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Hormonal hair loss is an important issue. Indicates that the work is not progressing in a normal balance. In general, this situation causes it to occur in different ailments. Genes for the general problem are produced as a result of genetic factors and the effect of male hormone (testosterone). In addition, the symptoms differ between men and women. It leaves bald areas where the front of the hair regresses and hair density decreases, leaving bald areas. While hair density in men decreases only in women, especially in the middle of the head, hair loss progresses gradually. This situation does not start suddenly. It is something that can be expected in order in case of a hormonal imbalance. Women stand out as the most prominent period envelope regarding this situation as post-pregnancy and pre-pregnancy.

Hormonal hair loss is known as a hormonal imbalance in women associated with pregnancy, childbirth or menopause or caused by the use of hormonal contraceptives. Whether there is a deficiency or excess in hair loss, the gland is affected by changes in hormones. This situation leads to a significant change in the hair. Small spills that occur at first, progress by condensing and create dilution. This situation is also associated with the hyper-growth cycle in the medical field. Aging is also one of the causes of hair loss as it becomes less thick and hair falls out. For this reason, first of all, it will play an important role to make the right medical interventions at the right time. You may not understand the disease you are caught with a problem that you do not realize.

Hair Loss Problems

Hormonal hair loss also highlights androgenetic alopecia in women. In addition, the situation may be accompanied by a deficiency of some vitamins and minerals. In general, some suggest that it has a more complex structure, such as cases of alopecia areata. This also does not leave the scalp without redness or inflammation. Some types of fungal infections of the head, which can cause permanent loss of hair follicles if left untreated, are also important. The disease known as watery and red sores is fungal disease.


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Thyroid disease, anemia, protein deficiency, stress, stress, physical fatigue and sudden weight loss can also cause hair loss. Along with other immune diseases such as Lupus and Sarcoidosis, psychological conditions such as Trichotillomania are the answers to the questions of what causes hair loss. The most famous situation that started the problem is known as undergoing chemotherapy treatment used in cancer treatment. However, it is not correct to generalize this situation alone. Some antidepressants, heart and pressure medications, pain relievers, and vitamins such as vitamin A can also cause hair loss. Also, applying violence to the hair by picking or over-combing or using the wrong chemicals is also one of the causes of hair loss. Any situation that may come to the fore in this context should be taken under control beforehand. Otherwise, it can create painful and destructive results.

Applications for Hair Loss

Hormonal hair loss is generally equivalent to many problems that it brings with it. As mentioned before, the treatment of hair loss depends on the condition that caused the disease. To begin with, the option of shampoo against hair loss has an important place. However, in some cases, such as alopecia or hair loss associated with pregnancy and childbirth, a different path should be followed for shedding. Generally, the human hair cycle grows without any external intervention. About 6 or 12 months after stopping chemotherapy treatment after various diseases, your hair will start to grow again. This is a normal cycle. But in other cases, such as hereditary baldness, permanent treatment is required to preserve the rest of the hair.

Hormonal hair loss can similarly look like an advanced fungal infection or scarring. In addition, in cases of hair follicle loss, the hair cannot grow back and surgical intervention may become a necessity. Treatment is not necessary as baldness and female androgenetic alopecia do not represent a serious medical condition. Likewise, it’s up to you to comb your hair in a different style or change your hair use or accept the situation as it is. In terms of treatment, drug therapy is intended to treat the conditions that occur together with the problem. It also means surgery and complementary support to regrow hair. Overall, the endpoint for both sexes is to be treated as such.

Time for Hair Treatments

Many products examined within the scope of hormonal hair loss can be beneficial with the right timing. Professional hair care can also be done at home. In addition, there are some methods that provide convenience in terms of hair care. The first issues that come to the forefront for people looking for solutions against hair loss are known as hair care masks and washing times. In order to have a healthy hair structure, it is sufficient to wash it 3 times a week. In addition, masks reinforcing the hair structure should be applied for a period of 3 months during the year.

Hormonal hair loss needs to be addressed in some cases. To give an example, even the weather conditions have an important share in terms of hair health. In the same way, it is known that people with dyed hair shorten the care period, since the wear of the hair is an equal issue with the temperature. People with dyed hair should use shampoo 3 times a week and suitable for their hair type. After dyeing, it is recommended to wash after waiting for at least 2 days. In this way, the use of the product to be applied will also be considered a kind of treatment. It is possible to obtain very effective performance, especially when evaluated in terms of women. Because women are generally more attentive than men. They apply it by paying attention to the regularity of even the applications in the home environment.

Colored Hair Care

Vitamin balance, which is evaluated within the scope of hormonal hair loss, has an important place. This is not something to be understood at first. It is noticed in very advanced dilutions. Secondly, the fact that women have more hair treatments than men comes to the fore. For example, dyeing processes that are frequently made may cause problems for women in the future. For this reason, it is known that dyed hair should definitely be taken care of. With the developing world order and care issues have risen to a high level, the hair dyeing process, which is as interested in men as women, is a subject of interest.

Hair dyeing processes, which are considered within the scope of hormonal hair loss, also affect the inner world of women. It is a good situation for a person to feel good psychologically or to change their image. However, although it progresses in this way, the care of dyed hair is a little more than normal hair structure.

Although the normal hair structure is generally known with soft hair, the hair that is dyed on top of each other is not the same. Therefore, it is necessary to make applications within the scope of oils that are good for hair loss. Especially in terms of dyed hair, the use of oil makes an important and rapid difference. Disrupted hair care with the difference in wear leads to hair loss. Therefore, it is necessary to use products suitable for hair type. Because not every person’s body is the same, their hair strands are also different.

Hair Loss Prevention Options

Medical treatment options have an important place for problems that reach advanced dimensions within the scope of hormonal hair loss. However, if there is no severe vitamin deficiency, it is recommended to use herbal products. While doing research on how to prevent hair loss, there are many options that will come in handy for you. There are some methods to stop hair loss or to increase the growth rate with effective methods. Among these applications, honey massage, which is known as a legendary application, is known as an application that repairs the damaged hair structure and makes it healthy again.

The honey massage method, which is known to be applied to women after medical treatment to be evaluated in terms of hormonal hair loss, is very effective. It is considered to be an ideal solution especially for people who are constantly applying hair treatments such as dyeing or blow drying. In addition, it is known that it protects the health of the hair and prevents it from breaking and falling out.

However, since the honey massage application is an application to the hair roots, it has the feature of stimulating the roots of the hair strands. Honey, which is beneficial to the human body, also has an important place in terms of hair health. Apart from this, it is known that almond oil has a wonderful and important effect. In addition, the hair structure, which is left to dry naturally after washing, sheds less because it dries by moistening. In terms of hair health, this method of application has a very important place.

Hair care is Important

If you want to enjoy healthy looking hair you should take good care of it. This has to do with may factors. Your lifestyle for example plays an important role in ithis. But you should also check  your vitamin levels. And if needed take vitamiun supplememts for healthy hair.

Some Final Advice

Hair loss can be a true nightmare. But you should that in most cases there is a cure for it. Finding the cause must be of your prime concern. Once you have managed to find the cause expert will share all the options. Feel free to contact us directly. With decades of experience in the field of hair loss we will be happy to assist you. We have several treatment and options for you. Our goal is to always provide a customized solution. And this is exactly what should be done. Hair loss causes may differ per person. We understand that your need is unique. You will receive the best advice possible in your case.

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