

What are the disadvantages of hair simulation?

First of all, let’s express this. Everything that positively reflects in our lives has a negative side. Looking at the positive side is always the right way. However, it is necessary to investigate both sides for such important applications in order to make the right decision. For this reason, we also include the disadvantages about hair tattoos.

  1. A bad appearance can be obtained in case of hair loss after tattoo application. For this reason, it is necessary to make sure that the hair does not fall out before the application. This issue is not a guarantee.
    2. Anesthesia is not applied during the application. Only with anesthetic creams and lotions, the slight pain caused by the application can be relieved. Anesthesia is not possible because it is an application other than a surgical procedure.
    3. The application is not permanent. Its approximate life is 3 – 5 years. For this reason, if it loses its effect, it must be rebuilt.
    4. The best hair type for the application is short model hair. Tattoos for people who love long hair and grow their hair may not look good.

What should a person who has head tattoo with hair pay attention to after the procedure?

Hair Pigmentation, head tattoo with hair. Hair Simulation It is useful not to contact with water for the first 24 hours. There is no harm in washing it with a recommended shampoo after the hair simulation process. It is useful to use this shampoo until the sessions are over. Direct exposure to sunlight or entering the solarium is not recommended for 4 weeks after hair simulation application. It is recommended to wear a hat if it is necessary to stay under the sun.

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